Media Player Classic Screenshot With Subtitles

Kawaii Codec Pack is deceased, and that's what I read worked. Is there any other codec pack alternatives?

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K-Lite Codec Pack

Just use KCP.

Still won't work


You're doing it wrong.

>codec pack

stop using depreciated crap and move to MPV already

Nothing beats MPC + madvr.


its dead, let it go.

Stream plus Gyazo
God tier

just use mpv already you depreciated old fucks

This worked. Thanks!

Dead project

libass > xy-VSFilter
ffmpeg > LAVFilters
libavfilter (inside ffmpeg) > avisynth
mpv > MPC-HC & madVR & reClock (mpv has all this functionality built-in)

The latter of all these choices are mostly dead software projects built around DirectShow, a deprecated Microsoft API that only works on Windows.

Use VLC if you don't know how to use a computer, they just released v3.0 and it's literally better.

Finally. Thanks.

mpv exists

>they stopped updating it so it's a security threat
Sounds like Sup Forums autism.

MPC-HC is deceased too.

>codec pack

>mpv meme

Stop shilling you're shitty player samefag. MPV still doesn't have an upscaling algo that can top NGU, so madvr is still the best choice if all you care about is video quality.

That's weird, mine doesn't have a screenshot tab. Otherwise it's the same as yours. Do I have to make a profile group?

Update it.

MPC nigger edition works fine

>top NGU
It does.

It's a feature from newer version of madvr.

Fuck you all I'm using Windows Media player, it's top tier masterpiece media player.

It doesn't.
It also has terrible hw accel implementation
And it's not even something you can recommend to normies because it takes a lot of effort to bring it to a workable condition
Of all the freetard memes mpv is truly the worst one

>so madvr is still the best choice if all you care about is video quality.

mpv has Jinc (ewa_lanczos) scaling, I doubt it's realistically any worse, at least not enough to offset everything else wrong.

For example you don't care about:

- Free open-source software
- Performance and efficiency
- Having active developers and updates
- Not using dead software
- Cross-platform support
- Not having malware mine crypto on your GPU
- Standard Unix style configuration, portable config files
- Command line and shell scripting capability
- Clean code
- Using well supported standard open-source libraries, like libass and ffmpeg, all actively developed and packaged in most Linux distros
- Not relying on Directshow (literally deprecated by Microsoft)
- Good OpenGL rendering, and future Vulkan renderer

Jinc is a joke compared to ngu


At least my video renderer isn't a third-party proprietary plugin that mines crypto on my GPU.

noone cares

Do you have a shred of evidence to support that claim?
Also mpv is shit out of the box and can't even HDR>SDR properly


GTFO to Sup Forums you VLC and mvp shill... my MPC-HC works fine will all anime.

Still waiting for that evidence of crypto mining with madvr

Then who cares about using a ridiculous amount of GPU power and electricity, and dead outdated software with many problems, for upscaling that is marginally better than Jinc upscaling?

Literally you should be using VLC.

>Do you have a shred of evidence to support that claim?
The ridiculous GPU usage and need to keep the software closed-source.

Just read about an new player called Soda player, it seems it can chromecast from the PC to the tv. Anyone here ever used it before and if so is it any good?

MPC-HC is open source you dickhead.

madVR isn't, which is what I'm talking about, a third-party proprietary plugin attached to MPC-HC to render video.

And MPC-HC uses DirectShow, which is a proprietary API, which uses proprietary software contained inside the Windows operating system.

>not Pot Player

Do you also believe games are mining crypto or are you just retarded?
Why not monitor its network activity? You do know that you have to be connected to internet to mine crypto right?

drivers on Windows also using closed source proprietary API...
you point?

>mpv shills ignore the fact that mpc-be is still being developed

>Why not monitor its network activity?
Good idea, has anyone actually done this?

Still D3D11 > OpenGL rendering in therm of quality, performance and GPU & CPU & memory usage

Windows drivers require the use of proprietary APIs.

A video player absolutely does not.

You can base a video player off ffmpeg, libass, OpenGL, and still have it work on Windows and not touch any proprietary APIs within the video player's code base.

>can't even monitor his network activity
>yelling at the skies about imaginary crypto mining and botnets
Classic neo/g/

>shilling literal abandonware tied down to the worst operating system imaginable

Now imagine a world where not all people live by your foss religion and tells us the actual benefits of that

like non-autist care if it's proprietary or not

I think it's harsh calling Linux the worst operating system ever

>Still D3D11 > OpenGL rendering in therm of quality, performance and GPU & CPU & memory usage

This entirely depends on drivers and the quality of the software that is using D3D11 or OpenGL.

A GPU driver implements OpenGL and D3D support within their driver, it can vary between drivers, operating systems, graphics cards.

Your statement is dubious.

>There is a 0.001% that with the right combination of drivers, software and hardware we can cripple d3d11 to the point of opengl so it's not accurate to say that d3d11 is better than opengl
You should work for polifact

So test it you dickhead to see it yourself, even in your shilled mpv, to compare D3D11 and OpenGL.

MPC is trash. The play and pause button is not the same button. Just use VLC.

>The play and pause button is not the same button

Oh shit Microsoft fanboys btfo, how will they ever recover?

Space is play/pause
What are you getting at?

>using players with GUI


>all of these faggots still using VLC/MPC

Bet you faggots still use uTorrent like a dick shit too.

Actually I use qbit 3.3.16.

>codec pack
Is this 2006?

>he doesn't know about FSRCNNX and SSimDownscaler

Still on version 2.2.1. Is it bad?

>he doesn't know that NGU is already ported to mpv

>qbit 3.3.16

Good on you, though I'm on the latest.

>thinking that being on 2.2.1 is safe

Yes, it's bad.

Why is it bad?

I use deluge but I don't like it. The RSS plugin is buggy as hell.

What do you guys use to listen to your anime OPs and EDs though? I just use Windows Media Player.


>outdated software
>a software that connects with multiple IPs around the world and receives data from them

I barely listen to music, so I just use mpv.

Why would it make automatic connections if updates are turned off? (by default)

It's a bittorrent client.

Someone post one of those retarded wojacks, you deserve it.

>why would P2P software make connections with others?
Don you even know how BitTorrent works?

It's a torrent client, you connect to other people to download stuff.
If there is a security flaw, you won't get the patches to protect your computer against said flaws and will be vulnerable.

>using windows
>caring about freedumbs


I thought this was a mpc thread

Just use , it's simple as fuck
Put this textline into the mpv.conf file placed in the main mpv folder
screenshot-template= screenshot location \%f_%wH.%wM.%wS[%tY.%tm.%td_%tH.%tM.%tS]
like so
then simply press s, or S for an unsubtitled screenshot. ,. keys shows the video frame by frame backwards or forwards, so it's easy to take specific ones. Ctrl+F the manual to know what the % means, but using it all should be ok.

I'll use mpv if somebody knows a good config for anime

By the way, default screenshots are at really low quality, so add
To adjust quality of taken pictures as needed. The # means that line would still be there in the .conf file, but it won't be applied. 94, or 95 jpgs is sufficient.

>codec packs
are we finally back in the 1990's?
Literally just install mpv and madvr

fuck, sorry, I forgot I was on windows, what I meant to say is, mpc-hc + madvr

>no installer

Just use profile=opengl-hq
anything else seems to be placeboic to be honest, maybe if you're watching on real large screens so that the pixelations aren't so obvious. I'm watching on an 11-inch 1080p 96% sRGB screen, and I don't need more.

Who needs installers when it's literally just an unzip, which also mean you can carry it, and the same config, on any other systems.

>he has to write config files to play videos

Shit, you're right, my bad. Time for sleep.

No? That's just to set the screenshot format how he likes. You can play videos in MPV with no configuration at all.

Use the install.bat

Unpack in the mpv folder, run install.bat as admin.

There, it's installed. And you don't need to do all of the above bullshit that user said.


is a good idea though.


>literal abandonware
who cares
>the worst operating system imaginable

Do you faggots unironically upscale?

Holy shit, it's so new in here.

I downscale ironically. More pixels compressed per inch = better color dynamic range

>downloading upscaled video when your computer can do a better job
Even now, most anime isn't mastered at 1080p.

just use CCCP

According to VLC, it collects information to 3rd party companies. Sounds like a botnet.

Why people do those gay ass config on MPV? to feel like le hackerman? I downloaded this shit and only drag the files onto the executable and done.

What, do you open a 720p window and play it like that, without fullscreening it? That fucking sucks, man.

>the facebook generation