Dragon Ball Super

Tonight we pay respects to the MVP of Universe 7: Android 17. Will he manage to save both Goku and Vegeta from getting eliminated? Place your bets.

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Favorite DB hentai doujins?

he sucks stop wanking.

I think this might of been one of the first I ever saw... is there a bit where he is railing her from behind with a full page front shot?

>toriyama says he's all for it and that 17 has 'great potential'

>antifags blame director wank

why so assblasted?

>mfw i see the title for episode 128

17 hasn't done shit that was not shoe horned, glad hes gone tonight.

What is it?

Something to the effect of

"Vegeta is a little bitch "



Reminder that Jiren is already out and Zemos are cunts

This one, Dabura.

Ya'll gonna be butthurt when it turns out #17 doing stuff was just filler as well, and the manga is just nothing but Goku beating everyone?

Why are Goten and Trunks smaller than 9 year old Gohan from the Cell games when they're not older than him?

>tfw 17 and goku til the end
>tfw u11 defeated bc 2v1 when tourney ends

how is fighterz? been meaning to get it. i dont play 2-d fighting games tho

into the trash it goes

he used it as a launchpad

>opening your mouth is what numales do
Found the faggot who has never exercised in his life

Gohan trained under Piccolo and was left alone for a year on a dinosaur infested island of death and mayhem

Piccolo's doctrine is "niggas grow up or niggas die tryin"

Pic related.

Episode when?

I can't wait to see jiren get his shit pushed in and get erased along with the rest of his jobber universe.

midnight GMT

>Blue kawaii vegeta exists to make vegeta equal to kaioken blue goku
>Blue vegeta defeated GoD Toppo
>Kefla as a SS1 is comparable to the spirit bomb
>The spirit bomb was goku's trump card and gave jiren more trouble than KKX20
SS2 Kefla > > spirit bomb > Goku Blue kaioken = Kawaii vegeta > GoD Toppo

1 year in rost?

i remember seeing downloads for the first one all over kazaa, but they'd never work or were trojans

So cute.
I don't remember. Was Cell 1st from stronger than the Androids before his countless absorptions?

Stinkmeaner is the only one who can defeat Jiren now.

inb4 Goku uses the Super Dragonballs to wish none of this ever happened, meaning EoZ and GT remain canon

These two will never grow.

What went wrong?

If 17 and Piccolo were equal, than I think Cell was weaker than at least 17 at first

found it.
There was another one... where 18 and goku where fighting too.

Funny how the logic is that 17 can stay because he has 'great potential' but gohan who has the 'greatest potential' got shafted.

Further proof that Toriyama just hates the fact Gohan exists now. He will make his mistaken creation go the way of Launch.

Reminder that broly is beautiful.

Oh we doing some Garland huh?



vegetafans pandering


I didn't know 18 trained under Muten Roshi

Does that mean she can use the Kamehameha?

Krillin decided to spread his virus.


everyone else fucking can.

Piccolo can't lol


Does Chrismatrix know Japanese, or is this straight up gibberish? Either way, I'm surprised by how much DB knowledge he has, he knows every line and every fucking song, including filler shit.

And he then proceeds to crush paragus to death.

>Gohan got shafted
Jobhanfags are really dumb. Gohan never ever performed so well. These Blanco memes must have melted your brains.

Stop fucking shilling.

how the hell can something that comes first be filler?

Gohan took out Dyspo, someone that even Frieza couldn't beat

Ergo, Gohan > Frieza

typical gohan weenie head canon everybody

>MSPaintAnon never made one about the argument about Goku's bangs

Why even live


True. Freeza sucks.

>Gohan took out Dyspo
Really? Could have sworn it was Freeza and Gohan merely held Dyspo in place because he couldn't take him out by himself, even when it had the advantage for a brief moment.

>looking for that badly draw henita from childhood when I had dial up internet.
>find one that is quite long and has a cool looking story

nah, frieza took BOTH of them out at the same time. your head canon is embarrassingly stupid, little man.


More like Nope-o

>EoZ Goku
>Buu arc Bulma
>Kid Trunks

Jiren is _____

about to win the super dragon balls and have his wish granted


Why did they make this tournament 48 minutes?
Why not have it like 2 or 4 hours?

the best

going to get rekt by Goku SSGSSBx2KKx50UI

Kys shill spammer

What's Frieza going to wish for when he inevitably wins the tournament?

Going to lose to Goku.

Its absolutely excellent.



Stronger than Onii-sama.

A chad.

completely humiliated

>Hitto got rekt like a bitch

Honestly made me like Jiren more



The ones with TrunksxPan hnnnngh.

You all know the ones.

Nope. It'll end with a draw, leading to the Zen'Os erasing Universes 7-11.

No, im not into child porn or GT shit

>erasing his buddy Goku

Nope. But it ending as a draw and him bringing all of the universes back because he likes Goku and Jiren equally is legit

Nor am I, but they're pretty hot.

Gohan is the saiyan version of Yamcha. Let it go.



I know you want this posted.

>Based 17 goes out in a blaze of glory against the strongest mortal known of the multiverse while saving both Goku and Veggie asses.

It was a great ride, 17bros.


Jiren and Toppo kiss when?

15 year old goku was shorter than 9 year old gohan

Goku was a midget until he trained with Kame. Saiyan genetics


>Super ends
>Japanese fan outcry
>Dragonball Ultra airs March 2020

i recognize that bulge!

Do you know the one where goku and 18 fight and she burns off his clothes by spinning around.
Its krillin holding a fighting torny

I recognize that bulge!

>>Japanese fan outcry

Hahahahaha, outcry of what? That it didn't end sooner?


What time does the subs usually drop? I've always watched it Sunday morning so I'm not sure when it'll drop tonight outside of it being at least an hour and a hald from now.