Darling in the FranXX

>02 acts like a cold cunt once again
>Sup Forums hollers at her and collectively drop to their knees in adoration
>Ichigo does yet another noble act with good intentions for the sake of her friends
>Sup Forums gets pissed off and mocks her by calling her a cuck
When did you realize that this board was shallow and vapid? How do we fix this?

There's no fixing it. 02 fags are delusional.

>Sup Forums are faggeddit crossboarders

The ED of this show is really good

>Goro's partner
>Oni's rival in love
And that's how you spell best girl

It would help if Ichigo wasn't such an annoying drama queen.

Reminder that the "cuck" shit is just more retarded memeing. Ichigo is conflicted and thinks she might be jealous and letting said jealousy cloud her actions, but in the end, she's acting 100% justifiably to save Hiro from his own idiocy and 02's insane and monstrous nature.

Wow, the half dino who everyone is afraid of, that saw countless people die since being a kid is putting up a wall? Nonsense

Best girl

I can't remember the last time a show had a serious love triangle in it from the start, but where one girl is so absurdly and hilariously outmatched from the very beginning and stays like that.

>More fucking excuses

>Ichigo cant take a hint to fuck off from hiro but keeps following him like a lost puppy

She's the leader and she's completely justified in trying to protect Hiro from 02

they are pretty cute together

She is a retard, I can't feel sorry for characters with problems that don't try to solve them.

What do you want her to do? Stop having feelings?

That's nice and all but she's still a cuck.

Nice meme

>horny retards have low IQ and poor judgement

Well colour me surprised.

Right back at ya sport.

Honestly I don't want Ichigo to get together with Hiro just because I can't bear to see a true bro like Goro be cucked like this any longer

Goro can be with the blonde cutie since the fat fuck will die from diabetes or a heart attack any moment now.

Ichigo and Goro deserve each other. They're the most based people in the show.

And Hiro is completely justified in living his dream and making his resolve to pilot even if it kills him if that's what it wants. Which it is. 02 isn't forcing him. She even asks him if he wants to stop. Hiro isn't being tricked. The entire premise of the show and his character is that he's basically going to kill himself if he can't pilot because otherwise he sees no reason to live and he says he's not afraid to die if this is the only way he can. Let the man do what he wants. He's the only one who can really help them in this operation anyway. Without him piloting, they are ALL going to die anyway. Unless someone else pilots with 02, in which case they probably would too. 02 can't help that others can't keep up with her, either. It sucks, but she needs to realise this is both what has to be done and what he wants to do. Respect his decision.

Is this the Ichigo thread?

Ichigo respects his decision. She just told 02 to not be careless. And then 02 acted like the cold heartless bitch she is and got rightfully slapped.

>calling her a cuck
Generally speaking the people spamming cuck are from other boards. They do it in every other thread

Kokoro is no good. She's the sort who shuts up about stuff instead of talking it out. Fatboy is obviously overeating because he feels insecure in regards to Kokoro, but she's just saying everything is fine and doesn't leave him an opening to sort stuff out between them.

>seiyuu's debut role
How nice for her.

Hiro is being an ubermensch. He has seized control his destiny and thrown away foolish notions of good and evil. He has become the darling in the franxx

Kokoro is clearly aiming for other dick.

>Kokoro is no good.
The Hayamin Effect is real, lad.

>automatic +40% to best girl attribute

doing good is bad and doing bad is good
why do you think hanekawa is such a shit

So uh what is that std that hiro caught from 02 anyway?

>When did you realize that this board was shallow and vapid?
You mean there was a time that you thought it wasn't?

i hope hiro die quickly because we all know he isn't going away anytime soon
hiro will be reborned as kyounu
02 is kyounu's queen and breeding creates more
carbon copy of madoka

this show is worse than mexican telenovelas

>A cute girl will never give you AIDS

That's the level of insanity I want


>Ichigo fags still can't accept that shit lost literally within the first 20 seconds of episode 1 by the opening monologue

They're not even comparable. Even the worst anime has an ending. Meanwhile, soap operas are never-ending.

I'm not a retarded faggot that thinks being the drama interest to the main character is "winning". That kind of mentality is brainlet-tier.
Ichigo is the best. Goro is the best male. Hopefully, they'll be together.

Goddammit, why does she need to suffer

Best episode so far.
Goro best boy. Hope he doesn't die for 016's sins.

"Winning" means "getting what you want." Ichigo clearly wants Hiro.

I enjoyed those strawberry tears this week. They were very delicious.

>02 asks Hiro to make it rain
>he dies next episode
>cue roy mustang it's raining bit

Ichigo wants Hiro to be safe because she's his friend. Unfortunately, this is a fucked up dystopian future where Hiro isn't safe no matter what. Truth is he has to go on the crazy bitch's trip or he becomes Papa's fertilizer within the week. Still, she tried protecting him by telling 02 to be careful, and she just casually told her to fuck off like the cunt she is.
At the end of the day, Ichigo tried her best. Good for her.

How would they deal with that storywise though?
Wouldn't that be a trigger to divide 002 from the team? She would have no reason to be around without 016.

>When did you realize that this board was shallow and vapid?
So long ago I can't remember.
>How do we fix this?
Ban everyone who acts like NTR is the crime of the century. Ban everyone who calls anyone, fictional or otherwise, cucks. Ban purityfags. Ban everyone who espouses any "alt-right" beliefs.

>there are young people who haven't seen All The Things She Said

Damn I feel old.

Fun fact: Cocona is trash

She want's him to be safe so he can use his grotesque meat sword to stab her honey hole.
Which, unfortunately for her is already claimed by Oni.

Stop bullying

>want to catch up on this show
>read the threads

>reading threads instead of watching
Did you get lost?

So next episode will he grow horns or will he become the robutt?

He'll give birth to a mini-002.

but the whole isn't from the perspective of a weak daddys boy and actually has a character that has a will and goal to do something instead of being a bitch.

i havn't watch the latest episode
did anything happen to make this series better,?

I been meaning to ask you niggas for a while but always forget:
Which release you think is the best?

I think it did, some good character development going on. I'm starting to give more of a shit about the team, also some insight into 02's relationship with Hiro. Also some Goro/Ichigo time.

She's great but I like Miku more.

go away reddit

Hanekawa is best girl

Cocona better end up with Goro.

I don't care enough to watch this episode yet cause it has been extremely mediocre so far.
It only gain popularity because of the shipperfag bait.

But I would love to see that 02fags getting BTFO

>02fags getting BTFO
that alone got me interested again , ill watch it

Is it possible to be anymore JUST then this character is?


Pretty butthurt that 02 didn't maul Ichigo in this scene

is this the emotional support group thread for ichicucks?

You're mad she didn't act like even more of a monster?

Not mad, but in the heat of the scene I kinda hoped it'd happen. I'm sure something will happen eventually, but not to Ichigo probably

So, next week is the big fight. Are any of the main couples gonna die? What about the others? Are most of them gonna die? Or is 02 set to surprise them and save a couple?

I'm expecting most of the others will be disposable. What are their franxx gonna look like? All big questions, I guess.

I will always hate the drama queen third wheel girl. Always. Ichigo's design appeals to me so much too, but her entire character so far is muh Hiro dick and it's already getting old

I just don't understand why such a vocal group of retards rally behind the obvious loser every time. It's like you people have a fetish for being pissed off and disappointed.

Our girl is losing it

>When did you realize that this board was shallow and vapid?
When I learned it was founded by a fucking Usukafag and populated by a bunch others

>gonna look like
I somehow doubt they will be even shown.
Maybe we'll get some splashes in the distance while team is sitting behind, waiting to be deployed.

Hiro is a fucking mad man

>she HATES it

boy's a lot tougher than I expected

How long till Ichigo loses it and tries to kill 02 for "stealing" Hiro from her? Will she even get a hit in during an actual fight with 02?

02 has AIDS and gives it to all her sex partners.

Things aren't going the way you think.

>literally willing to kill himself just to get in the fucking robot
he's pretty great

I would be very surprised if 02 doesn't come around by the one cour mark or at least the end of the series. Her finding people who will back her up and her caring about others etc

200 episodes

>leader of a squad
>gets cucked by a Stacey, still tries to help her crush Hiro
>it hurts so much but she still tries her best to be a leader to her team
>even after accepting them as a pairing she still works up the courage and swallows her pride and essentially begs her to not literally murder Hiro
>Stacey spergs out like a fucking child "HURR I CAN DO WHAT I WANT"
>bitchslap her and call her out on being a sociopath
>Stacey chimps out even harder because truth hurts

What I have posted is objectively what happened. Ichigo is best girl.

Keep in mind that he's standing there saying he's more than willing to pilot again knowing full well he might die and looking her straight in the eye while under excruciating pain from the dino tumor knowing full well it manifested after his second piloting with her.
Nigga has guts.

I don't even care about 016 that much even though I like her design,
she is too much of a drama queen.

But the self-insert 02fags is far more insufferable and makes me want to see their girl lose.

Zero Two has retard oni strength. Just look what happened when Ichigo tried to grab her wrist

FUCK Ichigo she's wasting screentime sulking about the same shit for 5 episodes straight. Hope she dies.

No big fight next week? What?

This is my wife.

Say something nice about her.

02 would oneshot Ichigo.
Just look at her fights with the soldiers, poor girl wouldn't even know what hit her.

I got a little chuckle when Ichigo got dragged. I do find it interesting that she didnt back hand Ichigo like she did to that guard. I think its because while 02 doesnt like Ichigo, she doesnt want to cause Hiro any unnecessary pain. So she didnt attack Ichigo at all.

He's getting dangerously close to the madmen territory.