Darling in the FranXX

So...Zero Two basically gave Hiro an STD, right?

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Well yeah. She's used goods. This is worse than aldnoah desu

2nd for 02 is worst girl.

It's a lesson for those who mess around with sluts.

Red and Blue Oni is the current theory. I remember some picture of her with a red hand.

No. She gave him a Klax heart.

>I remember some picture of her with a red hand.

You literally see her as a small oni girl in the first episode, talking about how she finds humans weird and beautiful.
Manga goes all out with the red loli yokai aspect.

If it were an STD, he could pass it down to Ichigo. Nasty shit.

02 is fully red as a child. She speaks about Hiro's pain most likely from a personal experience. Hiro is becoming like her, only a blue oni instead of red.
Hell Franxx has a blue eye and horns underneath that metal mask of his too.

why did they draw a blue school on his chest

He's probably not going to grow horns or anything though. Likely just pass and enter his body.

So we're all agreed she's best girl at this point right?

>02 dies
>Hiro is transforming into blue oni
>escapes in Strelizia into the wild
>the hive/city/plantation is under attack
>all seems lost
>when suddenly episode 10 hits

Only because every other girl is horrible.
That's nothing to be happy about.

Tied with Miku but Zero Two still number 1 for me. I love them all though. Even Ikuno.

His heart is already transforming. His whole body will most likely follow. Franxx has a horn which means Hiro will probably follow as well. Though i don't think we will see full Hiro oni form until the very end of the show. He's going to cope with consequences of transformation like becoming unnaturally strong physically or his emotional state being utterly fucked up

reminder that no one on the protag team ever dies in trigger shows

Miki and her share top spot

Watch KLK

Reminder for the upteenth time that this is a Gainax, not a Trigger show.
And Gainax LOVED killing off characters left and right.

I just think because Franxx and Zero Two have pretty much human forms, for Hiro it won't go past a certain stage. Although we don't know enough of why Zero Two is suddenly all human like I guess.


who died in KLK?

This is a Gainax show, not Trigger. Staff are also Gainax/A1 Gainax has plenty of important deaths and Hayashi and Nishigori generally won't hold back.

>everyone who rode with her before got bruised and beaten
>he instead is transforming
>people thinks she's laughing because she's evil
It's happiness, fags. She held info about what it does and is obviously aware of what that tumor is. The guy just told her that he'd go with her even if it means him dying. She's probably a fucking waterfall down there.

Yes, but her STD gives him super powers

Somebody havent seen Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann.

02 probably maintains her human form only thanks to the headband. And that shit seems to be broken. Their third mission may as well end up with a major clusterfuck with two human-sized monsters slaughtering everyone on the plantation.

Why did headband removal cause her eye color to change to glowing red, and her horns to start glowing this time, when in previous episodes it could be removed fine?

Because she was fucking pissed here.

She's marking her territory.

$20 on Hiro actually needing to pilot with Oni (and cuddle with at night) or he will die.

Friendly reminder

I don't think anyone's dying this early, except maybe fattie.

And this show makes me think a lot of Tomino's work, so I'm really hopeful that they won't pull punches like that.

The uniform

Maybe Hiro didn't notice because he was wearing waifu goggles?

She's laughing because she understands how fucked up she is and that Hiro is about to get equally fucked up as well. There's no happiness, maybe pity to another fool who will be viewed as an outcast and a monster very soon.

She was pissed. It wasn't the headband, it was Ichigo's comment.

clothes aren't people and I don't think I need to tell you about gurren lagann


It wasn't caused by headband removal, it was caused by her being fucking pissed at being slapped in the face.

>I-I know you hate my h-horns...
>So I got rid of them!
>I-I had to use a rougher file the farther down I got...and it h-hurt a lot...
>Y-you still love me right dahling...even though I'm a freak?
>W-what do you mean I'll always be freak?

They can treat HIV now.

>This is a Gainax show, not Trigger.
oh really
>Studios: A-1 Pictures, Trigger

Because the blue midget's comments pissed her off.

>Double headed white eagle
>tfw Papa is the motherfucking Emperor and it's him on Mars vs Void Dragon


Yeah but this is oni HIV it's a new super strain.


>clothes aren't people
>Oni's aren't people

History repeats itself once more it seems

In Ep1 it happened at noon, so the glow wasn't visible. Here it wouldn't be so visible either if she turned towards a light source. I mean, compare the brightness of her horns to the background, it's a faint glow.

>blue growth
>Hiro actually got it from kissing Ichigo
>shows that infidelity and cheating on your partners will bring you great suffering
Bravo Abe-sama

I'm pretty sure it was just for contrast and they weren't actually glowing. Just a visual metaphor.

Thank you for not paying attention to staff.

The staff is all former Gainax staff, user

In this scene where one of the horns is in the darkness, its not glowing, prior to her being slapped

>literally most if not all of the fucking Gainax cast that worked on Gurren Lagann
>not Gainax

Pretty sure its a visual cue. The episode director was a KyoAni dude this time.

my theory is, that Hiro might turn into this kind of God Emperor



>episode 3
>lets mitsuru shit on him and insult 02
>episode 4
>we get his confession
>episode 5
>he is blocking people from moving towards her, tells them to stop talking bad about her, and claims her for himself
From 02 Hiro in no time flat

Because studios are apparently hive-minds and it doesn't matter who they employ. Apparently it doesn't matter who the Code 000 team is made of either... look up the staff retard...

Not him, but to me, all Japanese names sound exactly the same.

>02 Hiro


Can someone please give me the rundown on what this show is, why people like it, and if it is worth watching?

Because you're retarded.

I still love Zero Two!

you forgot
>nothinglings aren't people
>anti-spirals aren't people


I don't think it's by choice personally is why I'm wait and see on it.

Not gonna lie, the transformation to Absolute Madman is making Hiro my favorite character.

>Hiro could die you know
>Sure, he could. But that'd just mean he didn't amount to much
What a fucking cunt. Why does she call him darling anyway?

>what this show is
>why people like it
>if it is worth watching?
if you're into sex


Because she still has a headband on retard, omfg... We're talking about what her horns look like when she has NO headband on... the last time we've seen her without a headband it was in the middle of the day, this time it's at night, what is so hard to process about this?

Darling cant be weak
If darling is weak, then darling is not darling

I love her more after this.

cute girl doing bad things to her darling

/threadly reminder
And his theme:

>tells them that he will keep Oni in check

How big is his dick? Is this the mind meld? Does he understand his role that deeply now? What is going on? It's like he did a 180 from last episode.


Still the best!

>From 02 Hiro
He is a fool.

I'll believe it when I see it. So far every trigger show has followed this same pattern of building up a large cast of protagonists and putting them in near death peril just to pull out at the last minute for a happy ending.

Yeah dude she gave me even more fetish fuel! I want her to stick her toes in my mouth and spit on me just like Asuka!

I just finished the episode and apparently 02 already saw the same in his previous colleagues, so he knew what Hiro had, she knows that Hiro's fate is the same, although there is still the MC factor, which will surely give him a power up taken off the ass as always, I just hope that some die in the process to make it look less stupid.

It's just banter. She knows he won't die and is transforming into an oni. She said it only to piss Ichigo off, and I can honestly understand her. The cunt is too annoying. Like we get that she cares for Hiro, but it's obvious 02 doesn't want to harm him.

But does that mean she called everyone before him darling until they died?

It's probably an effect of oni transformation too.

well yeee

>Gets leukemia on the way.
What a legend

She's right you know.
She clearly also isn't doing anything against his will.
She knows Hiro is gonna take his oni aids like a man and if he dies he did so happy.

She calls him darling precisely because she believes in him and knows he won't die.

This is particularly evident when she informs him this is his last chance to turn back, he says nah, and she dances like a fool in love

He got the fire lit in him again. Plus:
>Tomatsu: Zero Two goes and does whatever she wants to, and Hiro has to be the one who slams the brakes.

>slave in a pointless and directionless society drives himself literally dead trying to accomplish a goal that he was indoctrinated to want to accomplish, under threat of being judged as worthless


>it's obvious 02 doesn't want to harm him.
Is it though? All Ichigo knows about her is that she's a weird bitch who killed all of her partners.

she got amazing milkers and soft tummy.

She didn't have cause to believe in them before.

Who the fuck are you even answering to? I was talking about the staff for this show, what the fuck is there to believe, it's laid out on paper... what the fuck does that have to do with the show's quality (or lack thereof)?

>02 Hiro
>zero to hero
I wonder if that was planned

That thing in Hiro's chest reminds me of Armstrong's nanomachines in MGR

>inb4 hiro is physically love sick and needs to stay within 1 yard of Oni or he starts getting sick