Worst Endings

Which finales have left you the most unhappy or unsatisfied?

pic related

It was a good ending, Yozora is all mine!

Devilman Crybaby.
Literally got into it cause people hyped it up, but I finished the anime and just thought it was fucking garbage.
The only people who'd find an ending like that satisfactory are the type of people who like movies like Cloverfield or post Elfen Lied quotes on twitter.
Muh deep symbolism ofc.

>don't come looking for me

having literally everything end on a cliffhanger is not good

The anime or LN series?

If its the anime that left you unsatisfied, go read the fucking LN!

Are there any harem/romance animes that dont end fucking terribly?

also posting best girl

holy fuck that was brutal

The author genuinely threw every wrench possible in to end up with the worst ending. They get you so invested in tge characters then fuck everything up. Why do japs love soul destruction so much

>deny 2 main choices
>go for a reverse-trap
>break with her a year after
If I wanted a story of wasted opportunities - I would just think about my life.

Yeah, this one.

The ending was what the author had planned as the ending from book 1. The problem was, he wrote a romance into the story after that and he literally got writers block trying to figure out how to resolve it, so he just crammed a bunch of confessions into the penultimate volume, and published the stand-alone chapters he'd finished in the last one.


Bleach ending was so unsatisfy. But understandable on the author's point.
And Prison School ending was pure putrid shit, but I guess that was a huge 'fuck you' from the author towards the manga fans and industry

Fucking 13 years wasted.

>choosing Sena over Yozora


This whole series was a disappointment.

>haha nvm I made a magic wish and your fixed now
completely turned me off


>oh hey i'm literally your dream girl and the best girl and i love you and will support you financially and emotionally until I die
>"ehhh, no thanks, i'd rather fuck my little sister"

M- more!


Liar Game. I dare you to find a worse ending.

Would be a pretty good ending cause it excluded the main bitch of the show that is MC.

What happened to this? The scans literally died iirc


last page of Boy Skirt

Both endings of Madoka.

I actually am holding off on watching rebellion because I like the first ending so much.

Yeah it's sad as hell, but what do you expect?

It's not that the ending was sad, I was just expecting something better than another deus ex machina reset ending, and Rebellion pretty much eliminated whatever consequence the first ending had.

>Rebellion pretty much eliminated whatever consequence the first ending had
is it still worth watching in spite of this?

I'm wondering if it would be better to just leave it at the original ending and not watch rebellion

final chapter says when the volume releases it has a better epilogue for Prison School at least.
Not gonna lie, with how the entire thing has been set up, him pissing on both girls he likes and sweet girl becoming like her sister doesn't surprise me.

Probably Sidonia’s ending.

Well, if you like the first ending all that much, there's a big chance you'll hate Rebellion. But I think it's worth giving a shot, if anything you can just disregard it and stick with the TV series ending.

Fuck this.

I'm pretty sure the LN author left this shit for dead. Anyways, maybe somebody would step up and make alternate routes for all the main choices.

Anime was ok, manga just pissed me off to no end.

Please elaborate
Who won in the end?

Are you talking about S1's ending?

I still don't understand how giant space penis was even a candidate for the harem in the first place.


Can't exactly remember, but I don't think that the ending was that bad anyway.

I thought the ending was actually pretty good.

life isn't fair


Posting the legendary one

>My Wife's Son

But Sena is the otaku.

The best one is looking like a comfy family harem ending. All the girls are okay with it too

I tried so hard to block the manga ending from my mind. It was so fucking stupid. Oh she can't live at the same time as her family so we'll erase her memories of us and make her have a giant gaping hole in her mind and heart, along with torturing the youngest sister as well. Fuck that ending.

hey it did eventually get one, now Shaman King Flowers on the other hand...

> (OP)
>Fucking 13 years wasted.
I feel you. Maria deserved to win

Wait, this ended? How the hell did it end? What happened to the maid?

Nobody outright, but I think Nagi "won" the most, since he stuck with her in the end. It feels more platonic than romantic though.

I believe it was implied Hayate liked Maria, but they were blood related, and she knew, so it would have never happened. Author wanted to make a dramatic reveal about it, but ran out of time.

>platonic ending

>Oh she can't live at the same time as her family

That reminds me of another abomination

He's over A-tan, Hina and Hamster never stood a chance, and he's back to normal with Nagi after getting over the fact he tried to kidnap her when they first met, as you'd expect. I can't remember, but I think he was going to confess to Maria, but she predicted it and ditched before it happened. She's a school nurse or something in the middle of nowhere now.

I don't even know how it ended. Followed it for 6 years and ended up hating ALL the characters so fucking much that I can't get myself to finish it. Whatever happened in the end was probably shit and would have got me mad anyway. It was my favorite manga during my teenage years

Nigga he finally grew up and got together with the hot gyaru, the ending was perfectly fine

well Karin's was just she was awake during the day and them at night since they were vampires. Since she basically saves all vampire kind though, you'd think a rule could be fucking broken so she could still see her family from time to time.

>hey it did eventually get one
Yeah but I'm talking specifically the original one

As for Flowers. I re-read it recently and I enjoyed it more than when I was reading it monthly and the pacing was dogshit. Still a lot of fucking issues with it though like Yoh/Anna getting killed by helicopter, Ryu being a bum when in the original series he dreamed he'd marry someone, Tamao turning into this shitty Anna clone which makes no goddamn sense pisses me off(especially pisses me off that the fucking Hanagumi fear her when they should be kicking her sorry ass in reality), some ugly ass lame bitch killing Jeanne pisses me off even more etc.

I also think Hana has a forgettable character design(just look at the chapter he fights vs Yoh...the quality in their character designs is obvious. Yoh is iconic, Hana is generic cookie-cutter), the Horohoro-expy has a really shitty one too(also hate that his personality is basically Black Star from Soul Eater...Takei literally copied a character who ripped-off Horohoro in the first place), Alumni has the most creative and memorable one but a little too over-the-top and could use more finesse. The art in general is just meh and he could have done a lot better(and he has with Nekogahara).

Negima's ending left such a void in my heart, due to fixing everything off screen in a timeskip. The sequel being utter dogshit just threw salt onto the wound.

People will constantly talk about the legal issues behind it, but there's holes in that story and Akamatsu was the only person who did something like this at the time.

At least we later got a real ending.

Don't feel too bad. UQ is alternate timeline bullshit, just so he can continue writing in a similar universe.

there are a few

Aka hated it too
Not really his fault

How was this not posted yet?

I know Flowers wasn't great, but I had hope it would go somewhere eventually. Tamao's change did bug the fuck out of me, but she was a fave of mine because of her pink hair (I was like 12 when shaman king fist came out)
Honestly for a long time I kept saying I couldn't die till Shaman King had an ending. When it got a real one I realized I needed a new reason manga wise to keep living/ reason to come back as a ghost to haunt a computer till it's done

are you mebbe thinking of molester man, where the user it was based on got cheated on months after?

>yfw the BD changed the JUST look on Kaisar's face just to reassure people that he's not a braindead zombie
>now he looks like he's a-ok with being a zombie

i'll just leave this here

Holy shit, my sides.

OP didn't ask for perfect endings

Why did you have to remind me?

Still hate this. Anime ended when it should have.

I'm pretty sure we all agreed pic related was the indisputable worst ending in all of anime.

There's a reason why /m/ basically pretended AO didn't exist just like with that movie

I'm glad Aka finally made it.

TK not getting with Kairi.

>nobody posted this yet

Dogshit-tier endings are the ones where the author LITERALLY decides to make the most random ending ever.

Not happy, not sad, not tragic, just full randumb.

Tamers having to say goodbye to their digimon was bad too, specially with them later saying they never got them back

It sucked that the author just gave up on the story

>I had hope it would go somewhere eventually
It was. Death Zero arc really gave me some old-school Mankin vibes.

I wouldn't mind Flowers if he retooled it heavily to get rid of those jarring issues. It had some good ideas. I was even down with the whole Yahabe card shtick and thought it was interesting.

Tamao's change really pisses me off for a multitude of reasons. Takei is just obsessed with having an Anna clone so he turned her into a crappy Anna clone. And I say a crappy clone because Edgy Tamao is bland as hell. She's Anna without any of the charm, class and wit. I mean Anna was fucking funny as hell.
Then there's the fact that her transformation is not believable at all and her huge power boost is bullshit and it also annoys me that somebody like Ryu who was a fan-favorite is left behind. Faust got killed in the original manga too and now they use his ghost as a Doctor. Whether you like Tamao or not you have to agree that both Ryu and Faust are far more interesting characters not to mention the Hanagumi or any of the 5 elements.

And even if he had to have Tamao act as Hana's mom why did he have to be so fucking unoriginal and turn her into a bad version of Anna? The explanation that she "snapped" when Miki died is lazy and doesn't explain her huge power boost or her extreme shift in personality. You could have had Tamao struggling to raise Hana and them getting into arguments and that would have been more interesting. Like maybe Tamao being overprotective of him and treating him like a baby which would piss off Hana.
Like for example can you imagine if they got into a nasty argument and Hana telling Tamao "You're not my mother" and then getting out of the house?
Something like that would have made a tremendous emotional moment.

Also forgot to mention earlier Men has a shitty character design too. I mean he has fucking poop hair wtf. Team Hao doesn't look nearly as cool as the old gang if you know what I mean.

What happened to Negi’s mom?


Wait, what the fuck is this?

Literally never answered and completely forgotten about. She didn't even get addressed in an footnote.

This makes me cry.

But those two are the main bitches.


But that's fake. There is no manga.


Read the manga

Bokurano (the anime). So fucking glad I just read the manga immediately after.

japan arc was fucking dogshit

blind bachelor.jpg
Fractale's body meld bullshit or Nagi no Asu's completely pointless timeskip just for Miuna suffering end are a close second

Spoil the ending for me

oh and Mirai Nikki's interdimensional hammer bullshit too

Thus one doesn't completely count because I found the main couple satisfying, but the complete non resolution of the side love triangle in AnoNatsu really soured that one too

What is it with LN authors and the "I'll date you then break up with you in order to fix your love life" shit?

I know the series suffered from massive tone whiplash in general but fuck this movie. Fuck it hard.

Umi No Misaki
Jitsu Wa Watashi Wa


Takeru X Hikari shippers BTFO kek I hated Takeru he's a faggot.

FML I hated that fucking ending. The one that should have won because of screentime and character development is Haqua!!!

Has there ever been a worst case of blue-balling in manga?

The series went nowhere for years and people stuck with it purely for the ending