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Why was the other thread deleted

What the fuck, mods?

The fuck has just happened to both generals?

>two threads deleted while a dozen shitposting FranXX threads are up.
I don't even know.

Hopefully these 2 get some nice interactions in the anime.

Beats me. They should purge the 123718023 DarliFra threads instead, what the hell.

The two autists arguing amonst themselves about that dumb /u/-Harumin thing probably kept reporting each others threads, so mods just got rid of both.

>that disparity in Harumin arm lengths

I can overlook a lot of bad anatomy in fanarts, but this is too far.

Mods love FranXX

Duplicate threads and thread wars most likely, so if there's one thread don't make another one.

Well it took two volumes for 6 episodes, so we're likely gonna have V3 and 4 cover the rest.

Gonna be a pretty meh ending if it goes that way though.

Yeah, but like I said, there are a dozen Franxx threads in the catalog and they're not being touched by the janitors.

That's retarded

I love Mei!

They're Triggerfags.

>thread wars
>Franxx threads

The other threads were being hostile to each other and likely kept reporting each other.

But I thought generals were illegal? I thought they encouraged us to make multiple threads instead of clustering everything into one general.

most likely has something to do with ShiN


I blame Shin.

>deleting thread mid-reply

Yes i'm mad.
You guys were right about Yuzu slapping Mei. Which i knew deep down but i just wanted this for them so bad that i'd be able to look past the abuse.
I'm glad Yuzu is more pure than i and that she defended her honor.
Also i already don't like this pink haired bitch.

>I thought they encouraged us to make multiple threads

>But I thought generals were illegal?
I don't think you understand what a general is. If a new episode is out and content for active discussion, then one thread is fine. You don't need multiple, since you're screwing over discussion of other series.

Matsuri and Harumin don't do much in chapter 3 and 4 though. They'll probably just focus on the main characters instead

>the city-state of Momokino

>But I thought generals were illegal?
Take a look at the catalogue.

What would you do in this situation, Sup Forums?


Occasional friendly reminder that a thread about something isn't a general for that thing just because it's the only thread about it around.
There are a lot more requirements before a thread can count as a general, and it's possible for multiple threads about the same thing to all be generals about that thing. Don't go throwing that term around mindlessly and fucking Sup Forums up even more than it currently is.

You must be triggered.

no question
i'd let her fuck me right away

Deja Vu works perfectly t b h

He has a point tough,if having two threads is enough for a retarded janny to delete both of them, then having 5 of them cluttering up the catalogue should too

Okay, nevermind. Here's Yuzu.




You know you're friends with a girl when you touch each others boobs like this and it's not a big deal.


When will Ume suffocate Yuzu with her middle aged, hairy pussy to teach her how to please Mei?

One of the indicators of a girl being the best is if she has purple eyes.

I'd like a story where Harumin comes to sleepover and ends up hooking up with Yuzu's drunk mom.

She sounds too young. I don't like it.

I want those UDDERS to get more screentime

She is too young.

Ume is shaved and would be Yuzu's bottom

She's so smol that I want to toss her to the seas.

If you're hoping Yuzu and Mei have sex now, I'm going to feel really sorry for you if a potential season 2 only adapts through volume 8.

>harumin will never canonically tap that

Maybe, but Gas Gas Gas has more meme potentials.

She doesn't even gives Shou a pity fuck, why would she shave?

To be preety for her cute daughter

Would you prefer Satomi Arai?

I can't wait until I get to hear that cute voice saying lewd things.

>Ume is shaved
Please don't post your terrible fantasies here.

You can pinpoint the exact moment when Mei realizes she loves Yuzu.

Moe Yuzu

Why is she so adorable? I wish i was Mei so i could bite those cheeks and give her 1000 kiss a day

Do you like pubes or something, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Yuzu is just a miracle.

When she found out hubby was gonna be coming home, she went to get everything taken care of. Why do you think she was late and got home after him that night?

Harumin wouldn't do that.

I think this might be my new favourite Yuzu, thanks user.


Is Harumin ever gonna find a nice girl to settle down with?


Pink hair

The delinquent is harassing girls again.


If I want to transition to the manga, would it be alright to start from where the latest episode left off, or does the anime skip too much material?

I'm enjoying watching this anime ironically.

>I want to transition
Are you a grill?

why is Yuzu's mom a construction worker?

Easiest way to score one night stands with cute girls

Yuzu likes her women hairy though.


This but unironically.


>Yuzu likes her women hairy though.

No she doesn't, you can't even prove that

Ume gets Harumin drunk too.

What d

The anime only skips/alters minor scenes. In some cases it actually adds more info than the manga had. I kind of recommend waiting for the anime to finish, since volume 4 in the manga is not the best thought out arc.

I never understood the concept of self-insert until this scene. I've never been so badly want to be an anime character before, I want to be in Yuzu's situation.

She really sounds like she's quoting from something she read or watched on TV. Given that she does this in the manga, it's most likely not her own words.

>Press Esc

You can tell that Yuzu was more than ready.

>Press E to exit

You wish, poorly captured screenshot.

She read too much Yurihime?


Don't do that

She was completely down to clown until Mei became a cocky shit and started teasing her for being so easy.

>tfw no gf to tell me i've done a good job

Would be funny if she copied that part from some manga/TV show. Then her off screen reaction would be "wft, I did exactly like the MC did".

Yeah Mei flubbed that, you just don't sexually assault someone and then call them easy

Did he mean that in a sexual way? Does he know that Yuzu is trying to bang his daughteru?

I fairly certain that pretty much IS what Mei was doing. She's just as inexperienced as Yuzu, outside of being forced on by the teacher.

That made so little sense Mei doing that.

>Please need me.
>You're so easy.

It's like she just instantly switched gears for no actual reason.



Maybe she's a chuuni lesbo

The anime streaming sites I use have 1080p streams, what's the problem with watching it without having to download/torrent it if I'm only going to watch it once?