Tell me, Sup Forums. Have you seen this man?

Tell me, Sup Forums. Have you seen this man?

No and same for the show. Is this cowboy bebob

What a coincidence

>CWC holds up a picture of the man in the pickle suit
>"Have you seen... this man?"


/m/'s that way Domon.


Yeah he's in a big caterpillar thing or something

YES! He had a Claw, and was travelling with a boy, no, a young man, and he was very kind!


well now. how might this charming little photo here have any effect on today's fight?

looks like it but nah it isn't, I'm curious myself what show it is. Bebop is GOAT though along with outlaw star.

G Gundam. It's a gundam show but the entire thing is a tournament arc between stereotypes of nations in the form of neo colonies

>A windmill
I was never huge into Gundam but this seems worth checking out.

It's a nice and fun watch, pretty short too I think

What level of idiocy are you in

What is the sound of one lung laughing?

It's 49 episodes. So no, it's not short.

Man are they ever gonna return to G Gundamverse? Just redesign/upgrade each nation’s Gundam, keep the spandex cockpit concept, bring in new pilots, throw in some Hetalia humor and you got a hit baby.




I just realized but sasuke is basically the antagonist version of domon.

Kishimoto is a fucking hack.

I'm making my way through Gundam and have nearly finished with the first batch of UC stuff

mfw I see this coming up

Maybe Build Divers?


G Gundam is one of the best. Master Asia didn't make it in to gundam compilation games just on his looks.

Have it written by Urobuchi since the guy seems to want to do a Gundam show as well.

It's Outlaw Star

>Puppet Gundam Wuxia
>stop motion using Gunpla
Fund it

No and on a completely unrelated note, I don't like your car

I think you are talking about the wrong person here