Why didnt anyone tell me 2003 was better???


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Because it isn’t. The manga is better.

Because it isn't, though it's still pretty good.

Because it isn't

It is so much better. 100%
BrotherHood is written with the idea that you have seen 03, thats why its so rushed up until rush valley

>better character designs
>better colours
>better backgrounds
>better characterisation
>better atmosphere
>better direction in general

The only thing it lacks in comparison to Brotherhood is consistency, and I'd rather have a rough gem than a shiny turd.

The only thing that I didn't really like about it was tank cyber-archer. They could have done a cool half automail thing. But he looked silly


maybe its because of the way he's designed like a action figure. They should've gone for a more scarred, practical look

Oh, how I miss you.

It is not. Brotherhood storyline makes so much more sence than that improvised second half / ending in 2003.

I was kind of disappointed by how 2003 ended, some things were kind of kliche, some just did not make much sense. Back then I thought to myself: "Well the original series are still going and they just pulled half of the story off their ass. I wonder if it will remane this meh after the manga is finished"

But Brotherhood turned out to be just epic.

But OP just probably trolling anyways ...

2003 is better right up until Hughes dies because the episodes are better paced and give time to develop the characters.

2003 is worse after that because they ran out of content to adapt and started to build their own terribad original story.

Brotherhood is worse up until that pivotal scene because they intentionally skimmed that part because everyone already watched 2003. After that, it settles into more natural pacing and becomes a very good adaptation.

Read the manga though.

Yeah I agree. 2003 had weird decisions regarding some of its designs and direction, but its forgivable when put next to how bland Brotherhood is.


It's not, 2003 didn't have best boy

i found the 2003 story better than manga/brotherhood


I wonder if CCS is gonna have similar arguments because of Clear Card. It's pretty much the exact same scenario.

The 2003 ending was good, and anyone who disagrees is a crybaby who has a tantrum everytime a story doesn't have a happy ending.

It really isn't.

There are often 2003 vs Brotherhood threads, if you browsed them you'd see many people explain why they think 2003 is better.
Maybe you avoided this information in the process of avoiding spoilers for an anime you hadn't seen yet?

>The 2003 ending was good

>Rose uplifted to OC Donutsteel importance
>Literal OC Donutsteel Dante
>Hoenheim character assassinated
>lol holocaust

It's not

>BrotherHood is written with the idea that you have seen 03
Holy shit user, you're dumb as fuck.

I quite like the origin of homunculus
(failed resurection, instead of part of the big daddy).

> seeing edward and alphonse mother as homonculus
> backstory between scar and lust iir

How so. It skips all the stuff that 03 did until the story breaks apart. Then slows down

Best character in both series incoming

It is, just that CCS had good filler that didn't fuck up the plot.

Have you even watched the whole thing? The second half devolves into an edgy teenager's fan fiction.

Also, their master child


In 03 he's a fucking nobody. Brotherhood makes all the characters good and what they do make sense.

because you listened to Shounenfaggots. FMA 2003 was fun

they are both good, personally I felt the original animation had better music and a darker tone but the newer version was still enjoyable and concluded the series

Also just realized that this is the dub. '03 fags are dubfags- makes sense.

he still had the best scenes in the series imo

It was always about lol holocaust.

>still clinging to the idea that 2003 is good


03 explored some really interesting themes but suffered from inconsistent pacing, weird filler early on, and inconsistent characterization.


No 2003 is much better but most people won't accept that since it's almost consensus that Brotherhood is the "superior" version.

I disagree that 03 is better up until that part. I found the rest to be very interesting and emotionally impactful.

Brotherhood had the better Hohenheim by a long shot.

that was especially sad
She couldnt manage to kill her burden unlike her student (no plural, Al was weak)

03 baffled me with how much of a non-character he was.

It's the consensus because it's the truth.

>it's the truth
Absolutely not.

Based on what?

03 movie has nazi hughes

Brotherhood: Prove monsters wrong and make them go away by beating them up, then you win
03: Have incomplete discussions with monsters who are suffering, and admit you were wrong on some level

Not him but you are retarded as fuck.

It also had Movie Director Bradley, so that about evens it out

Brotherhood Roy and Riza are better
Brotherhood has the Xingese characters
Brotherhood has better Wrath and Pride
Brotherhood uses Scar better
Brotherhood Al wasn't a huge bitch
Brotherhood used Hoenheim
Brotherhood had Mothafuckin' Kimblee

03's Sloth is better
03 used Hughes more which is always good
03 had better opening and closing themes
03's theory on the Gate was really fucking cool

overall, Brotherhood's better in my book. 03 is still solid, but there are a lot more issues with it
also, I thought it was waaay to edgy in places

only thing good about 2003 was the aborted kid and the movie

You make me remember Rose rape baby.

I was pretty young and it shocked me.

Anime fans have an obsession with canonocity and with adaptations being true to the original work far more so than Western fandoms do. They're the sort of people who'd think highly of the Star Wars prequels just because Lucas was the one who made them.

Anime fans are also 16 and Brotherhood is a typical battle shonen.

Read the fucking manga

>Anime fans have an obsession with canonocity and with adaptations being true to the original work far more so than Western fandoms do.

Nobody would care if the adaptation wasn't true so long as it's good. But 2003 isn't and the quality drops off a cliff once it curves off into it's original story.

Anime fans have developed this kneejerk reaction to non-canon anime adaptations through long experience, as over and over again they've had to suffer through shitty filler arcs. 2003 is a filler arc without the expectation that the real story will ever resume.

I did

But I did tell you. In every FMA thread.

>filler arc
>everything affects the plot

Yeah. This is exactly what I mean. The "filler arc" was the "real story." But since it wasn't written by Arakawa it's not "real" to Brotherhoodfags (as opposed to the other entirely fictional story that was written by the original author).

2003 is way better, Brotherhood gets so boring and the ending is somehow worse than 03. Not so mention Father is one of the worst final villains in all of anime.

>Arakawa tells the anime team to make an original story
>Fans are cool with it
>Manga adaption comes out later
>Fans criticize the old version for all of its differences from the manga
unless you're referring to like those 2 filler episodes 2003 had you are mistaken

2003 envy was hotter

its because of the the bigger irises and warmer skin

and he was greener

The only episode worth watching was episode 37

The change about homunculus having a past life as humans added so much emotion. I was really disappointed with Brotherhood here.


2003 its better but i cant rewatch it holy shit, the ending + shambala is just too depressing. im glad i watched it once but i cant go in that wild ride again. brotherhood is comfy and soul healing once you watched 2003

only the beggining

but >we did

>ywn feel the warm lifeblood of your first crush gushing out all over your insides after being stabbed by a grizzled old Hitler
Feels bad man.


Yep this definitely. Felt like more of a consequence for people who thought they could play god, or at least an extra consequence after losing things like arm, legs, body, or uterus.

>Brotherhood has the Xingese characters

That's a positive?

>Brotherhood uses Scar better
Disagree there

When was 03 edgy?

03 is better till it overtook the manga, then it isnt


>no rape victims in wartime
For the whole "military did depraved shit" vibe I think that fit with the tone. If she died I'd agree

FMA '03 will always have a special place in my heart for being the first anime series I followed weekly from the very beginning with subs. I learned how to use torrents just for it. Takes me back to high school every time.

So rape is edgy and not allowed? You people who cry edgy at everything are cancer.

>BroHood: Has Lan Fan

>03': No Lan Fan

BroHood is clearly superior. Also no stupid nazis out of nowhere.

Hes right, you're the dumb fuck
They don't bother to introduce characters properly in Brotherhood because they assume you watched 03.

Nah. Just.. ... Nah.

The Brotherhood hype was strong for a while, but these days I see more mixed opinions.

On the plus side, at least they were told the moral of the ending in advance so both shows end with Ed giving up his ability to do alchemy.

>out of nowhere
>foreshadows whats beyond the gate from early on

If you think Brotherhood is better, you are underage or a pleb.

At least it gets over the top in a more conventional big bad wants to consume god way than the original's alchemy is powered by people dying in the real world during world war 2

So the best way to watch FMA is watch the first series up until Hugh's death and then watch Brotherhood for the rest of it?
I remember Ling showing up early in Brotherhood but not being relavent until after, so it might be okay to ignore his introduction.

>at least it has a generic big bad
Pleb alert

or just read it

Said the underage pleb

It was still stupid

Is edgy because was not in the source material. 03 is shit not only for diverging in the second half but also for those changes and filler early when it still had manga material available to adapt.

>bad because different than the mango

"All energy comes from somewhere" is that more unbelievable than "Guy plays around with God"? If anything, 2003 kept things more grounded

eh, it was going to diverge sooner or later. Might as well plan for it early on

did Germany itself bother you or was it just the "other side" in general