Post female characters with 10/10 personalities

Post female characters with 10/10 personalities

Ye, all two of em'



What personality?

She's nice and polite but affectionate with the boy she love

he means boobs

Un-ironically this.


Ahh, the "I started watching anime 7 years ago" list.

user, You're asking for one [You].

Take it.

That girl from Dennou Coil, and that other girl from Dennou Coil. You know the ones.


>all entrylevel shit
wew lad, how much MAL can you be?

He literally comes from facebook.


I have 22 years old
>Jojo pic
Opinion discarded
Only by the pics 225 x 350

>I have 22 years old
lel and it's a Mexican, too. Get out of here Paco

>New Official Contrarian Guide

i wish she have more art in general.

>guy has an opinion
>gets ad hominem'd to death by an angry mob

great community

>an opinion
>"everything you like is shit lol i'm so troll"

Even in anime women have no "personality".


>hating on chocolat
niggers out


2 for the price of 1!

>no Rei
It all makes sense now.

Someone typed this edited that image, typed this out, saved it, and now posts it thinking they're owning people lol.

Keep working ironic weebs my man, good job

Not that guy, but Asuka started the trend of violent tsundere that must always win MC bowl. Ayanami just brought us girls like Homura..


I wanted to post my waifu but the OP and posts like these discourage me from doing it.



Oh look, it's this image again.


Un-ironically this

How bait can you bait?

>ad hominem
Learn what highschool buzzwords mean before using them.

Where my real niggas at


>that pit
they knew what they were doing


if there is no love for Lina in this thread Sup Forums is confirmed plebs

>wants the best for everyone

too bad she's a slut

what THE FUCK happened

>shit taste list
are you really lonely user? or just homosexual?


She is a big girl


Wow, she's big

You do know that by posting this in a great girl thread you're calling them all great girls right?

guaranteed replies

Here let my fix that for you.



I love SENTO!!!!!!!!!!


I have rock solid proof.

wrong head

That traitor formerly known as Phos is entirely different character.


Mai is cheerful, kind and polite but without being an airhead or a doormat and that her kindness is not unconditional. In addition she is capable, levelheaded and quick-thinking but without being over the top in her abilities.

her personality more than makes up for her smelly feet and hairy sugar-coated anus


protective onee san type that happened to be a semen demon built for sex


>No Umaru


You can like whoever you like, and I respect your opinion for that. I can only hope you can respect my opinion of who I like.

>10/10 personalities
pretty much the entire population of japari park.

Gets shit done, loves giant robots and is all round cute in both appearance and demeanor.

S2 Asami>S1 Azami

That's my fetish

The objective truth

>Useless autistic retarded shit with boobs
>Not Rei in the list
>Makes me gay
Fuck off, german cunt
Mafuyu 2nd worst girl
To bad you are a faggot with shit taste

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>To bad
too bad you're a retarded monkey


>purple hair
>arms are /m/ as hell
>huge breasts
Passionlip is perfect.

Asking me with all that bullshit questions towards my sexual orientation makes you a superficial turd with a generic mainstream used goods shit taste.
>Shit Taste List
Compilated of
>Overrated, Mainstream "best girls"
Look at the sarcasm between the quotation marks
>Worst girls
>Used Goods, Cunts, Sluts
>Autistic, Retards
>Huge and disgusting tits
Fuck you
Stay mad
She is the kind of girl that you don't want her as waifu but yes like a friend by example Yoshiko.

Even a monkey has a better taste than you
Worst girl in Sup Forums with tomoko

It's very obvious some ESL sperg wrote this.

I can't help but read it in Toki Wartooth's voice


>an entry-level pleb spic with bad taste
Whoa man I'm so surprised

>only 2 monogatari characters
>Karen is only on this list by a technicality

Feels good to be the king.

Too bad this list isn't "New" considering neither 002 nor Ichigo is on it to get brigaded by the Darling in the Franxx fans. Otherwise this would be a prime bait list.