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Requesting Shirou and Saber re-enacting Steamed Hams with Shiro as Skinner and Saber as Chalmers.

Requesting this image of my DBZ OC colored correctly please? I posted the links down below to both images for color reference.

Requesting fusion between Erza and Dragonball Multiverse Bra

Requesting Naraku in a Golisopod mascot costume

Requesting Detective Conan hosting the Conan O'Brien show via his voice changer bow tie after having knocked out his red-haired counterpart.

can someone just make this one already.

it's too perfect not too.


Requesting Tamotsu and Mayo from Akiba's Trip: The Animation celebrating Valentine's day together.

Requesting Annie, turned into a black girl (please don't ask why) and craving for Okuma's BJC

Requesting this dated meme (Mega Milk) with Annie (End of series black top and blue booty shorts preferred)

Requesting Gagaran in bikini.

Requesting Sailor Moon in her famous "I'll punish you!" pose from the reference on her knees and getting cummed on

Requesting Joseph Joestar, Leorio Paladiknight, and Kamina sitting at a table smiling, all with steins of beer in hand.

Are you sure you really want this?

Requesting Rin and Nui feet fiving one another.

Requesting a happy, cute Nana being comfy in a scarf or a blanket.

Requesting Magane in a one piece swimsuit of your choice.

That or her talking to someone on a smartphone, maybe manipulating the stocks, or maybe teasing Souta.

Requesting the "ultimate waifu" with Rachnera's spider lower body, Akeno's upper body and wings, Witchblade Masane's arms, and Asagi's demon form head and skintone

Anchors if artist is continuing

Requesting Otome as an angry/abusive alcoholic.

Requesting your husbando in an effay 90s fit.

Requesting Abe Nana (left) in a shy pose showing her feet/soles (pose examples in the right)

Requesting Raynare in the form of a stereotypical JRPG final boss from the PS1 era

Requesting this cap of Kare Kano redrawn with Shinji and Kaworu

Requesting this bellend giving someone laxative laced chocolates for valentine's day

requesting Chie Sasaki (left) with the bunny girl outfit in the right

refs for the bunny outfit

and refs for Chie


Requesting Meiko (Prison School) with her prison shirt cropped like the crop top in picture 1 and she's posing the same way as Tyris Flare (Golden Axe) in picture 2. Her shirt shrunk in the wash, but she wears it anyway.

Please draw her with an irritated and defiant expression on her face. If you're interested, please have her say, "Nothing is wrong with my shirt, you idiot!".

Looks like a nanashi character. Got that without the bandages and boilerplate?

Requesting Sumeragi (left) posing her barefeet like on the right, with her shades on, the wine glass is optional if you so choose.

Requesting Rishia getting her braids cut off.


Just posting this as an anchor for the person who said they would draw it.

Who said was gonna draw it again?

Requesting Hotaru Shidare getting dry-humped from behind by a customer in her candy store, leaning against the counter for support as the guy cums his pants.

Requesting Lisa Lisa performing a striptease, warning the viewer to keep their breathing steady.

Requesting Misty in her Goldeen leotard performing a lapdance.


Requesting lewds/teasing poses of Android 18 with these proportions.

Shoulda had her resting her forearms over the front of them.

Requesting Deku and Nejire holding hands.

Requesting Ichigo holding a Hiro body pillow

>dat tongue

Oh i see.


Requesting Rin wearing a qipao and a cute hairbun cover over her hairbun!

Requesting Kae (Takunomi) doing the same pose as the woman in the right pic.

She is my favorite Christmas cake waifu.

Request nude catgirl Akira wants viewer to play with her with a dangly feather toy on a stick. For example on her knees with the feathers in her mouth handing the stick to viewer.

Requesting kaede cuckolding me with a stronger and more virile man while making fun of my small dick . Bonus points if you have her make a pun out of the situation.

Cardcaptor Sakura as a furry animal (maybe a cat), wearing diapers.

Requesting Brass as a stereotypical Mega Level Digimon

This thread was a mistake.


Requesting Rukia doing something cute/cool with any pokemon in the spreadsheet below
Pokemon: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Y6I0a_8jXF4isxPYXyMeRgWtqThR7fS5-v33GuFIkV8/edit?usp=sharing
Rukia refs: imgur.com/a/qItQA

gib rookiâ„¢

draw me a cute black anime shota

Requesting futa Murasaki Yatsu fucking Annerose Vajra doggystyle, in a pose where it shows a bulge caused by Murasaki's big dick.

Kinda like this gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=4037850

Requesting Nena Trinity doing naked dogeza.


huh, this is pretty nice. Not OR but thanks for drawing this

never seen a tie and bikini wore at the same time before.

Cute Chie

Requesting Hana with anything breast/cleavage focused, but other ideas could be a cheerleader costume, an outfit like i.imgur.com/QlIYi6n.jpg, taking a selfie, or wearing a cheongsam. Otherwise I'd like a Valentine's Day drawing.

Requesting Mr. Gesupeta dressed up as Solid Snake sneaking up on Dan, Ai, and Pinta


Requesting this bit of art coloured it.

colour reference here.


This is niceee

Satania in black frilly and lacy underwear

Chain as an actual werewolf please, like the monster girl variety of even wearing the Dangerous Beast mystic code outfit from Fate/Grand Order

Requesting Sylvie making chocolate for me or handing me a chocolate heart.

Requesting a draw like this photo with this girls, Barbara and Hannah from LWA.

Requesting Nagatoro dressed as T-elos

Requesting a naked Miu Matsuoka wearing heart stickers covering her nipples and a heart pillow covering her crotch. She can either give a seductive look or a smug one.

thank you very much, looks really erocute
also, is that a U149 reference?

Color later if no colorfriends are around

Draw Creature.

that pic gives me mixed signals bruh.

Draw creature.

Requesting Lalaco and Shiny Chariot on a JAV cover

Cover Ref/Style: i.imgur.com/ljmUhkY.png

Requesting a a perturbed Meiko being given Valentines chocolate

is this good?

I'll finish it tomorrow; whether that means cleaner lines or colors is yet to be decided.

Requesting her with a bob haircut.

Draw creature giving paizuri


Lewdfags must die.
This is good.

Requesting fusion of these Fujikos

Draw Scat-chan dying.

dying of cuteness please

she's for lewd only.

Thank you user! That looks awesome! Have a good night!

Requesting dramatic and cringy 90s - early 2000s flavored showdown between Haseo and Kirito.

drawfag here, whoa you're still waiting good good, cause i got busy and starting to draw now. Please wait again.


Why is she so smug?

Kinda more badass than expected

trickster god things


Requesting kaede cuckolding me with a stronger and more virile man while making fun of my small dick. Bonus points if you have her make a pun out of the situation.



Welcome back.

Doodleman is still great

Wait I don't completely get it.