This is Demiurge at his happy farm. Say something nice about him.

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Why does a rancher wear suit?


So how do they compare to s1?

do not torment the paupers and peasantry
upper class elites and any government peon wage cuck is ok

Type setting when?

OP2 has really grown on me, initially didn't think it was as good as the first but it's good hypefuel.

OP is worse
ED is pretty equal but pretty bad in the full version. I like the version of the first episode more than the normal short version.

I figure they should give sweeping orchestra a shot, but I doubt it will happen

New ED is a lot better.

I fully expected to see Demiurge edited into FEMA camps at this point, how did that ever not happen

I couldn't get into this anime since it starts and seems to continue with the fact everyone but the main character is an npc. Who cares about some computers in a game? It's not very gripping. At least in sword art online there was danger and real characters involved in real life so it made it more compelling.

Haven't seen s2 yet or read manga, in the trailers for it on Animelab it looks like Demiurge is fighting against papa bones. Does he turn traitor or are they just training?

Pretty good, but they're running up against OP and ED that were literally perfect.

It's pic related all over again.

Do you mean Shalltear? If so then ok thanks for the info.


He gets brainwashed by a WCI owned by PDL, who becomes an enemy of Nazarick.

Demiurge is actually a player.

Reminder that Overlord is a trash show that does a shit job of advertising the LN.
The LN is absolute trash that shouldn't be read by anyone with two braincells to rub together.
The only thing it has going for it is cute girls.

ED is better. OP is worst.

people who dislike the new OP/ED are speedwatchers

>bikini EE
This does not bode well for my dick.

he's either a really good vassal or ainz doesn't realize his mistakes.

>The only thing it has going for it is cute girls.
you just named every anime ever

>you just named every anime ever

you forgot gay anime

>OP2 has really grown on me, initially didn't think it was as good as the first
The first one was the same for me: didn't like it at first, but after a couple of episodes I couldn't skip it anymore.

Have you praised your Goddess today?

>Neia: "even fellow women would fall in love with her"
Why is everyone from the HK so gay?

Because everyone everywhere is gay.

mortals can't resist her devilish charms

She is not the best girl in the series.
She's not even the best girl in the New World.
She's not even the best girl in the Kindom
She's not even the best human girl.
She's not even the best royal girl.

How can all other girls be so much better than her?

delete this

>>devilish charms
>can't get the gayest vampiress in history to join her cause
She's a shame to her kind

Like ending and am indifferent towards op.
Am glad for somewhat different M&R style going with new singer since I really disliked Tanya opening and some of their late songs.

I'll give you about the LN, I tried to read it but it's actually really fucking boring. I rather like the anime tho.

Read the LN

I want to rest my head in Lupus lap while she reads it for me.

If ainz didn’t show up, would the fish farm have united the lizards and force the ST into attacking them?
Could lizards beat a black scripture member and their squad, I think they can take the chain dude and Clem’s brother.

>Chain dude gets resurrected
>"It's you! you're that lamprey!"
What now?

I want to wanwan her awooooos if you catch my drift

Clementine could probably kill all the Lizards by herself. These guys struggled against a level 20 Lich.

CD will kill Neia and EE.

Why did Ainz rub Lulu's shoulder if he wasn't going to sex her? I thought nips hate physical contact.

>not Ainz and Entoma, respectively

that makes no sense

That would make it funny. And i doubt Ainz even remembers who EE even is.

I don't think anyone seriously expect sexual intents from a skeleton.

Whats the Elf kings ultimate plan?

Ainz gave her a death sentence. Of course he remembers her.

Make a big family with healthy children.

>death sentence
He just said that she might get her revenge some day if the time comes at some point.

The word "boner" exists for a reason user.

Then why rub her shoulder? As a nip salaryman, he should know that it's inappropriate to touch a subordinate without consent.

This. What Ainz did was borderline rape.

The rubbing was anime only, he only put his hand on his shoulder in the LN.
However, the rubbing made sense since he monologued earlier that he wonder how the scales would feel. Its probably the anime's way of showing that as well as the "my body?" question later.

He was curious on how her scales felt to the touch.

Opening is weaker.
The ending tho is hot.

t. speedreader

>be anime-only fag, hear that Ainz was going to revive lizardguy as a way of instilling loyalty

I thought it would be different, like Lulu watching her lover get cut down and having her reduced to a crying wreck, before Ainz decides to take pity on them.

Then again, I'm not really sure how much sympathy or humanity Ainz is capable of anymore.

It wasn't a sympathy or anything like that. Just a gift for Cocytus and collectors greed.

If I was transported to that world I would want to fuck every female that shares any resemblance with a woman.

She was speaking about Blue Rose , but she also said the same about Albedo though.

How many goats do we need to sacrifice to get volume 13?

End 2 is better
Both op are shit

>How many goats do we need to sacrifice to get volume 13?
The rest of the ones in the Holy Kingdom I suppose.

she would sodomize you with her knot

But can I actually have sex with Entoma?

be a spider

I think the only thing that would make Evileye better is if she had larger tits. Wider hips would be good too. Maybe a few inches of height. And of course, a fully functioning womb

fuck off, there's plenty of those girls who fit that criteria already.

Just play that nip waifu simulator then

so much troll lol

Was there ever any more of that Evileye story thing.

>Ainz decides to take pity on them
Sasuga anime onlys.

I don't see why not. Surely even spiders have butts.

more like a sad loser in his mom's filthy basement day dreaming his power-trip fantasies LMAO

Sometimes I wonder if any secondaries actually post in Overlord threads outside of the day a new episode airs.

>secondaries don't get that this is the story of the villain
the point couldn't be more clear this season

Demiurge is Touch Me.

>Enfi was 2 seconds away from getting cucked by a werewolf

too many lizard people desu.

i just want to bonedaddy doing bonedaddy things.

Ainz's endgame is utopia

So in the LNs, who beat Shalltear before she fought Ainz?

>"...if any of those women from before dares to shamelessly show her face before him again, I will definitely kill her."
>Albedo and Shalltear smiled to each other.
Did they figure he's a kiss less virgin?

Nobody did. She had a skirmish with the PDL’s remote-controlled armor, but she forced him to retreat after she punctured it with her lance.

Why the FUCK did they make Lulu so THICK.
Every time i see her in the anime I want her to sit on my face.

Albedo is certain that Ainz is just drowning in pussy at all times, which is why she's so possessive.

Wrong thread user

Why with all those self inserts from nigel-sama?


Can Albedo sense lust? If thats the case how would she react to EE fawning over Momon?

This is false and what's holding the series down.
Ainz hasn't done a truly evil thing yet, what his subordinates do and his autistic rage doesn't count.

It's funny how overlord threads seem to always have the same posters from previous threads.

>Ainz was perfectly ready to slaughter tribes of lizards
>Demiurge was the one who convinced him not to

Is Demi really such a bad guy?

>posts a cute girl

>Ainz hasn't done a truly evil thing yet
He killed the adventurer that only tried to come with him during the whole brainwashed Shalltear debacle.

they would had died either way

Yeah, but he literally did that just so they won't trigger Shalltear and to use their bodies as an experiment, which he sanctioned.

An unfortunate circumstance doesn't mean it's evil, he warned them as well.