Mitsuboshi Colors

Protectors of Sup Forums, assemble!

next episode when?

>mfw people no longer like my club

Wake me up when the new episode comes out later.

>not terrorists

they shoah'd gogoanime which is where i was watching it. CR doesn't have it so idk what do. So much for premium

>streaming anime
Explode yourself.

Never mind. You can kill yourself.

Thread deserves to die.

They killed millions...

but they're sweet little girls who love their town annon.

to save billions?

i'm at my dads and he doesn't let me put anything on his comp.
please be nice

Love can be a dangerous thing.

this is bordering on lewd, please be careful.

>nice desu ne


Post the one with the subtitles

That's a big bum

Yuru Camp did it better




How old are these girls? They can't possibly be more than 10 or they would be discussing about dating guys already.

Around 8 or so I heard.

>implying they aren't already discussing about dating guys
>implying they wouldn't date guys as a means of weeding out those who are corrupted
>implying they wouldn't start a new trend called the color trend
>implying the color trend wouldn't instil fear into the hearts of the corrupted
>implying the color trend isn't a masquerade for the loliphate they wish to create

These loli terrorist need to be stopped

This, there's still 12 hours to go and you don't want people to spend all night masturbating, causing them to miss the next episode. We need your dicks to be ready for it.

These girls are literally underage you sick fuck

Isn't it great?

>These girls are literally underage
Yes, and?

Sat-chan's literally underage loli butt!

I want Sat-chan to sit on my face.