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What happened in the yakuza arc? why the mainstream in Sup Forums think it was really bad? what would you consider "asspull" in this arc?

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terrible pacing

>why the mainstream in Sup Forums think it was really bad?
Because you're a shitposting ESL


Todos got to get a proper character arc soon that wants the shit out of him just so he can actually take the spotlight from deku and Baku if he wants to stay popular with general fans outside of fangirls.

The story was fine it just dragged on waaaaay too fucking long.

How do we fix hand crusher?

>bad pacing (frequent unnecessary flashbacks)
>introduction of characters we don't give a shit about and(or) are ultimately unimportant
>Tsuyu and Ochako are there for basically no reason
>Villain has a shit motive and 0 charisma despite having all these loyal suicidal followers
>Contradiction of previously established goal (UA promising to protect the kids better, but then sends them on a fucking Yakuza raid)
>Loss of faith in admin, the pro heroes job terribly and don't even fucking secure the perpetrator/critical contraband
>lack of any interesting battle strategies, mostly just PUNCH HARDER or GET HARDER
>authority of future sight quirk thrown away with OH MY FRIENDSHIP

It overstayed its welcome desu. HeroAca's whole appeal was how quickly it could burn through arcs so fatigue never really had a chance to sit in, but Hori scuttled all of that in the Yakuza arc

By having him embrace his destiny.

I want Shoto to be the one that beats shiggy now or at least some other hand theme viallian. Hori please

I find his interactions with other characters quite charming.

more flames

OH goal was simplistic and uninspiring

Just wait for him to end up taking Compress other hand.

Everything after Deku going 20% was shit. Exception being the VA fucking over Overhaul and Nighteye dying.

I just want more moments where shoto acts like a kid with with the rest. That hospital scene with the autism trio was one of the best and showed he wasn’t just daddy issues the character.

It was nice to have an arc with no Bakugo or Todoroki, but it dragged on for way too long.

>we get a beach chapter/episode
>it’s not about the girls, it’s about the guys
>full of female fan service
What would your reaction be?

I thought so too, 20% felt really useless and got overshadowed too quick.
The fight should have either ended with 20% or it should have been saved for later.

if it includes shouji im all in


I think it would be interesting to see female fanservice in a shonen, but it's a bit off-brand, isn't it?

I would enjoy it as long as it’s not ooc light novel shit or blatant fujo pandering. But how would it organically fit into the story?

we got a glimpse of the boys during the bath scene and in the changing room too

Froppy and kacxhan sitting in a tree


>But how would it organically fit into the story?
It wouldn't since we are past that season in story.
They are like in october right now or something right?

Having recently reread the arc, I can honestly say it's not as bad as everybody claimed at the time. It's still not good per se, but not garbage tier as Sup Forums claims it is.

A big part of why it works better on a reread is that it flows a lot better when you song have to wait for chapters to release every week. Kirishima's flashback is nowhere near as awkward, and Suneater's fight works really well when you can read through it in one go and get on to more of the excitement. The raid Is supposed to be a sprint: rushing to save Eri before Overhaul can escape, and reading it that way really helps it feel more natural.

It also didn't help that Hori was sick intermittently throughout the arc. This stalled the pacing even more, which only exaggerated the already present problems of weekly releases.

There's still problems with Eri's rewind quirk and nighteye's prediction, but a large part of that was shitty niggerstream fan translations butchering the dialogue. Overall I'd say it's not the best arc, but also not the worst.

I am sure the anime will alleviate a bunch of the problems, you just mentioned.

tsu is far too disgusted by kacchan's non-insect diet to ever fuck him

Overhaul calls Deku out on being fast, but fighting to straightforward. It's implied that speed and strength isn't enough to defeat him, but then their fight ends with Deku at max speed and strength and beating Overhaul's ass. Even though Deku was still fighting straightforward like he was 3 mins earlier.

Isn’t shounen female fanservice in general? Whether it’s intended to be or not?

The series became popular + overreacting autism, that's all there is to it.

Yeah, fights that take a couple chapters to play out can be done in a single episode. that alone will be huge in fixing the arc's paXing problems


la creatura...

Yeah, he basically won not by skill, but by overpowering him.

i legitimately cant tell if thats supposed to be bakugou or kaminari

You're a retard. At 100% of OFA he was so fast that fighting straightforward didn't matter at that point. Deku overwhelmed Chisaki with pure brute force because it was the only way he could win.

NightEye speech on how they change the future was awful and the Kirishima flashback was weirdly place. I. don't blame the pacing of the arc because of Horikoshi health but everything else I actually like this Arc

Honestly, i fee! If they spoke more they would at leastappreciate eachother a bit.

I don't understand
is she upset he's going to get seeds fucking everywhere?


This was clearly a set up to Deku learning how to fight properly. He beat Chisaki because of a fluke that allowed him to go max power. That won't happen ever again, so he has to be prepared for next time.

How would the class A boys react to someone they like asking them out? I can’t imagine half their reactions. Like Shoto would he just start bitching about his dad again?

On another note, are you ready for people to shitpost about TEEEEEEN % smash again?


Who do they actually like though? Kaminari and Mineta like all the girls except Jirou but I don't think anybody else cares about crushes right now.

when's deku gonna git gud

he wants to be the best but you can't be the best if you're not even gud

Bakugou wouldplay it off like he knew the whole time. He would accept in his usual smug way, and spaghetgi internally. But would try and show the girl a good time.

Deku would spaghetti royally

It’s a hypothetical user have some fun

Is the Gakuran the chaddest of uniforms?

Pacing is the bit problem. It's hard to describe what makes pacing good, but the main thing is that you need to have a change in the direction of the plot fairly often or it gets boring. From the start of the Raid arc we knew what they were going to do and how they were going to do it, so everything after that was going through the motions. Even the "twists" (Twice/Toga showing up, Mirio getting depowered) just acted as a roadblock, not a shift in direction.

In addition, the way the fights were handled was just awful. The plot came to a dead stop so people could punch each other, the fight resolved then we cut to a totally different set of people.

Compare to Enies Lobby in One Piece. Every 10 chapters or so they accomplish their current goal and get a new one all while moving towards a main goal, and the fights run into and influence each other.

That's what makes me pissed because Hori could have easily made Deku team up with some heroes to fight Overhaul instead of giving him a second power up. I mean it's not like a couple of heroes burst through the ceiling Deku and Overhaul are fighting each under at the end of a chapter or anything.

animeonly fags don't have that privilege

I know they look slick in anime but when you see boys wearing them in real life, they look awful. None of them fit right.

Would he plus in her ultra user? Or is he a good boy who waits for marriage?

Where can I subscribe to Gentle's youtube channel

Who #Gentlelover here?

Well, ok Iida's engine will turn on and go full DRRRRRRRRRR BRAAAAAAAAP while spazzing out all over the place.
Deku will have the same red mushy reaction as Ochaco when Aoyama exposed her feelings.
Shouto is too much of a potato to understand what's happening so he will play it cool and ignore.
Shouji will blush like a motherfucker but he will be calm and collected.
Tokoyami will deny and try to act cool and edgy but he is internally full of spaghetti.
Aoyama might actually be serious and drop the frenchshit act.
The rest I don't give a shit.

Bakugou does not into sex, he wuld appreciate her local ks yes, but he wouldn't put a baby in her until she wants him to.

Deku on the other hand would bussanut at the earliest oppreotunity, because even though hes a sweet kid, hes still the average teenage boy

crack theory postan time lads

Video killed the Radio Star.

>That's what makes me pissed because Hori could have easily made Deku team up with some heroes to fight Overhaul instead of giving him a second power up.
> giving him a second power up.
Power up that lasted for what, one chapter?


Why does it matter how long it is, his point still stands, Deku didn't need a second powerup immediately after the first one you fucking mook

This became wholly irrelevant after the last few chapters.

Considering almost everybody in class A is attractive and /fit/ excluding mineta, sad rock and aoyama. It's a win for both parties

Are Pony and him the only Americans in the series?

this bottling feelings fiasco killed ochako character

Not him, but what do you mean?

>ywn have a gay orgy with Deku, kacchan, denki, Kirishima and todoroki
Why fucking live

Hori caught us with an obvious traitor gag, and with the recent arc showing no particular direction, I personally dropped the theory for a traitor. I'm just gonna let it happen and be either disappointed or excited

Why do so many people have a problem with it?
It seems prette reasonable to shelf it for now since there is tons of shit going on that they have to deal with.

why no just fucking resolve it

So you think there isn't any traitor after that gag or do you just not care anymore about who the traitor is.

>Has the power to see the future and therefore change fate because he knows what will happen
>lol jk no I can't because I didn't believe hard enough that fate could be changed.
Hands down the shittest character character in the series by far. Only Spinner and Sugar are any where near as bad as him.

>Implying Aoyama isn't beautiful
What a peasant

>Love being an actual plot premise in a battle shonen

The only boy that indicated a specific crush is Deku for Uraraka before he stopped being a sperg. Because Deku and Mineta are the only real spergs we probably won’t find out any other ones unless they act on it.

I just don't care.

Shounen writing 101 says the love interest and the MC can't acknowledge each other's feelings until the end of the series.

hori rejected some tropes like the rival becoming evil and shit like that

Because it barely will get any focus eitherway.
If Ochako confesses, either they will go out, but nothing really will change, they both decide that it isn't really the time for it.

dating would at least be agay to release stress instead of breaking down in the cafeteria

I am saying it is not, so might as well shelf it for the end.

It would probably get a guaranteed few panels every slice of life arc Hori makes

>Not attractive
Shit taste senpai. He is good looking once he drops the forced smile.

If there is going to be a funny competition where the boys would try to ask girls out in the beach while failing and spaghetting the whole way.
I'm ok with it.

That's not a rejection of a trope, that's a rejection of Bakugou being Sasuke. Before Bakugou was kidnapped, the kids even joked about having to protect him from the villains, alluding to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc. The rival isn't always a good guy who goes bad, sometimes they're a bad guy who goes good (Dragon Ball), or they're bad from start to finish (One Piece), or they're good from start to finish (Bleach, Hunter x Hunter).

Hori doesn't seem that interested in subverting tropes, he seems more interested in specifically fixing elements of Naruto that he didn't like or things that may draw comparisons to Naruto. For example, in the tournament, Deku laments the fact that he may have only broke out of Shinsou's mind control because some other being inside him helped him, and All Might responds with a deadpan, "No," that's not how it works, and if it did it'd draw an obvious comparison to Naruto and the Kyuubi.

Everyday until canon.

Well he does have the worst hair color.

This. Nighteye is Hori's biggest failure so far.

How can mutant boys even compete?

Truthfully, we still don't actually know if his visions can be changed, because Eri's Rewind quirk could've messed with him. Regardless, he has one of my favorite moments in the series now, although I think it was kinda' ruined. When he used his quirk on Mirio and told him he'd become a great hero, that's an incredibly emotional moment, but he honestly should've died right then and there. Instead he continued talking for like two pages. Him dying watching Mirio become a hero would've been great.

Heterochromia is a mutation.

SHIT I just realized he bleached his eyebrows. What an asshole

Camie should quit trying to be a hero and use her illusions to allow people to experience their fap fantasies live.