Childhood is rooting for Ayeka

Childhood is rooting for Ayeka
Adulthood is realizing Ryoko just makes more sense

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Childhood is being a shipper
Adulthood is realizing harem end makes more sense

Rewatching it as an adult, I actual found Ryoko to be rather exhausting to deal with.

Ryoko was and still is best girl.
I was a Ryokofag since I was a small boy.

>and you know somethings gone terrrible wrong when you some how love the cat

Childhood is rooting for one
Adulthood is wanting them all to be happy

Is this real?



When did he grow sexually attracted to the cat?

But Ryoko is a gorilla woman and is lazy. Ayeka is responsible, has a proper and royal upbringing, and is wincest.

When she started to look like this.

Why have one when you can have them all?

Hoh boy.
Guess I need to get back into the Tenchi series.

I think Fuku is hotter though.

Mihoshi has always been my favorite.

Tenchi is one of the few harems where I like all the girls.


I preffered Pretty Sammy.

God yes.
Take Ryo-Ohki, mix her with Amane's personality, and give her hair over one eye that I love so much.

I like Pretty Sammy too. It's a shame that the crowdfunder for a new Pretty Sammy flopped.

Do we actually know what Fuku's personality is like?

I want another Geminar series.

Too be fair, AIC was in bankrupt status by that point.

Would you trust an animated product from a bankrupt studio?

They might have used the crowd funds to pay debts rather than crank out a decent product.

OVA 5 will be about Kenshi so here's hoping. I need more Aura in my life.

Her and Yukine are my favorites.

AIC has done 3 crowdfunding campaigns, 2 for Megazone 23 and 1 for Pretty Sammy. Only one didn't get funded.

I want an anime adaptation just for the Olympic swimming pool of cum I'd produce over an animated pregnant Ryoko.

>not a single Kiyone post
have we gone full underage now?

I'm also quite fond of Flora. RIP

Kajishima is jumping all over the place in the anime, so I don't know if we'll actually see Ryoko pregnant. He said Tenchi's kids will be in OVA 5 though.

I don't recall that moment ever being in any of the episodes.

I never liked Universe, so why would I post about her?


It's in the OP of Universe.

It's in the Universe op.

Anybody else watch this?

I was surprised at how much emotion D has in my second viewing.

Yup, D's great. God I wish the GXP novels would get proper translations. Hopefully the True Tenchi novels sell well enough for Seven Seas to license them.

Wait, Seven Seas licensed Tenchi novels?

They announced it back in November. The first volume doesn't come out until summer though.

Ryoko was always my favorite.

Adult Washu was hotter

fuck yes

All three Chousin are sexy as fuck.

Washu was always my favorite when I was a kid and I never knew why. Nearly two decades later and I still don't. Kind of surprised no one likes Sasami though.

>no one likes Sasami
If nobody liked her she wouldn't have gotten multiple spin-offs.

I meant in this thread, I was surprised no one mentioned her yet.

> even fucked the cat/spaceship

this is exactly how you know you've gone too far

Ryoko was literally the first thing to be designed in Tenchi, the other girls were just put the to compensate her dynamic with Tenchi, no wonder she's the best and the rest are mostly forgettable.

Kashijima is like a japanese George Lucas and that thing is his Jar Jar Binks.

Fuck off. Ryo-Ohki is a semen demon.

Are you telling me you wouldn't fuck this?

2/10 would not bang.
just look at those sharp knees.

>The Baby is floating, shouldn't we do something about that?

I've always had a fondness for Ryoko something about her, I don't know why I like her best.

Washu was best girl

Sounds to me like it's completely backwards in reality.

Some great taste friends.

She's the source of most good things in Tenchi.
Ryoko, Ryo-Ohki, and an entire lineage of delicious brown girls and boys.

You forgot the universe itself.

I fucking loved Dual! Wish there was more stuff for it.

>dual was originally supposed to be 24 episodes but got cut short
>seikishi was originally supposed to be about D's home planet but kajishima changed it after so much time had past
In a parallel world Dual is a long running franchise with multiple spin-offs. I wish I lived there.

Also Yayoi is best girl.

What I liked about it was I found, the universe skipping to be interesting, the comedy was fun, I liked all of the girls and the mecha action was enjoyable (a reason why I liked War on Geminar a lot too).

Also Mitsuki Rara was my favorite.

I liked her long haired look alot more desu


Kiyone is best girl. I want to balance the checkbook and shop for groceries with her!

>a reason why I liked War on Geminar a lot too).
War on geminar is in fact an shitty rip off of Dual with none of the charm, decent action, or likeable characters.
I take that back. The dark elf was good. Everything else was an unjustifiably bad dumpster fire.

How in the fuck is a spin off that has nothing to do with Tenchi at first glance so much better then every other tenchi spinoff and the recent remake?

Because Duel! was a satire of Evangelion.

>Childhood is rooting for Ayeka
>cheering for Ayeaka
No, Ryoko was the initial and true best girl. If you did not choose Ryoko from the beginning, why even watch Tenchi Muyo?

I preferred Ryoko to Ayeka as a child, but grew to like Ayeka more as I got older.

Washu is still the best girl, though.

You're all good people.