Fate/Extra Last Encore

A better option, yes? Yes.

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A Tamamo would definitely be a better option though.

I don't care for Gil/Hakunon but otherwise yes, absolutely.

More like Fate last flop

A harem for FeMC is always better because it's CUTE


She sacrificed herself so Hakuno could live happily together with Nero, pay your respects

Nasu loves her, don't blame the guy.


And that's not even all of them, there's three more.

I hope so. For now he seems really fucking cold to her, even after kissing her.

keking Zabiko is NOT okay!


All options are good, but umu still the best

Best girl gets reused obviously

Are subs out already?

No, and don't expect them tomorrow either.

Nope, hope we don't have to wait 2 days this time around

Here, back to your containment thread Why come to Sup Forums if you can shitpost all you want there where you belong? Just why?

Well, fuck
As expected, I guess

Italian cuisine is best cuisine.

>muh safespace
Also, the thread is Go visit it sometimes for clarity of mind.

Wrong link

>He didn't know

Another have nine versions of her and it wasn't saber this time around.


Hilarious to see yurifags throwing "muh safespace" around to shit on others when your entire board is literally a safe space for you fucks, and mods will ban anyone who doesn't fit within the safe space

You're no entitled to subs.
You should donate to be able to have them imo

Preparing a Mega Download for the Fate/Extra Sound Drama should be up in a couple minutes.

There's also the fact Chyuu is subbing Nanatsu S2 and give priority to that (It also airs on saturdays and they release on sunday or monday)

Yeah I agree, it's pathetic that you have to waste your time to come here and say the same garbage all over again. Do you plan to do this as long as the show is airing or what.

You mean "would've had"? Because he's not doing shit this time.

I just want more of squirrel animated. She's the cutest Extra.

Why did he leave us bros.......

Because you weren't broly enough to him.


He foresaw the Sousha shitstorm with his infinite wisdom and decided that it was not worth it.

>Nanatsu S2 over Fate
What a retarded sub group....

I don't /u/fags that much but some of you guys are shitposting too much lately, nero likes hakuno and hakunon both are fine


If only we still had him.

>would have had
Come on, user.

This image could be better if it was NIKUI

>Redman has more views than Nero

Wasn't APEX just one guy?
How are fan sub groups slower?

Pretty sure it's cause everyone is shocked by the mullet hair.

>what's the point in watching things without lesbians though
>Just don't come here posting about Nero being a hetslut or whatever, you know what you're signing up for
>Enjoy watching Hakunon getting cucked by generic self-insert dude.
Holy shit, I'm so happy we have a containment board for them. These fuckers are mental.

>Bike cuck

Not surprising, Emiya was always the most popular male Fate character while Nero is rather niche compared to that. I'm just glad this game gets attention, I need my fucking English localization.

Is that Hakuno talking in the video? Does that mean Hakunon will get a voice too, finally?

hi guys subs when?

No sure, ppl think it's Char, others Hakuno

Fate/Extra Mega: mega.nz/fm/ZYgB3KDB

Contains all four chapters for the sound drama as well as Vol 1-3 of the Fate/Extra CCC Manga

Soushas panchira is the best!

>Hakunon will get a voice
That was Charlemagne talking.

Could be Charlemagne talking

I thought it was Charle too, but I saw some jp people say that is not charle's voice so now i'm not sure

Sry wrong link: mega.nz/#F!tNgwyTxa!st0FXbS9kYz9rgvgwgCSrA

I highly doubt it. This is not LE Hakuno, it's (You)r Hakuno with his own name. That Hakuno does not have a voice, they wouldn't want to shatter the self-insert fantasy spanning the entire series for an adaptation.

Yeah, they're saying it's Hakuno talking.

Those nips are retards. How can someone mistake Nandatte for based Touman's voice is beyond me. They need to collectively commit seppuku for such a retarded mistake.

That doesn't sound like Touman though. Sounds more like a Servant commenting on his performance (like in all musous).

>absolutely massive topic
>literally a forum description for an OP
I wouldn't go within three boards of that abomination.

A betterer option.

>just watched raw
lol shaft can not into battles, it was maximum boring no action shit


>plebs need endless explosions and shit to keep them entertained
Go back to watching Apo.


Why umu is so sexy with a kimono

apo, zero, ubw - all this have action battles
fate = action
shaft = failure

Not him, but user come on the fight was bad in every regard.
>bad choreography
>Failed to create any sort of tension
>Rushed fight
>Overall boring

>fate = action
That's why all of the most important Fate things were fucking novels and comics. Oh, and a turn-based RPG.
Fuck off.

The shows been a mixed ball for me so far. The first episode was okay. I liked the confusion, but the exposition was a tad dull at times.
Second episode started shit. The bath scene was boring. The city reveal was exciting and every from that point onward was great, especially the end.

And then comes this episode. It didn't deliver on episode 2's ending. That was disappointing. The mob Servants were unnecessary hog of screentime. That could've gone to Shinji and Drake, made them more endearing characters. Rin part was fun, but the final battle was disappointingly short. I'd much rather they cut out Shinji's half-ass backstory and elongate the battle. It'd be much more climactic.

Any normal show, I'd drop here. The only thing keeping Last Encore afloat is Hakuno himself. Which is ironic, because I expected him to be the worst part of LE, to be a Fujimaru Ritsuka 2.0.

>That's why all of the most important Fate things were fucking novels and comics. Oh, and a turn-based RPG.
they all full of action

What did you expect?

but she appeared though

I don't think that's something to be happy about. It just means most people are laughing at his mullet.

Drake fight was bad because it was too short. I guess they're saving money for more important fights.

She's sexy with everything. Nero is truly an embodiment of Venus.

>best boy and best girl spared from this Nero show
I for once glad

Otaku's. Everything bad that has happened and everything bad that will happen all ends and begins with Otaku's. A cursed race indeed

I hold onto hope for a 30 min ova. A sort of what if scenario like comic books have

>They pull a Granblue and have the last episode suddenly be about the FemMC.

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>---,---位/---,---位 2018/05/30 Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 1(完全生産限定版) [DVD]

Limp start for a Fate series, it'll probably do about the same as Apoc.

Why is Umu so shit?

Because she's not having the right instrumentalist


How could they have fucked up so badly, just throw in some sort of code for GO and the retards would have eaten up.

because you have shit taste

Come on now. With all the negativity in this thread, I was expecting something around 600 at most.

Damn I guess none of the spin offs will compare to Ufo's. Granted those are the main story line and aired in a different climate in terms of sales.I have no idea why Aniplex is adding bonuses like Fate GO codes/items or Extella Link DLC. They could make a killing with sales. Anime alone can't produce hits anymore.

>go visit this safe space that bans anons that deviates from the hive mind
/u/ is only good for rubbing one out, but the posts and anons there are bottom of the barrel.


>doesn't waste time to kill other masters
>kisses his servant to mana transfer
>tells Shinji to shut up already and that he doesn't NIKUI the dead
Hakuno is pretty competent. At least it doesn't take episode to kill a servant. I am sick of them fucking off and doing jack shit.

That's the one with bonuses, which are always more front-loaded. As time passes it will fall and the BD-only will overtake it.

Thanks for confirming you're a retard

I'm glad they didn't go with Hakunon for the anime, she is for me only

So who's going to be the master of the fifth round?

holy shit jps are hilarious they think that image some user made is legit

>1st: Shinji
>2nd: Dan
>3rd: Alice
>4th: Amari
>5th: Julius
>6th: Hakunon
>7th: Gawain
You heard it here.

>Gil not grabbing fluffy tail swaying near his face
Truly a faggot.