Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Here's a thread about this shitty manga. It's not very good, but apparently people like talking about it.

TRC ruined everything forever.

Good thread.

Clearly, it also ruined your asshole.

Did Clamp stretch your asshole so much that you can't stand legitimate discussion about TRC's links to CCS in the CCS thread, OP?

We may as well make use of it. Who's your favorite character?

Piffle was my favorite part of the story by far. I thought it was an interesting idea that the main group is all from worlds without much technology but they're able to jump in and race flying cards. Don't know if I really have a favorite character though.

I hear Piffle's really popular among fans. I liked it, too! Should be pretty obvious who mine is kek. But the entire cast is good.

I liked the humour throughout the manga and the whole multiple dimensions and timelines bit was very interesting to me.
Also the MC switch halfway into the show.

Part of my endearment probably stems from Cardcaptor Sakura nostalgia but hey, I enjoyed it.

Good thread.

TRC is only good for the adult fags. Post more Fai and his dog.

>most fuckable twink
>not Kazahaya

TRC was very good until Clamp went full retard with time travel, fake memories, clones, paradoxes and all of the other confusing stuff they did.

What was the whole deal with Clow and Yuuko? Was Clow in love with her? Has someone read XXX Holic sequel? What is happening there? is it a sequel or just shit that happened inbetween?

Yeah I think Clow was in love with her, xxxholic is a story parallel to TRC

I always disliked Fai and that tall guy. They felt like such calculated fujobait characters even back then.

>a vampire that can only drink blood from one person
Yeah, that was something alright. It's an interesting idea though. Still like you said, fujobait.

Aww was the story too complicated for a retard like you? You should really look into the Dunning-Kruger effect.

He made this thread because he got mad that people were talking about TRC's potential cameo or appearance in Clear Card.

Didn't they have vampire characters in those OVAs too? Except that they were actually cool, since they were based on Clamp's earlier works.

One of the vampire characters was Subaru from Tokyo Babylon. The other one was Kamui from X. I've only read the manga so I don't know what you're talking about with OVAs.

Yes, making a plot convoluted for the sake of being convoluted. I don't understand why the Japanese love this type of writing but apparently they can get away with it. This is why I won't touch Kingdom Hearts.

It isn't any more convoluted than any other time travel story. You must hate movies that do similar shit like Primer or Timecrimes.

Are clampfags always this defensive? Good thing I'm not following the CCS threads, seems like a pain.

>Somebody doesn't like TRC
>It's because it's t-t-too complicated

Oh please. CLAMP has always been about aesthetics and melodrama.

It just gets exhausting having people shit on TRC all the time. And then when you actually get people to explain why they hate it it's obvious they weren't even paying attention to what was going on. Like those people that thought CCS Sakura died in a car accident in xxxHolic.

You might have a point if it weren't for all the posts calling it convoluted. That's literally what people are complaining about so of course responses are going to address that.

A lot of Clampfags used to be really fucking crazy back in the day. It's probably the nature of what they write, like the gay vampire thing.

>Primer or Timecrimes.
Those shit are too fucking easy to understand, while TRC-CCS-XXXH is the equivalent of The Legend of Zelda timeline.

TRC is much simpler than Primer and is probably only a little more complicated than Timecrimes just because it isn't exclusively time travel.

I remember it fondly if nothing else so fuck you guys.

I'm sure they'll pay more attention if you call them retards.
And it's not like people dislike the series just because of some minor plot twist. TRC was a bad idea right from the start. The fact that it dragged down xxxHolic with it, added Clamp's older characters to the story as self-wank, and overall was never anything stellar makes it really easy to dislike. Even for clamp fans.

Thread was already made in bad spirit. Not like insults are going to make it any worse. I'm not the guy calling people retards by the way. Just someone that recently read through it after seeing all the hate for it and not understanding the hate really. And like I said above, it's obvious a lot of people that hate on it didn't pay attention to it while reading it (or even worse, watching it) if you get them to explain themselves.

If you have a problem with insults then you don't belong in Sup Forums. This is not your hugbox. Even if people read it "wrong" they're entitled to their opinions.

Well like you say, you're going to get insulted on Sup Forums. People that make idiots of themselves by calling something shit while obviously not understanding what they read leave themselves open to insults. It's like that for every series.

Sorry I took a break to go puke my guts out. Being sick is not fun.


I think it's the OP samefagging.

Not them but shitposts =/= insults.


they'll finish come back to X will they?

>18 years later
user, I...

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Amazing taste.

Well this thread's pretty dead. The shitters above didn't help.