Why are jap artists so mean...

Why are jap artists so mean? I posted to pixiv for the first time and in less than 2 hours I've got hate comments on my One Piece fanart. Had to google translate them but it was basically stuff like "fuck you foreigner" and they said my art was bad.
Why are they so hostile?

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But you need to improve user.
I love u stubborness

Baka gaijin nobody cares.

nips are lonely, hostile creatures
most otakus are failed people, so don't take it too personally; they have no worth of any kind, while you at least have some

>my One Piece fanart

show us

Proof or GTFO.

post the link to your fanart, faggot so we can rip it apart too.

fuck you foreigner

next stop is /ic/ :^)

That's because you drew one piece fanart, the franchise itself is hated by its own country.

Here's some of my art.

fuck you foreigner

>that hand
try devianart user

I don`t wanna be meanie but devianart is for you user-kun

Looks almost as shitty as the actual Oda's drawing!

Fuck you foreigner.

Literally every single western h-artist I've seen on Pixiv has been basically completely ignored by Japanese viewers, and that's ones that actively want to engage with the Japanese community.
Not one part of this is remotely believable.

you must their sex their lolis to reclaim your honor
>or fuck their moms. equal honor reclamation

Well you need to improve.
But at least the colors are right.

Fuck you stupid foreigner

Because you're shit. Get good at drawing before begging for affirmation.

Baka gaijin go hommu

You need to consider killing yourself


Here's another one I did.


retard gaijin you have no talent baka go die!

Well your art is good enough to be featured in shonen jump as a weekly series that's been ranking #1 for 2 decades now. But other than that, the art is shit.

I seen worse, try to get better.


Try harder faggot, it is literally signed with 2012

how is deviantart any different from pixiv?

serious question


remember the basics of anatomy, Snake!

give me the sauce of your pic, OP and I will tell you the secret of success.

Pixiv used to be a place that actually maintained a standard of quality before deviantart/tumblr fags like yourself flooded it and turned it into deviantart 2.0. The Japs are absolutely right, you should fuck off.

Is this you? bisobsplod.deviantart.com/
or are you baiting?

Kill yourself stupid gaijin.

>Reverse Image search
>There are no matches on Pixiv
fuck you foreigner

My most recent work.


Kill yourself liar.

>no loli
>no porn

thanks, the secret is to git gut. So stop posting in this mongoloid BBC forum and get to practice.

>"fuck you foreigner
>Why are they so hostile?

oh yes and Sup Forums is oh so welcoming and not unirocally blatantly racist towards non-whites(inb4 fuck off Sup Forums) fucking pixiv man its the internet hate machine pure god damn evil if only it could be as loving and caring as Sup Forums


Are you having a manic episode?

You deserved the hostility, faggot.

nah just minor dilaudid withdrawal


Did you put your western art under the nip tag? Because if so fuck you and you’re part of the cancer killing pixiv. Now fuck off back to your containment thread on /ic/.

Is this entire thread a huge bait or are you retarded? Serious question

Stay on DeviantArt, faggot.

Hmmm you'd be surprised, user.

Aside from what said, pixiv has better quality art because it's more obscure and the userbase actively tries to keep it that way by chasing away retards.



>user states his opinion
>Immediately assume panic attack

Faggots like you deserve to die.

I like how the IP count stayed the same after this reply.

>6 years
>this level of improvement

It's time to find other hobbies, user.

fuck you foreigner

Weird, I made a Pixiv account with shitty MSPaint doodles and got Japs saying cute encouraging things and thanking me since most were Birthday presents.
Maybe your art is worse than 5 minute chibis in MSPaint.

You should all be ashamed of yourself for giving him so many (you)s

>this triggers the pillhead schizo


This is what I was expecting. Thanks again, Sup Forums.

Your art is probably bad. Just go to /ic/ if you want to see how westerners can be mean too. If your art is good, people will be much less likely to shit on you.

People actually think this is OP. Sad day.

When did we turn into Reddit levels of gullible?

People on /ic/ also have bad taste fuck those assholes

Holy shit burst out laughing
It's 1:30 am

>When did we turn into Reddit levels of gullible?
Sometime around 2013.

i mean, its not allowed, but it exists yes.

Cute things are cute,

like u.

Put me in the screencap.

Baka gaijin desu
Jissatsu shite kudasai

It was way before that. Gamergate and all that other shit in 2013 just made it worse.
Doesn't help that the US Election happened shortly after that too.
Go back to r*ddit.

Good point, I'm out


>implying anyone comments on Pixiv
You can have shit with a million views and likes, but only five comments going "very good!"

like 6 7 years ago
hey man 11's are not racist only whites can be racist they're just jelly for not being part of the master race god forbid a non nip draws their favourite gay anime waifu not as perfectly as the skilled creator

Typical deviantart tier artist who refuses to learn the basics before going straight to drawing anime style. The only thing you're missing is some kind of autistic fetish preferably inflation related.

Shut up you damn jerks. You're westerns aren't you? You should be on my side.

I had a good chuckle to this thread, keep at it OP.


Elevens give accurate reviews to things online, unlike Americans, who rate things the same way their colleges grade their work.

Imagine being this thirsty for attention.

>they said my art was bad
It probably was. Stop being shit.

Typical ribbit tier newfag who refuses to learn the basics before going straight to posting Sup Forums style. The only thing you're missing is some kind of autistic meme preferably inflation related.

user, I..

I took a few year break around 2010 so I don't know the specifics of board and site deterioration around that time, but I see most newfags cite 2013 as their year of entry.
>Shortly after 2013
That said the 2016 election was the nail in the fucking coffin. It was chanology x100

Bullshit. Japs are some of the most polite people I've ever met. Even when they're silently judging you, they'll never let you know it. Unless you get to know them personally, then they'll give you some of the most brutally honest criticism you've ever heard.

This smells of bait. OP doesn't have a pixiv account.

Stupid gaijin!

Howaito piggu, go home!

3 Years isn't that much time, user. But yes, it was a nail in the coffin. This place now is 70% Gaia-tier retards, and the other 30% are reddit faggots who turned this board into Sup Forums.

We westeners are united in our hatred for each other. You won't get any special treatment

wew this triggered a flashback to my childhood the guy who invented pogo sticks is evil and probally jerked off to all the hospital reports/lawsuits he recived

to How can you get worse?

Not your personal army.

I know this is a shitty bait thread but I kinda just want to laugh at bad deviant art tier fanart.

I haven't laughed that hard from Sup Forums in a while. Thanks OP.

You're a retard.

No u