Anime has a really promising first episode

>anime has a really promising first episode
>halfway through you start to realize it's dropping in quality
>ends with a very disappointing finale
What's her name, Sup Forums?

Zero Two


Kill La Kill

>it's another "I hate Trigger because it produces good shows" thread

Ignore it, it's just someone samefagging

>it's another knee jerk reaction because someone has a different opinion than me post
I like plenty of Trigger's stuff. I just thought KLK was disappointing


Just Because

>triggerniger samefagging

KlK is right though. Crashed and burned horribly after the election arc

Nice myself but it's actually all me

I always completely lost interest after Senketsu gets destroyed. I finally made myself finish it and I felt like it was a waste of time.
The only other Trigger show i've watched is a few episodes of Inferno Cop, which I was indifferent too so I can't say I hate Trigger overall

Darlifra is pure garbage. Self insert MC,boring supporting cast, hardly any plot or mecha fight. At least people will remember VEG for the sakuga. Triggerniggers have lost.

That fucking terrible translation


Flip Flappers.

Zankyou no Terror is this exactly.

Are you interested in banging me from behind?

>Aldnoah zero
>FMA Brotherhood (2003 was better)
What else?