Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan S2

>version with jap subs already out
This means subs for us are coming soon, r-right?


Why is she so cute?

Netflix raws are out so subs anytime now


>[Davinci] Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan 2 - 04 [720p][870AEF62].mkv

Why is there barely any doujins of her?

This shit cracks me up

People can't capture perfection


I was really hoping the smug face wasn't going to be cutoff.

Very good episode. And great audio for some reason.

Saiki's little dance and monologue at the OP gets me every time

It's there

Will she win the Saikibowl?

I was hoping for something like the op pic, to make the transparency.

God, I love her face in that pic

>teruhashi episode

God bless Davinci for subbing this series. Look at how dead these threads are, it definitely deserves more praise but instead it's left out in the wind.

Last thread lasted a good while. It seems a lot of people didn't even know season 2 was happening too

Teruhashi getting a rival is great. I hope blondie twintails can step up her game.

This episode was way too fast-paced. They didn't give any of the jokes time to breathe, specially in the first half. I know they're tryin to cram as much as possible into every episode but still.

She's literally his mom at some points. They got the same hairstyle/ahoge and similar dere. She's got the main girl vibe down to hair color choice since she's got boy blue hair to compliment his girl pink head. In later chapters, there are a lot of hints and chapters of Teruhasu and Saiki together. At one point, she pretty much describes him to his grandpa in a accurate meta way but Aiura has some leads on Saiki that she doesn't have like knowing his secret and more involved about his actual psychic life.

Shipping aside, when do you guys think this season will stop at? I want more Saiki anime but it might be flopping because of irrelevancy or not enough advertising.

Finally one of the new characters shows up.

Is there even fit for Saiki that is NOT Teruhashi? She's borderline literal goddess.


Trips confirm OFFU

It's really a given that Saiki will end up with Teruhashi if he ends up with anyone, the question is really just whether or not this is even that kind of series or if it'll end with Saiki moving onto the third year with a bunch of his friends and dozens of unresolved side plots.

manga's almost up to high school graduation

Great episode, allergy one was fucking hilarious

>They didn't give any of the jokes time to breathe
That's what I love about this show honestly, getting bombarded with shit

This manga is simply meant to be crammed into an anime form, just like how not every book needs a movie. It annoys me that the standard goal of every manga these days is to get an anime. Also, teruhashi will never get the esper d because saiki won't let time pass beyond high school.

but latest chapter has Saiki confidently saying that he can fix the volcano problem and then moved on.


Kokomins, report in.

Saiki time always loops until he can solve the problem though.

They only want an anime to sell the manga

Nothing can compete withTeruhashi san
except coffee jelly

Imu is gunning for Teruhashi


Isn't that like every episode? Enjoy the ride

The blonde girl is yuri bait for Teruhashi, the real rival is pic related.

Somehow I didn't realize that Teruhashi's VA also voiced the green retard from Symphogear

Kayano Ai is a really good fit

Don't die

It's weird to explain, but with all the nonstop monologuing and sign language Saiki does I always get giddy when he actually holds a conversation with his family, Toritsuka/Aiura or the animals.

You guys are all delusional,everyone can see that Saiki will get together with Mera

She'd eat all his desserts. No way can they be together.

After she gets her life together she will stop being so food crazyy

Same thing happened last year, except it was the five minute daily format that hindered the discussion.

>After she gets her life together
You can't wait a eternity out.

I almost always suffer from secondhand embarrassment from looking at Kaidou being cringy as fuck but there are moments where he's absolutely alpha when the situation calls for it.

I hope title of the OP is called Chuunibyou Kaidou Shun no Psi-Nan

so I was able to read up to chapter 162 but can't figure out where to read the rest of the chapters, any help?

Saiki is unshippable to me,
but Reita still wants to bang his female form

There are spoilers from a translator's tumblr but as in properly translated stuff you'll just have to wait or read raws.


Kaidou is adorable in a very cringey way
>gets hit on by cakes in ep. 14, gets all bashful and flustered

>she already got rekt 10 mins after first appearance

I can't blame him

Are the subs already out?

Yeah, it only takes 5 days at tractor speed.

The hero we didn't deserve

considering mangascans we're 100 chapters behind

I don't get this whole tractor meme. Is it in reference to the manga or what?

I see saiki is a man of shittaste

heres a quick rundown
>saiki s2 comes out
>no subs
>user says he'll sub it, just needs to get his tractor first
>other anons make tractor memes while waiting
>tractor user never releases subs
moral of the story: don't make memes about someone before getting your subtitled anime

I like his VA's singing voice.

That's why we have the patrician, Nendou.

How can other mortals compete?

Well, espers can somewhat cope.
So if a female esper appeared...

>BGM during this scene
This is great.

Full OP when?

She still ended up going with him at that time, though

considering how much Saiki changed the world, what will happen when he dies?
>if he hasn't gained immortality at some point
>and I think he died in that timeskip

People will keep having weird colored hair, heal faster, think absurdly fast etc.
And die to a giant volcano.

Can he ever not be so intense?

This show is too good, and teruhashi is best girl by far

Kaidou's screams are precious.

The rapid fire gags are the best. Breathing is for the weak.


I think I have a new favourite anime smirk right here


Why does this happines makes me feel so anxious?


Tractor-kun betrayed us.

is there somewhere I can find saiki kusuo manga scans with a resolution high enough to read the furigana?

>gets hit on by cakes in ep. 14, gets all bashful and flustered
I don't remember this.

That's not very good quality but the furigana is readable for me.

Is this resolution good enough for you?

well, they were at least older than him

>implying Tractor kun didn't die when someone overtake him in the road
>implying he got his shitty tractor fixed after the suspension got busted

Kaidou a cute.

Whole gang's here now

oh right, it is ending?

What am I looking at? Did they all take a vacation to the volcano?

Didn't his mother have a soncon?

The garbage collecting contest was some Togashi shit.

she's just very invested in getting him into a good college

She probably gives him handjobs when he is "a good boy".