Manga that should get an anime adaptation


uh no

is this the worst opinion on earth?

More like shouldn't


Why do you think this anime should get an adaptation?

I liked Doubt but even I agree, its not really the first manga that comes to mind when I think of good source material for anime adaptations.

Pic related is the first that comes to mind for me.

I really enjoyed it and thought it would look good animated and more people would find out about it and also hopefully enjoy it

>Those outfit
Prepare for 3DCG

Nice review.


Personally I wouldn't mind seeing the big titty girl animated

Pls no

It's Ousama Game tier, not many people enjoy trainwrecks unless they are overly hyped shows.

Doubt it will!

How's this mango, worth buying? I like my thriller games and shit

Its been a while since I've read it but I'm not sure I'd say its worth buying.

I did read the whole thing so it wasn't poor enough to lose my interest entirely. Overall not bad but not great either.

All the good manga already got an adaptation.

For 400 "Japan can't stop using this bullshit plot device in their mystery genre"

I never read the sequels.

There isn't a single GOOD survival game manga/anime.
You literally can't prove me wrong.

Witch Hat Atelier

BR basically started the survival genre

Solanin by A-1 on noitaminA directed by Okada.

i hope you realize that it's impossible not to fuck up something like this if it won't have Hellsing ultimate's tier production at least

Alice in Borderland?

Explain what makes it different than the other shitty survival games.

literally anything not involving little girls in school

With an abridged version of the final battle.