Hunter x Hunter

Reunion of the old crew never

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How many chapters till chrollo dies.


Leorio is going to be the only surviver of this arc

Maybe in the final chapter (Biscuit and Ging too).

when's the last time they even did an activity together? Its not like YYH where they all grow together (unfortunately)

Is Killua's hatsu potentially the strongest in all of HxH? It's not even complete and it's already absurdly strong. Once he's finished refining it he might be nearly untouchable. He doesn't even need a restriction for it to be incredibly powerful (needing to charge up some electricity barely counts). I can't even imagine where it could go with restrictions.

>(needing to charge up some electricity barely counts).
That's a fairly big deal as without any charge he can't do anything. It's potent but then you also realize that someone like Tsubone could keep up with him with her base abilities so how well it will stack up against the top percentile of Nen users that aren't chumps falls back onto matchups and experience.

Also since his lightning attacks are transmuted lightning, you can potentially guard against it with Ren meaning anyone who he doesn't surprise can potentially counter-attack. It's perfect for assassinations though, burst down the opponent before they can react.

One correction, Tsubone needed her conjured form to keep up with god speed Killua, I misremembered that.

Who's the guy with the glasses?


Will the DC make him stronger?

>Tell a room full of people you spent the last year or so masturbating
>Almost win the election
I know there's more to that but that's still amazing to me that he almost won.

dunno but he looks VERY old

He punched a top hunter, and one a lot of people hate. That alone gives him some sort of niche. Hell, he's gonna survive the DC and come back a messiah. It's never guys like Gon who succeed, it's always the underdog-types that pull out. Leorio's gonna shine brightly.

His lightning based attacks are probably the least impressive part of his ability set to me. Being able to give himself movement and reflexes beyond human ability is what really impressed me, given that he was already naturally in the top tier of those. Combined with his immense assassination training and talent he seems like he could be very difficult to deal with.

He mostly won over by being a very caring person. That's like the only thing carrying him through life anyway, and look how far it got him, he's a true idol.

>He was allowed to punch a top hunter

So do we get a chapter week or what?

that's how Shounen Jump works, yes

The people don't know that, so it's his victory.

It's absurdly fast. Killua is untouchable when using Godspeed, but it seems to lack raw power like Gon's Jajanken. His Thunderbolt attack has only ever stunned opponents. An opponent with a strong enough ken can resist Killua's attacks until Godspeed is depleted.

Killua just needs to stop fucking around with dumb shit like yoyos. Something like a metal spear would probably be much stronger and help him finish off opponents.

They reunite at the end though f the Succession War arc on the Fake Continent, but it’s bittersweet. Kurapika is near dead after losing over 50 years of his life using Emperor Time on the boat, so they join Leorio on the expedition with the Zodiacs to Brion’s city to find Nitro Rice to save him, but things don’t go according to plan.

Yo-yos fit his playful personality. What you want is a typical 'cool' weapon. Lame.

Where did everyone go?

Getting late for americanfags, too early for the yurofags.

But what if you're Australian?

Spears aren't a "cool" weapon. You never hear someone say that about spears. They're incredibly effective though, unlike yoyos. Killua is maturing and will hopefully choose a weapon that suits his abilities and fighting style. Spears seem to fit that, although I wouldn't mind hearing other suggestions

I’m truly sorry for your loss what state cunt?

After so many threads of autism and arguing about how nen works, I'm ok with having these generals depopulate for a bit.

Godspeed is just Killua going at top speed constantly instead of bursts, but master enhancers like Gon and Netero will still be faster.

Hunter x Hunter is back so early? What the fuck.
How many chapters so far?

Speed is a bit wonky in HxH. The Phantom Troupe could move fast enough to cover their ears before Uvo's shout reached them, and yet Netero moving faster than sound is supposed to be impressive.

I'm pretty sure the Troupe simply knew to cover their ears since Uvogin made it obvious that he was about to scream, something I'm guessing he's done more than once for them to recognize how fucking loud it is

It's supposed to be impressive because his starting point was the speed of sound. By the time he fought Meruem time appeared to almost stand still to him.

>master enhancers like Gon and Netero will still be faster.
Are you sure? I don't know if that's completely accurate. The description of the ability seemed to imply otherwise to me at least.

Killua is pretty fast now.

You want Killua to use a spear. Killua or Togashi may not want that. You seem to be upset Killua isn't doing something you perceive him to do, as usual with anyone in these kinds of threads. You can't always get your way, make your own story if you want something to happen in your vision.

3 so far

Viz user where

In essence his power lets him be at the peak of his own speed and gives him a very short ranged pseudo spider sense. Netero would still squash him like a bug since his top speed is nowhere near that level.

3 chapters into the current batch of 10, chapter 4 releases this week. Togashi said he wanted to be back before 2018 but that didn’t pan out. HxH resumed in late January so he’s not too far behind what he hoped. The fact he actually planned on having a shorter hiatus means we might actually get a second batch of 10 chapters later in the year. Now that the arc is really getting Going it seems like Togashi’s spark and drive is kicking in again and he actually WANTS to work on his manga. What a great series 20th anniversary.

Nope. Uvo literally says the Troupe is fast enough to move before the sound waves reach their ears.

I wouldn't say I'm upset so much as disappointed. As pointed out in the comment I initially replied to, Killua's main current weakness is his inability to deal finishing blows against enemies with strong ken. His yoyos do nothing to help him with that issue, while something like a spear (potentially?) could. I stated I was interested in hearing what you would suggest Killua should do to overcome this hurdle, and still would be interested to hear your answer.

idk try using your en to find people

Just wait and see what he does? If he does return to the story, just wait and see what new tricks he has. Pap has that unmanned stone that generates electricity, maybe Killua could use if he comes across it.

Friendly reminder to BULLY the Enlet!

Netero would pretty much definitely defeat him if they fought, but I wouldn't say Netero's speed is from him being an enhancer as much as something unique to him that he mastered, and it would only be his prayer and hatsu that would definitely be faster.

But speculation is fun! And yoyos were always stupid

How many more years do you think we have left in the Succession war?

I'm thinking at least 3.

2 - 3

I just realized, Kurapika is actually retarded. He mostly squandered his nen potential. He could've easily become strong enough to defeat the Spider Troupe without any restrictions if he didn't rush into his hatsu and spent some real time developing himself. Having full access to every nen category at full potential would've allowed him to create an unbelievably strong hatsu that would be able to carry him through pretty much any situation imaginable. Instead he latched onto the chain, the very first thing he thought of, and completely halted his nen development.

Are sharp objects any stronger than blunt ones against ken? Does shu on a sharp object help it pierce ken?


For a moment, at the beginning of the chapter, I had thought she had some sort of intelligence, But I guess she really is just completely retarded.

She's definitely retarded, but she's probably going to be a pain in the ass to everyone anyway as soon as she leaves zetsu and allows her nen parasite to do its shit.

Based Nobu.

>5 hours
>only 54 replies
What has become of us Sup Forums? Is this board only for waifufaggotry now?

Most are asleep

We’ve gone through loads of HxH thread that went well beyond bump limit, plus there’s another HxH thread in the catalog right now, albeit a fujo bait one

>yoyos were always stupid

It would be cool if there was hxh game and every new game+ playthrough your playable teammate hatsu's+aura type got randomly changed (or pseudo randomly so you won't get Killua as an enchancer 5 times in a row).

Imagine beating Genthru with a specialist Gon?

>Worthless piece of shit who talks shit about Nen, has no idea about how the basics of Nen work and who completely lost the argument.
>Projects his shitposter status onto me.

Manipulation doesn't "just work". All Nen abilities work the same. Just because you're a two digit autistic turd doesn't mean that things you like are special snowflakes that follow your fanfic rules instead of Nen rules.

>replying to a post from 20 hours ago, in a different thread

What would Gon be able to do if he was a specialist? Maybe something dumb like "gains more nen with each genuine friendship he makes". We'd have to ignore specialists bad affinity with enhancing though.

shut up retard. No one once to talk to you, stop trying to start shit up again.

*no one wants

Little fucker talking shit about me behind my back after I went to bed.

And here he is
>cannot handle the fact that Gon isn't a special snowflake

No one wants to talk to delusional fanfic posters like you, I'm just correcting the record.

I was literally responding to a person talking about Gon theoretically being a specialist you waste of oxygen. Never reply to me again you waste of oxygen

>Is Killua's hatsu potentially the strongest in all of HxH?

Yes it is. Only the most powerful human Nen users who have at least 80% Enhancement (maybe one or two 60 percenters too) and the Royal Guard would be able to survive a fight against him in Godspeed, 1 on 1.

In the Phantom Troupe, nobody except maybe Phinks and Nobunaga could survive his attack. Chrollo literally doesn't stand the ghost of a chance.

>waste of oxygen
You're so pathetic you're even stealing my disses, you waste of oxygen.

>Is Killua's hatsu potentially the strongest in all of HxH?
No, he can easily be defeated by Zushi after he makes a just-working mind control ability with a restriction that it works only on Killua.

Do you really think that insult belongs to you, you oxygen wasting waste of oxygen? If you insist on being an oxygenating wastrel I'll fill the thread with antioxidants

The Zoldycks can survive his attack because they're impervious to electricity.

>Nobunaga has a 4m en field
>Hisoka can't even make one to save his life in his match with Chrollo
Who is the real enlet here?

>If you insist on being an oxygenating wastrel I'll fill the thread with antioxidants
Uh huh. Sure you will. You just fulfilled my mind control condition so now I can see everything that's going on in your tiny brain. That's why you cannot resist replying to me.

>The Zoldycks can survive his attack because they're impervious to electricity.
They can survive his attack because they're too tough for him to kill, even at superhuman speed. He doesn't actually have to use electric dmg to kill, he can just use the absolute Zoldyck classic - the Jew claw, maybe in combination with the heart ripping doggy bag technique.

It wouldn't work because manipulation still requires putting your nen into the thing you want to manipulate which a Zushi specced into manipulation wouldn't be capable of doing to Killua

Alright people, here's a very simple decision to make. The troll just woke up and is starting up with his paranoia routine of saying that everyone is the person he got told off by. You can

>A) Ignore him and let him shit Fling by himself
>B) Keep replying to him so we have another thread that lasts 10+ hours with people engaging him

Make the right decision on this one.

>It wouldn't work because manipulation still requires putting your nen
II have another condition that does that for me automatically by purely magical means - if my target is a brainlet who doesn't understand how emission is involved in manipulating people separate from my body's main aura, then it just-works automatically, no need for me to use Nen propel,

>trying to paint me as a troll
Spreading truth about the Nen system != trolling.
Reminder that less than 5% of HxH readers agree with your retarded just-working fanfiction.

>FJBA reaction image
as expected. I guess that's why you desperately want HxH to be inferior.

He's really desperate to get people to reply to him right now. Feels pretty good.

It's just you, guy who's going to talk to himself for a couple of post now.

Normal people don't get offended by me pointing out that Zushi can't mind control Meruem, or by saying basic Nen stuff like Nen separated from the main body's aura is emitted Nen.

You're the only one on Sup Forums who believes the opposite.


>unless its conjured nen of course :^)
>but there can't be any other exceptions...
>who could possibly think manipulation nen would be required to remain inside of objects

To cover their ears, not to outrun the soundwaves. I could cover my ears in time just fine as well, at that distance.

which is why killua needs to stop being a weak little fag and train using shu and ko on his new spear so he can actually hurt tough enemies.

Could Nobunaga defeat Meruem?

Easy mode:
Shalnark manipulates his Nen to stay inside Nobunaga's katana, so the moment Nobunaga's blade Meruem, he just wins because it fulfilled Shalnark's condition inside Nobunaga's katana.


>so the moment Nobunaga's blade Meruem, he just wins

Travel speed=/=reaction speed
> I could cover my ears in time just fine as well, at that distance.
I seriously doubt your hands can move faster than sound at a 20 meter distance

The anti oxidant guy can't possibly be worse than camillafag.

I don't know, it sounds night impossible. He needs to have his electric aura spread all over his beautiful shota body to get the Godspeed effect, so how can he move all of his aura to his Jew claw as well?

well I'm sure he's going to agree with you considering that you replied to him

Wait I'm confusing people. I thought anti oxidant guy was the manipulation autist.

They are all bad, cancer is cancer you just learn to ignore the ones in threads like this to not promote their spread.

And if those two want to go at it, just talk around them. But no reason to directly engage.

>I seriously doubt your hands can move faster than sound at a 20 meter distance

Human sound stimulus reaction time is 0.17 seconds.

20m (I'm pretty sure that's just the air distance between them, so diagonally it would be more) divided by 343m/s (speed of sound) = 0.05s

But before he uses it, there's a small delay where he has to move away from the mic to breathe in, then let out his scream. So the first cue is given in advance of at least 0.5 seconds, so that's plenty of time to react.

a few month of Bisky's emitted futa cock penetrating his soft supple shota body whenever his ten shrinks to less than three feet thick and he should have the nen capacity for it. or he could just ask nanika to give him more nen capacity :^)

>I thought anti oxidant guy was the manipulation autist.
Yes, he is. He is the guy who thinks Zushi can mind control Meruem with no training, just 1 restriction.

No, Nanika's wishing doesn't work like that and it doesn't matter what capacity he has, it's like asking Killua to be fully clothed and completely naked at the same time.

Camillafag was some serious cancer and I'm not even sure if he's gone. A self loathing mongrel who wouldn't stop ranting about pedophiles and women in the "hxh community".

I, for one, have absolutely nothing against him and none of his posts ever bothered me - I just never read any of them.

Guys how do I become as good a father to my son as Ging is to Gon?