Shingeki no Kyojin

War is Hell.

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That's how it is on this bitch of an earth.

Rest in Peace Best Girl

Eren did nothing wrong

>Mikasa becomes Mankasa
>Eren and Armin become cute girls
It's only natural.

That's a man, baby

They made her neck and clavicle areas super pretty in Lost Girls.

Yes it is. Isayama keeping EMA straight.

Oh shit that's actually a good explaination

Fuck. Eren is so cool now.

Who ate her?



that settles it then, for me at least.
The most plausible/likely headcanon to ever happen in these threads:
The Plot Hole as to why BRZP did not search for Eren's basement, which they know is important, is because Zeke ordered them not to knowing that his identity of a Royal would be revealed if they found the notes.

Reminder that they will live while your favorites die.

Why is he so handsome lads?



I don't care if Reiner lives, although he has become a really good character. Gabi has an adorable smug face.

Reiner has shifter cancer. He is already confirmed to be kill very soon.

*balds audibly*

This is a japenese gurl

Jean could be completely bald and he'd still be a 20/10

Jean and Eren have some neckbeard tier facial hair.


It would be funny if one shaved out of spite only to find the other did as well. Though I don't think the hobo is much for banter anymore.

Plan was put in motion a long time ago...

It's true user, and there's a reason people say "If you are going through hell, keep going".
It's sad but Paradis can't end what they are doing until their enemies are wiped out.

is this good again?


It's unironically a good manga other than a few low points (like serumbowl). I always shat on the political arc because of how it dragged, but it's good when you reread it.

>tfw 4 years into transitioning

Why'd you take the hair away? It made her look more like a boy.

>Falco don’t hurt the enemies

Sniper Sasha is cute and I hope Gabi doesn't kill her

Nigga this shits tricky

Lost Girls part 2 when?

>Paradis is making jets out of titanium bamboo

I hope Gabi doesn't kill anyone. I'm okay with characters dying but if that little shit is the one who's delivering the blow I'm going to express my anger in these threads until the end times.

I want Gabi to shoot her through the eye just to see the shit show that would follow.

She was fed Marleys propaganda since the cradle. You can't blame her.


Gabi next chapter.

>look more like a boy

So what's up with the shiny titan rocks? How do they permanently emitt light and when were Shifters ever capable of generating glowing armor?
Also shiny armored titan when?

you mean Sasha

It's the fate of genki girls after all.
Now the question is who will make Gabi gabble on her blood:

You mean Eren

Voted Eren. It's gotta be either him or Reiner.

Marley little bitch should just shoot herself though

>Plan was put in motion a long time ago...


The Rock says

It's generally a sign that something is radioactive. Everyone is going to get cancer in a few years.

The Rock says

The Rock says know your damn role

Nice comb over, Jean.

Do you really think that bird is getting intercepted if they walk outside the walls before releasing it? It's as simple as establishing the bases outside of where the enemy can intercept them which they can get away with because they're shifters.

>this is armin post-timeskip

You want to see a shit show, get Gabi to kill manlet.

This is just too much, holy fuck she looks disgusting

Why Armin looks like Violet Evergarden now?


Holy shit, just when you thought Isayama couldn't make Mankasa any uglier and mannish. I hope all Mankasafags have made peace with the fact that they're all literal faggots.

Good point, I still think it is risky, at least before they were revealed
Going outside the wall regularly and shifting too close to the wall is a perfect way to get spotted
You have to also consider how incompetent marley's military was

You mean manlet.

>Pieck and her cart titan are further proof of this, who in their right mind would have one of the titans be so fucking goofy and possibly useless in a duel unless of course it wasn't even a shifter originally but instead a pure titan that somehow learned to talk.
Erwin literally said the cart was a shifter in the first chapter it appeared.

More like this probably.

Nigger, Isayama will have him beat Shifter Cancer just so he can subject the poor bastard to even more emotional ryona.
I'm fairly confident that Isayama is getting off to it.

There is no way she shoots manlet. The guy deflected bullets with swords before.

>this is armin post-timeskip
Notice the flying bamboo sticks that Hange created.

No, speedreader, just no

>I'm fairly confident that Isayama is getting off to it.
It's not that unreasonable to believe when you see what he has on his wall.

Will the hell that is his life ever end?
Will he ever find peace?

>inb4 post timeskip Armin es a redhead cunt

Well to be fair, the entire point of my original post was that Marley was too incompetent to have a method of contact if anything went wrong. They practically planned it like it was a suicide mission and are lucky they found out anything of what happened at all.

> Implying Reiner, after surviving the building collapsed by Eren like the roach he is, won't have falco eat him so he can survive his injuries, Armin style
> Implying Gabi wont die a humiliating death, just so Falco can become the true Eren 2.0 ragetard

Imagine the shit show if Gabi kills manlet/someone more important than literally who's CS. A thousand posts easily. Two thousand if she get's away safely afterwards. I could taste popcorn while I typed this.

Man, girls should grow facial hair more often.


>inb4 ARMIN AKBAR is going to happen
>conie and sasha were just retarded and put the lights over the ghetto and not actual marley
>they kill a bunch of eldians senselessly

Do you think Jean ever tipped his fedora to Mikasa?

I also think this was Manlet deflecting bullets but some people think he was throwing his blades at them.
They carry, like, a dozen blades, and they think he would waste them away like that.

That's not deflecting bullets with swords, retard. Also manlet fucked up big time once and got his ankle broken. He's not fail proof.

Annie is dead? Dont fuck with me like this.


Eren went for eating the warhammer like he knows he can eat the rock


Shartmong will look like Erwong 2.0 so that fujos and faggots get so assblasted and hang themselves.
Salty tears are always delicious.

No. She's still in that crystal though.

>Marley kills Ymir offscreen
>Eldia responds by killing Annie offscreen

Before you resort to name calling, check your facts dude.

it's تذكير, did you even graduate from elementary school?

>wikia speedreaders
No, thanks.

Zeke throwing his hairy poop at people

Reiner unvoluntarily for more suffering

He was throwing blades.

Poor Nifa

This is the best course of action

Her chances of survival are almost zero now that we know the crystal is no longer invulnerable. She is dead and we need to accept it already.

>sources are niggastream and the wikia

The wikia made a whole personality and name for a handsome anime who. It isn't a reliable source when anyone can edit it