I hate Yuru Camp

I hate Yuru Camp.
I don't know how people can like it so much.
What i hate the most about these kind of shows is that it feels like they stand up only because of moe and slap it in your face. Like it doesn't have anything else to show.
It's 100% moe and the rest is just tiring.
I really tried to go on and see how it would be, but i can't seem to find anything good about it aside from the moe part.

Unpopular opinion
I like Yuru Camp
But I like much more Mitsuboshi Colors/Loli Shogi/Slow Start/Sora Yori
Yuru Camp is bottom of the barrel this season of cute girls.

Man, you two have some terminal shit taste

I want to be slapped in the face with moe. Beat the shit out of me with moe blobs. Destroy me with relaxation.

>It's comfy

It must sucks to be hyperactive normie 24/7

Here, have a great reason to like Yuru Camp.

You don't understand what a healing show is.

Because I am poor as fuck to go anywhere or to do anything and I enjoy living vicariously through them. I also enjoy camping or use to.

it has atmosphere. if you can't feel it thene there's prob just something wrong with you

It must sucks to only being able to namecall the people you disagree with.

maybe you can go camping for real instead

Nah you are just a cringey meme spouting normie

that was hardly only name calling
if you cant find the argument in that post you might be just a bit retarded

Nice blog where can I subscribe?


>What i hate the most about these kind of shows is that it feels like they stand up only because of moe and slap it in your face.
Then explain to me why nobody gives a shit about slow start.

what else are you supposed to talk about on Sup Forums other than your opinions on anime?
do you want every thread to read like a wikipedia page?

This anime has mecha. The main character is 16 years old.

man i cant wait for the new and improved Sup Forums

>if you cant find the argument
How exactly is "you can't enjoy the show because you are hyperactive" an argument again?
He just threw a baseless assumption despitet he fact that none of the posters he quoted were complaining about slow-pacing or lack of plot

What do you mean by "slow start"?

Get out

hey i never said the argument was a good one

You don't even know what shows are airing this season?

I'm only watching darling, mitsuboshi, violet and yuru camp (though i stopped watching it).

Get out normie

whenever i see a post like this i always wonder if they're from hardcore Sup Forums ppl complaining about reddit words, or normal ppl complaining about being discriminated against

how do you even tell the difference

>It's 100% moe and the rest is just tiring.
Stop exaggerating, dumbass. The Rin sections aren't even remotely moe.

But that's a good thing. It makes the threads a lot better.

If we're talking about the sections where Rin is alone then, maybe, it's 10% less moe. K.
It's still what it stands on.

>reddit words
You should follow his advice too.

no, it stands on atmosphere
bitch all u want im not leaving

For a laugh, OP, try to define moe.

Hell no, i wouldn't be able to tell what it is in words.

girls being cute for no reason

>it's another "it's boring where is the action?" argument.

Cute and autistic*

not really. i don't see any action in violet evergarden, though i'm liking it a lot.
i just don't like when shows stand up on moe only.

I bet he doesn't even know.

watch more anime before you post shit like this.



oh damn, so you're saying that watching more of them will definetly change my opinion?

yes, watch more.

I enjoy this show just because it romanticizes tent camping and I've been living in a tent lately...
But it's for moe autists. The last episode where pink-hair falls on her face after MC mentions a ghost legend... this must be what people are talking about when they argue that otaku autists are ruining anime.
The character interactions suggest the show is for little kids to teach them socialization or something, but the fan service (e.g. hot springs titties) proves otherwise and makes me feel stupid for watching something that feels like it's literally designed for retards.

That won't change my opinion anyway, ffs.
if anything else, i'd have even more reasons to dislike it.

it sounds ridiculous i know but it will actually change your opinion

you are being close minded because you don't watch much anime.only watch little anime.

>I hate Yuru Camp.
>proceeds to post the one of the cutest pictures of Nadeshiko in existence.
I don't get it.

Literally no one cares if you like or dislike anything. Just drop it and watch shit you enjoy if you can't even understand why it's good.

I know, right? No cool fights with your gang against the ultimate big three. One Piece and Naruto are so much better. I bet Rin doesn't even have a superpower. And Nadeshiko is way too naive. Every enemy could easily trick her in a fight. They are simply not made for fighting. And these girls are supposed to save the world from evil powers? Don't make me laugh!

it will
the reason you don't like it now isn't because "it's 100% moe" it's because you straight up just do not understand what's good about it. after watching more anime you will and your opinion will change

>pink-hair falls on her face after MC mentions a ghost legend
Yeah man, that's so autistic, a cartoon character having an exaggerated reaction for comedic purposes? What the fuck is this shit? I though I was watching a very serious live action drama.
Fucking retard. Not only that but that trope is older than you. You can even find that shit in DB.

i watch comfy stuff aswell, don't get me wrong.
Nichijou, mitsuboshi colors, ichigo mashimaro, danshi koukousei no nichijou, lucky star, but at least they are funny and they entertain me a lot.
i don't find anything else beside girls being autistic and moe here.

>moe this
>moe that
Do you even fucking know what that word means?

This one is actually comfy. Not the other COMFY (boring).

you don't even understand that you don't understand 笑

i've already answered that before, it's not about fights and action.

It seems you prefer meme potential anime.

What you described is shit like Kinmoza or Gochiusa.

Gochiusa is awesome. Fuck off.

cute girls go camping
good music good visuals some light humor thrown in
good characters Rin is one of the best example of an introvert I’ve seen and they introduce a retard to her to open her up a bit
I don’t know much about camping so it feels like I’m learning
all the locations are real places in Japan
voice acting is done well they have snake the narrator and the little sounds they make during scenes are great like the texting between Rin and Ena

The show is comfy
which isn’t a bad way to describe it because comfy has connotations beyond its definition

I don’t know how you can’t see why people like it with this going on
It’s almost like you are actually retarded

Gochiusa is great, faggot.

You wouldn't know what moe was even if it curbstomped you and sat on your face.

It doesn't have enough meme for OP

Don't watch it then?

I share your opinion, though I haven't seen slow start.

excuse me janitor this post () of mine was actually on topic and helpful pls undelete it

Adults normally have jobs that they hate so they like to watch simple and cute things to take their mind off it.


>Rin's bun
>The absolute /fa/shion and style each character has
>Actually shows setting up camp nicely
But then
>The folk music
Absolutely best.

shes way to cute

I've never thought about that, you're right.

I actually read through the thread after posting that and it seems like op actually is retarded

>make underwhelming, average anime
>slap in an obscure hobby
>instant fan-base
How does this surprise you? Why do you think we have anime about ping-pong, baseball, basketball, playing in a band and every other one?

another retard joins the fray

I pick one or two moeshit shows a season and watch them on a friday night to relax, they don't even have to be good shows.

>watch moe
>complain when it's moe
That's just how moe is
Maybe you should watch something else

>Hand drawn art, looks good
>good music to go with said art
>mellow theme
>great after working for 10 hours
Honestly this show is awesome because it puts me to sleep in 20 mins where normally i spend 2 hours. And its not gay as fuck like K-on.

Congratulations, you don't like a thing. And that's perfectly fine, as long as you don't get autistic enough to try convincing the people who like that thing that they're wrong, because they aren't. And you aren't wrong either. Aren't you glad that you learned something new today?

It's fine when the people liking it don't pretend it's anything more than that.
The problem is with shit like SSR from last year where people are acting like it's deep shit.

moe o less

It's a kyoani fan everyone, just move on. His opinion isn't affected by reality, only my preconceived notions

that's a preconcieved notion itself just saying


SSR was 'deep' though. Deeper than average anime.

You're just salty that Yuru Camp simplicity is beating Kyoani 'Magnum Opus'

>Not Moe

>Hand drawn art
Woah it's actually drawn by real human hands? No way...

But the great thing about it is the focus on camping. It also has a great ost and Rin is amazing.


Watch the show retard


I want to camp with Nadeshiko. We would make and eat a tasty meal. Then, when it gets dark, we would lie, gaze at the stars and talk. We would open up to each other more and more. Later, when it gets too late, we would go inside the tent ahd have sex.

>And its not gay as fuck like K-on



>literally so boring it puts you to sleep
>wow amazing xdd
Kill yourself.


VEG did waay better job on that this season. Factually & objectively.

Who are you quoting?

Kinmoza is great, you uneducated stupid idiot