Dragon Ball Super

press f to pay respects to best droid


If this was DB or DBZ his death would have had weight behind it.

death in the DB universe means shit.

specially now that Goku is buddy with several gods.

>death in the DB universe means shit.

>literal who robot dying compared to important cyborg

>Given a generic "his village was destroyed and his master was killed" sad backstory
>He went from "I seek what lies beyond strength" to "I seek strength"
>His only personality now is "Strength is the only true justice!"

Well, actually giving Jiren a backstory didn't seem to improve his character. I suppose his wish is to bring his master and family back to life

Toyotaro will fix it in the manga.

Wouldn't that go against his ideology now? I mean since they were weak enough to die, I doubt he would care enough to bring them back.

If I had a penny...

That's what happens when you rush shit and don't establish character from the beginning

Keep telling yourself that.

>Jiren didn't call Toppo "pathetic" for abandoning Justice and losing, he called him pathetic just for being weak

so he IS an asshole after all

>literally offs himself
what a loser.

well to be fair he does have more time to come up with something else, TOEI is just rushing the anime and not giving a fuck

Pretty sure Cell tried the same thing when he was getting his shit rocked by a 10 year old

doesn't count

>fixing anything
Considering how he ruined Hitto, Hakai, F. trunks, the GoDs and Bra, I don’t think so

ToyoGOD will always fix it as always.

What's up, you meme loving fuck?

At least we can stop with the theories, right?

Cellfags btfo

>killing himself to take the whole dragon ball cast
I am okay with this

>Some people wanted Cell instead of Freeza
>Cell is actually crazy to nuke himself when even Freeza feared for his life
honestly, they dodged a bullet there

>kills himself doesn't take Jiren with him


But in the end it all amounted to nothing


kept Goku dead for 7 years, thats more than any other villain has achieved.



You do realize hes not a cellfag right? just a shitposter.

it's still fun

Based dr Gero made these jobdroids capable of recycling themselves, not a single bit of pollution left once their date expires!

But yet Goku is alive and Cell isn't.Really makes you think

he was a villain and villains should remain dead. His story had an ending, plus Super wouldn't be able to draw him properly and he doesn't have a place in the story, same with frieza.

Imperfect Cell was literally perfect


What an absolute shitshow. His sacrifice is actually so out of character compared to what he said during the recruitment episodes.

Someone explain why Jiren isn't being penalized for this?

it wasn't jiren's attack what killed 17
17 self-destructed to block jiren's attack, so it was suicide

Weren't those bombs deactivated at the end of the Cell Saga? Or did they retcon that.

he self destruct the same way vegeta self destruct against buu.

Goku could have been wished back to life at any time. It' just that refused because he wanted to expend his time training in the other world, no getting tired or any other physical limitations so he could train even harder during those 7 years. Also no Chichi nagging him to get a job and do farm work or some shit, and no taking care of the newborn son.

>Frieza is still in
Jiren doesn't know how to follow through and actually knock people fucking out.

nah he reinstalled them after he realized one day he might need them against SSB level poachers

he doesn't need the bomb to selfdestruct, he just did the same thing vegeta did against buu

I got that reference.

What a loser.

Glad that loser died



It'll be cute seeing 18 decide to not wish for 498769487294782 zenni and instead wish for 17 to come back to life.

>Dragon balls can't resurrect him

Now that's some bullshit

guys hes not dead. its the same thing that happened to goku in 109. wait till ui goku loses and ui 17 will come out with fresh bantz

yeah that would be the icing on the cake
>absolutely no sacrifice when chadku inevitably wins

Who else thinks the GOKU NEGRO that killed Jiren's parents was actually Belmod?

>That backstory
Literally so generic it would be considered low tier fanfiction.

I doubt it dude, they made it so he thinks Strength is absolute and those who died are too weak. He probably wants to wish for something like unlimited strength.

EHH it did wonders imo, sure him personally was meh at best, but the implication that the Villain is still alive(Zamasu/Grand Priest possibly) and a cliffhanger ending is gonna happen makes it intriguing as fuck to me

>low tier fanfiction
That literally is Shitper, since BoG and up until now.

so that evil doer was belmod right?

..i should have been to fill your dark soul with PERFEEEEEEEEECTIOOOOOOON!!

But you were complaining that he didn't have one earlier.

>goku wins
>wishes for all the universes to be merged together
>later in a movie he teams up with jiren to beat that evil dude
so predictable

>yfw jiren kills goku
>yfw freeza is still unconscious in the ring
>yfw u7 wins by default

Nah, not the way he told the story. Either the movie villain, or El Grande Priesto in my opinion

>Wank 17 out of control this episode
>Continue to flanderize Freeza until he hits Raditz tier joke level


reminder that Frieza has been a punching bag for 4 episodes in a row.

This last bit with Jiren I felt like I was watching krillin vs jiren.


Seriously I don't get how you can make a character so generic unless it was on purpose.

>"Is it candy?"


They better revive him, he isn't in EoZ so it could go either way.


Why didn't Jiren just nuke the entire arena from where he was standing?

What if his wish is to make everyone have the same strength.

So glad that Toyo is going to trash the android wanking

he's gonna win the tournament anyways
he's gonna get revived and will rule over the gods as the new zeno

Do Goku and Vegeta have infinite stamina like 17?

Zen-Oh's reaction to 17 killing himself being "are Goku and Vegeta ok?" pretty much symbolizes the tone of this show as a whole
gud ep though, much better than last one's

I honestly thought they were going to go full Superman origion story with him and have Bel end up being evil since clown and DC universe.

I want him revived. He just does something time and time again. Ever since he first existed in DBZ

El grande padre was the villain that killed his parents, and Jiren needs the super dragon balls to destroy him

Can they even wish 17 back?

whats based about this? he was pathetic till the end, he even offed himself what a loser.



Tell me Jiren, what is the meaning of strength, if you can't even hit your opponent?


They're just outright copying Salagir at this point. It's pathetic.
The new villian in dragon ball ultra will be XXI.
And because salagir hasn't released any info about him they hakai the show

He was pretty boring his first time around, I guess his time as a ranger gave him a ton of personality.

Yes with the namekian dragon balls.

They can't revive him. He's not human.

can't wait to play DBS 17 in DBFZ when the dlc comes out

Jiren's parents were killed, but he still has some family left.

Jiren telling it like it is. But surely, he realizes he jobbed and never got a win back, and wants to erase the fact.

He's a cyborg. Like 18. Who was revived by the Dragon Balls.

he is human, how do you think he fathered kids and 18 gave birth

He's still part human so yes. It's how they wished 18 back

Who could've ever guess when watching the new Dragon Ball series that fucking no.17 of all characters would end up the most based in it
his popularity definitely shot up now thanks to this one arc alone