Instrumentality is the correct choice. Why are so many people dead set against it...

Instrumentality is the correct choice. Why are so many people dead set against it? Who wouldn't want to be part of a hive mind?

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everyone would find out im a pedo

You can't fuck a hivemind.

it's a death
yes death is sweet
but why hurry it if it's inevitable as it is?

Why wait if it's inevitable?

man that song reminds me so much of when moot left nostalgia af

Cuz socialists don't have any imagination to have fun but I do.

>wanting to be juice
You can't even do anything as liquid, why would anyone except vorefags want to be that?

There is nothing rewarding to do as a human either. I would be glad to bask in the combined memories and consciousnesses of all humanity forever.

>wanting to be subsumed by normalfags and more importantly negreos

Your physical bodies are reduced to liquid but your souls are elsewhere in a dreamscape that can qualify as heaven or hell depending on the person.

You know how Shinji dreamed he had a perfect boring romcom life? That's how everyone who turned into juice live. They're living the literal dream; a perfect world for them.

>people on Sup Forums don't want to be part of a hive mind
>come on Sup Forums anyway
>regurgitate the same shitty memes
>parrot opinions as shared by everyone else


A hive mind in the proper sense, dingus. Not just making the most popular opinions your own.

There is a critical difference of being a part of a hivemind with Sup Forums versus being in a hivemind with all of Humanity with all it's subspecies

>angrily replies just as the hive mind would force him to do

truly, an "individual" worthy of praise

spoken like a true part of the hive mind

But the world can't be perfect for everyone, even ignoring external factors such as scarcity there would still be conflicting individual desires.

Are you OK?

So can the Tang do anything besides passively chill in hivemind?
Because I'd sort of want to be able to defend against alien invasion. Especially ones that think Tang is tasty.

Are you (not) OK?

literally same thing. as human you sometimes get bored. as hivemind, the hivemind collectively experiences the feeling of boredom.

GNR has humanity's collective back
With billions of souls and nearly infinite memories? There's no pleasing you.

>I'm a faggot for not wanting to be bonded with niggers
So sayeth the real faggot here

take your meds Terry

True, in the former you're just stagnating in a fetid pong of like-minded filth while in the later you would be uplifted by merging with your betters.
Really tingles the ol' cranium.


No, you're a faggot because you suck cocks. At least bonding with niggers would let you share the experience of being the top.

Who's this faggot with this instrumentality obsession?

What's his story?

>I would be glad to bask in the combined memories and consciousnesses of all humanity forever.
Most people are retarded. It would be infuriating to whatever extent their retardation didn't bleed into my consciousness.

>not wanting to learn from other peoples' mistakes
>not realizing that humanity as a collective would be vastly more intelligent than any individual

>trying thie hard to be edgy

He/she/xhe/whatever is a transsexual who wants to become Rei.

>There is nothing rewarding to do as a human either
t. Shinji until he changed his mind in EoE

I'm not whoever you're talking about

Maybe i'm remembering wrong but isn't it not really a hivemind but more like everyone melts into a single mind? There would be no individuality so there would be no "hive".


Of fucking course it had to be a fucking fruit cake.

Kill yourself, preferably with mustard gas.

All the souls get together in the Chamber of Guf, it's kind of up to interpretation.
That's rude, and you don't know who I am.

Seriously, do the world a favor and kill yourself retard.

Insults from an angry stranger don't mean much. You should get to know me first.

There'll always be those smarter than me, and there will always be those dumber than me. These difference are what make me who I am.

Do Reifags want instrumentality while Asukafags reject it?

Top criminal?

>only Sup Forums hates apes
Lmao go back to africa

eventually these emotions of the quasi-infinite souls will have to culminate into something, for good or bad. humans, who were combined into this, often feel boredom. or WORSE. so that means it'll be the same thing in the end

Why would I want to give up my individualism? I like who I am.

They would have forgiven you for it though, seeing deep into your soul and all.

trade it for something more