I miss this show

I miss this show

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Which hentai is this

underage plz go

Should I watch the OVA or TV series? I can never get a straight answer. Is it just like people prefer whichever they saw first or what?

Man this show was my first harem. So many good times.


You will never get a straight answer because the OVA and Tenchi Universe/TV have their pros and cons.

If you watch all of the OVAs (except for the fourth series) you will be disappointed with the conclusion. If you watch TV only you will miss out on what made Tenchi a smash hit in the first place.

Avoid Tenchi in Tokyo like the plague.

Preference for either mostly boils down to if they like the harem or if they prefer him with Ryoko only.

The correct answer is to watch all of them.
OVA 1 and 2, then Universe, and Dual, then GXP and OVA 3, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, OVA 4 and 5 when it comes out.

Avoid Tokyo and go ahead and try Pretty Sammy if your boner for Sasami or Mahou Shoujo is hard enough.
And don't forget the three movies.

this right here avoid Tokyo would start with OVA then Universe which has best girl Kiyone

I should clarify:

If you watch all of the OVAs (except the fourth series of four episodes that was released recently) you will feel as if something is missing. If you actually watch those four last episodes you will be disappointed in the conclusion: it's dull, boring, and drags on forever.

Which is harem and which is one girl only?

It all harem. First anime harem, actually.

>OVA 5

Oh god, please no.

Universe: Shit happens
OVA: Nothing happens.

Watch the TV

Are you referring to which ones where Tenchi sticks with (or at least tries to stick with) one girl?

Tenchi Forever (movie) or Tenchi in Tokyo. I won't spoil anything...

Universe, Tokyo, and the movies are Ryoko end.
The OVAs, GXP, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, the myriad novels and doujinshi, to a lesser extent Dual, and more are the "Main Continuity" that the only one of the three creators that gives a damn these days adds to.

The guy that says you'll be disappointed in the conclusion is partly right, because there is no conclusion, because the story is still ongoing.

>nothing happens

Fight against Kagato.

The manga is actually pretty good

Okay, yeah. Ill give you the first OVA being pretty great. From there though it's all just downhill and the gang just bums around the Misaki home

>the gang just bums around the Misaki home
Which I love, though I do wish Kajishima would throw us a bone and give Tenchi a fucking sword fight.

>because the story is still ongoing.

I didn't realize this.

>Which I love, though I do wish Kajishima would throw us a bone and give Tenchi a fucking sword fight.


Pretty much this.

thanks for all the info

Also, i like Seina story more, actually.

Same. I love Tenchi and the original cast.

I hate all the Tenchi spinoffs but Tenchi's younger half brother is okay.

I hate that Seina faggot though.

People said that GXP was what killed the Tenchi franchise in America.

Nobody likes clones of the main characters and the original cast just left in the background.

Should just make a new IP at that point.

Everytime I see this, I feel like Seina was made like a NTR character to the Tenchi franchise.

The most forced character ever. Even in the OVAs, it feels like they have to mention this faggot's name in everything.

And then his kids end up marrying Tenchi's kids.

>And then his kids end up marrying Tenchi's kids.
Well, at least one of them took what she wanted.

Start with the first OVA season from '93.
Then OVA 2, GXP, OVA 3, and Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari.
Tenchi Universe and the movies are of a separate continuity, but recommended.
Tenchi in Tokyo, Ai! Tenchi Muyo, and the Pretty Sammy series are trash and should be avoided.

Other stuff Kajishima worked on like Dual! Parallel Crisis Adventure and El Hazard are tangently related to the OVA continuity and are recommended.

Kajishima didnt' like how GXP was handled by the director, so he decided to scrap the anime continuity-wise, and write it as a LN series instead.
I like the anime, though many don't.

And three of the background books detailing stuff about Emperor Azusa, Yosho, Washu, and others are being translated and published by Seven Seas.
If they do well enough, the chance is real that we might get GXP in english.

I think you faggots need to chill the fuck out.

Watch OVA1. Throw the rest into the trash.

>Watch OVA1
Then OVA2, then OVA3, then GXP...


Haremwin, you mean.

If you have to pick one then definitely the TV series, but be aware that it has 2 movies that happen after the series and give it closure, called Tenchi Muyo in Love 1 and 2 (do not confuse then with another tenchi movie called Daughter of darkness, that is yet another continuity!). TV series has the advantage of having an actual plot, some charater development (compared to pretty much none in the OVAs) and closure.

OVAs decrease in quality with each season, OVA 1 is quite good, OVA 2 is good, OVA 3 is just wtf and OVA 4 is somehow worse than nothing. Also worth mentioning that the OVAs are a really stupid ego-maniacal fantasy of Masaki Kajishima and things often get weird because of that, the heavy handedness of his ego stroking increasing to ridiculous points in OVA 3.

Tenchi in Tokyo is the most hated of the Tenchi continuities but it actually has some good points, namely that Tenchi is not a completely passive boring amorphous blob, that Ayeka has the courage to confess (and get shot down, but still, props to her) and Ryoko becomes a bit less clingy (it doesn't last, though).

And in case you are curious there are 2 manga series and 2 novel series, one series being in the OVA continuity but dealing with the past (so no Tenchi and crew, just worldbuilding), and another series by a different author on an alternative continuity that picks up after OVA 1 or 2 (this is the continuity where the aforementioned movie Daughter of Darkness belongs.

Also, Ryoko the bestest of girls.

>Also, Ryoko the bestest of girls.

Dude she was the only reason to watch this shit.
This, OVA1 started off so fucking great and it just kinda got dull and lame.

Ryoko is best girl forever, she's literally perfect.



everyone is saying OVA 1 is good but later parts suck. So could you watch the first OVA and then continue with the TV series or are they too different?

They're kinda different.
The origin story for Ryoko is a bit different I think and the order of who arrives after that is a bit different (I think in the OVA, Mihoshi shows up first but it's Ayakunt in the TV show)

They are different continuities but the character are roughly the same.

For example, Ryoko acts and dresses almost the same in both the TV series and OVAs and is a space pirate in both, but in the TV series thnigs start when she crashes into earth and Tenchi finds her while in the OVAs she was imprisoned in earth as punishment ofr her crimes and things start when Tenchi frees her.

Think of them as similar but different stories with the same characters.

If you want to watch OVA 1 and then start the TV series, that's great, but keep in mind they are independent stories in alternate universes, so there's no continuity between OVA1 and the TV series. And if you watch the TV series remember to watch both Tenchi in Love movies afterwards, as the first one gives closure to Tenchi in relation to his family and the second one give him closure regarding romance (pairing him up with best girl).

OVA 2 is actually passable, but very lackluster compared to the TV series and OVA 1 and OVA 3 is crazy and pointless. OVA 4 barely features tenchi and crew.

This is correct, also the OVAs lack Kiyone, which is often considered 2nd or 3rd best girl even if she's not a harem member. They tried to introduce a Kiyone expy in the OVAs but failed magnificently (and I'm aware Noike's design dates from the character design for the first OVA, but there's a good reason they didn't use it, and it's probably because it sucks).

Bumping because I hope this settles some questions.



>second one give him closure regarding romance (pairing him up with best girl).
Not the guy but damn, time to watch the movies. I only saw Universe when I was a kid and fell in love with Ryoko but that was the only Tenchi related thing I saw. Time to see her story conclude. I cried when she appeared again the last episode of Tenchi Universe, I thought she was killed and then, bam she was there.

I haven't see the OVAs, so I just follow what you and the other said right? Watch the first OVA, and maybe the rest but avoid the fourth OVA and Tenchi in Tokyo.


I still like El-Hazard more

If you find yourself interested in the worldbuilding of Tenchi, then I would recommend the 3rd and 4th OVAs.
Otherwise, you could stop after the second season.

Spaceship Agga Ruter

The OVA, then War on Geminar, then the TV series if you still want more.

If you want to see the conclusion to the TV series just watch both movies (do not watch Daughter of darkness, that is a different movie for a different continuity), as a matter of fact you can just jump to tenchi in Love 2 without losing anything (this is the one where tenchi gets kidnapped and Ryoko and Aeka look for him).

The OVAs are completely independent to the tv series and have no conclusion. Tenchi in Tokyo also is independent from the original tv series and OVAs and is not fully conclusive (that is, Ryoko ends as only romantic interest as ayeka gets rejected).

So, surmising, if you wanna see the tv series concluded just watch the movies, don't bother with OVAs or Tokyo, those are different universes

Ok, last thing. So the movies Tenchi in Love give a conclusion to Tenchi Universe.

I'm probably going to watch the first OVA and consider if I should see the rest of the OVAs, but first I need to watch the movies to meet with Ryoko again, discover how she wins and how the story of Universe ends. To be honest, I feel like a kid knowing the conclusion to Universe is out there, and I haven't see it yet.
Ok, thanks.
Both movies, and ignore Daughter of Darkness.
Here I go, Ryoko.

Complementing what I said in Tokyo is the worst but is not completely without merit ( people hate Tokyo because Tenchi falls in love with a new girl, but she dies in the end and Ryoko and Tenchi presumably get together in the future, so you have to be willing to stomach that) and the problem with OVA 4 is that it's all about the spin offs, so Tenchi barely shows up, Ryoko has like 2 lines, I don't even remember seeing Ayeka and nothing happens. It's all a big exposition dump for the spin offs.

So the OVA 4 is just full of stuff like lore and worldbuilding?

Me too, user. I'm glad to see this show still pops up on Sup Forums, may that never stop.

OVA1, OVA2, Universe, then the 3 movies. To clarify, movies 1 and 3 follow the Universe continuity, while 2 follows the OVA continuity.

Daughter of Darkness is not bad (specially for shippers, as this is in a continuity where Ryoko and Tenchi end together and daughter of darkness essentially gives them an adopted daughter) but it's not related to the TV series continuity, that's why I said to skip it if you want to see the tv series concluded.


OVA 4 is mostly about the Masaki family, the earthlings descended from Yosho, and everyone setting up Nobuyuki and Rea's wedding.

Who's subbing OVA 4?

Yes, it's rubbish in my opinion.

Actually, Daughter of darkness does not follow OVA continuity, it follows the Hasegawa continuity. The Hasegawa continuity splits from the OVA continuity after OVA 1 (maybe OVA2, not sure) and then follows with a series of novels, Daughter of Darkness being one of those novels that got adapted.

Really? Thanks, user. "The more you know."
Also, a group stream with Sup Forums of the OVA and/or Universe sounds fun.

Will Petrea Burchard ever return...?

Thanks man. Time to see the ending of Universe with the two movies. I feel like I'm going to burst into tears after I finish both films.
Ok, then. Thanks

>Will Petrea Burchard ever return...?
No, Funi is too cheap to use someone that doesn't live in Texas.

Is there a show like this but without a pathetic MC?

Ryoko's japanese VA (Ai Orikasa) is easily my favorite of all time, I can't imagine not watching Tenchi in japanese if given the option, her voice is/was super sexy.

You're welcome, enjoy!

In the first OVA Tenchi wasn't that bad.

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari.
It's about Tenchi's little brother.

Ranma 1/2 MC is simultaneously a Chad and a Stacey.

Having a brown elf also improved it.

School days. I likes school days a lot because of Tenchi, specially the OVAs, because it shows how fucking mentally unhealthy these harem shows are, the Tenchi OVAs being the biggest offenders that I know of.

Interesting will check it out.

Urusei Yatsura is one of the things that inspired Tenchi and because of that shares a lot of similarities. But it's more of a comedy show than a harem anime.

You have NO Idea how literally flooded the market was with Tenchi clones back in the 90's.

Some of them were actually good/interesting too, with unique world settings.


Shit, why all the hate on Tokyo?

I enjoyed it, all things considered.

El-Hazard. Makoto doesn't really have powers, but he does what he can and doesn't give up.

Also the art is fantastic.

>(I think in the OVA, Mihoshi shows up first but it's Ayakunt in the TV show)

Other way around. After Ryoko, Aeka shows up second in the OAVs, in the TV series, space cop Mihoshi shows up pursuing Ryoko.


See Washu's massive cockblock at the end of Tokyo was infuriating too. But I quite liked that the characters all had a bit more backbone.


Same. I just consider it a self-contained thing and it's fine.

Remember folks, this use to have a vagina.

He knew what he wanted, and he went out and got it.

literally Noike

Felt like I was going to develop seizers with these guys' introductions.

Fun fact: Out of all the Harem animes, Tenchi Muyo was the one to get big in the States. Also, Ryoko's cave is real.


this brings be back.

What wait what.

Jesus Christ, someone else remembers El-Hazard

Just so long as you don't stumble into Wanderers or any sequels, El-Hazard is great!

God I just want more Kiyone.

>Ryoko was the star of OVA 1. She was supposed to win Tenchi in the end and plant a kiss on him.
>OVA 2 she's secondary.
>OVA 3, she's barely present.
>OVA 4, not there anymore.

You summed it yup perfectly.

Fucking Ai Tenchi Muyo was better then OVA 4.

Yeah, I'm the only one who had a Moldiver poster in my room.

Tenchi threads always remind me that I still have a bunch of the side stuff to get into, and several other 90's shows backlogged. Also that I probably should have learned Japanese by now.

Eh, I liked Wanderers. It's obviously not as great as the movies, and Makoto isn't as proactive. If you're looking for him to do something really cool in the ending, you're going to be waiting forever.

I'd say that the biggest losses are the characters of Rune Venus and Ifurita. The latter being a strong character that's reduced to the comedic relief, and the former didn't do much in the series, but at least you knew she wasn't fucking around. The Wanders pretty much has her as a helpless maiden the entire series, and while she's pretty cute, that shit gets old pretty fucking fast.

And boy, am I glad they realized that that puppet shit needed to go fast.



Remember when Ryoko turned into a Ctarl Ctarl?