Dragon Ball Super

Praise the MVP of Universe 7. Literally sacrificed himself to give the jobbers of Goku and Vegeta more time to regain their stamina

Love 17, makes me gay.

He did nothing of worth the entire tournament, eliminated no one important, and then killed himself.

What a fucking loser. Just like his gay fans.

Why Jiren didn't get any penalty?

Gohan loses again!

I can't believe Android 17 is fucking dead.

>/ouremperor/ still in
And people still say he won't win. Can't wait until he becomes the rightful ruler of all the universes and finally gets rid of all the monkeys

Still best droid

Rest in piece best park ranger

I can't believe after all the Gohan/Cauliflower shit this year park ranger for fun17 outdid both of them

>this dude has died twice now

jesus fuck

>that NEP

Producer, stop posting.

17 outclassed both Gohan and Frieza. Never expected him to be this impressive.

17 self destruct because Jiren's beam would KO'd all 3 of them you idiots, Jiren isn't stupid he must have adjusted that beam so it won't kill anyone, just enough to ring out them. 17's explosion is to nullify Jiren's beam and he shielded Goku and Vegeta so they won't get injured or ring outed.

>yfw 17 returns in the last episode of ToP with the producers attached to his ballsack and defeats Jiren with one punch

Бу́дет и на на́шей у́лице пра́здник. Прощание 17!!

As much as they try to make him look cool, I still don't care about 17.

Golden Frieza is pure shit


Why doesn't he just share his limitless energy with them instead? Literally an Uninterrupted power supply, just plug your dick into him and your good to go

i dont speak vodka

>17 isn't SSB-tier

What did they mean by this?



is 17 really dead?
or is this the "Super is cancelled" shit just to spite the chad?

he's the hero DBS deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we'll kill him. Because he'll come back, because he's not a jobber. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a based android.



Can we talk about this? The Pride Troopers have just been humiliating him like it's their day job.

17 > Golden lizard

>Jiren doesn't want death
>People keep dying to stop him
Leave him alone.

Fuck why did I have to read spoilers.

Here's an F for you Mr Ranger Man. Hope they have all the boats in Other World.

Frieza has been truly pathetic these last episodes.

Even as a baby he has a punchable face, can't wait till he jobs to goku.

Floor-kun broke up with Gohan and got with Frieza

Is Super worth watching at this point?

Also if I wanted to get back into this series what would be the best way for me to watch the original Dragon Ball series if I'm a pleb who enjoyed the dub

The universe is paying him back for being so smug all the time

So goku and Vegeta are on their last legs in terms of energy, how will they win this? How can they make this not feel like complete bullshit and an asspull? There's absolutely no way Jiren should lose this

>Jiren doesn't kill according to Toyotaro
>Literally killed 17

Explain this, Toyofags.

>Freeza has been jobbing for FOUR(4) EPISODES STRAIGHT
You can't make this shit up

So now the wish is going to be used to revive 17?

>Is Super worth watching at this point?

he blew himself up to cancel jirens attack, he didnt get a penalty for it too so

Frieza keks Jiren at the last second with destructo discs.

He killed himself cause he's a retard


One when he was still in Cell's body when Cell was killed, one where Kid Buu blew up the planet, and now by going full Chiaotzu (allegedly stated by El Grande Padre)

lol nerd get rekt.

17 killed himself. I am not even a Toyofag.

The one who killed Jiren's parents is El Hermano

Fusion is the only way - that would be a cop out though

Sup Forums would explode.

fagdroid 17 literally an hero


We know DBS's next villain now.

Good, now I want to see it happen.

There won't be a fusion.

>implying it ever was worth watching


Retards, all Goku will wish for is what he's wished for every single fucking time beforehand:

>Revive everyone that was killed in this arc

How are you retards STILL thinking there's tension in Dragon Ball?

>He did nothing of worth the entire tournament, eliminated no one important, and then killed himself.
Sounds like Gohan

Looks like a Netorare main character

I think you forgot Ultra Instinct.

>Goku wishes 17 back
>Vegeta can't keep MUH PROMISE
>Dragonball: Civil War

Frieza will win imbecile

GeGeGe no Kitaro.


Why are 18 and Krillin sitting apart from each other in the bench?

>the beta haircut

Still hanging on the theory that 48 minutes is exactly how long the gp can rewind time.

IIRC there's no promise in the manga.

Who cares? He will win.

because 18 belongs to Chadhan.

If Super weren't ending that could be a possibility, but there is no way they will leave Frieza with unresolved plot threads. And he's been way too pathetic in the TOP to be taken seriously as a threat anymore.

El Hermano

Ultra insinct is an asspull. I said how can they make this feel not like one.

So why did he detonate himself again?

it's a hat you stupid fuck

>Begita dies next

Was he NTR'ed as a kid?

Would you want to get in the way of beerus watching the tournament?

Writers didn't know what to do with him

If he could do that why would they not allow killing?

Why are you so retarded?

That's a hat you dumbass.

just watch the episodes U6 is involved

>Freeza will win

Do you honestly believe this? Freeza has been jobbing since he started fighting in the ToP.

If anything he'll be another one of Jiren's confirmed kills.

Did that Clown guy feel bad for Jiren?

fucking niggers

Quick, find a spic name for him!

17 wife must be really grateful to have a guy with unlimited stamina. I wonder how long the sex lasts

He couldn't have pushed back the giant death ball if he didn't

El Diablo Oscuro
or something

Fucking japanese monkeyshits and their cuck haircuts


>Toei spends 1 minute on Jiren's backstory, nothing more
>17 does better against Jiren than Gokuck and Vegeta combined, literally the first person to injure him
>Jiren barely does better at 100% with aura than he was before
>another round of "jobber lizard gets BTFO but not knocked out and goes back into hiding"
>next episode is Vegeta vs Kid Buu 2.0 but fills out an entire fucking episode
>Lizard is literally going to outlast everyone because Jiren forgot to knock him out

>Toei's backstory for Jiren is a fucking parody of Naruto

He'll sell more toys that way.

how is vegita fighting jiren in base form? this is dragonball gt all over again

How did 18 react to 17 pulling a Chiaotzu?

El ICE Agent

How many more times are these fucks going to 'regain their stamina' mere minutes after complete exhaustion?

Does this mean Vegeta's going to die of exhaustion too?