While crossboarders and newfags fight among themselves in VEG and Franxx threads, can we discuss the AOTS?

While crossboarders and newfags fight among themselves in VEG and Franxx threads, can we discuss the AOTS?

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Which is?

Stop baiting retard.

Yuru Camp.

>let me just find the first picture off google images and see if I can start a pointless fanbase war
How does someone end up like this.

I really hope this is bait

What's AOTS in your opinion?

Hi there Sup Forums. Having fun trying to start the equivalent of console wars?

It's a real sleepr hit. I've never seen something like this that left me wanting more every single time. Somehow it's always a surprise when the credits start too soon.

How many anime series have you seen?

120 maybe?

Sora Yori if anything. This season was a big disappointment.

Yeah It has been AOTS so far.

>This season was a big disappointment
Oh its another kyoanus MAL shounenshit fucker

>Sora Yori

Yuru Camp together with Yorimoi are my AOTS.

32th / 33th ◎ (** 1,961 pt) [ 66 Reserved] 2018/03/28 Yuru Camp △ 1 [Blu-ray]

Damn it will sell 10k at this rate. Indeed AOTS.

Yuru Camp has been fresh and fun that's all I ask for in my anime. Not a single bit of it is boring. None at all.

He said "Kyoanus MAL shounenshit," it should be clear he's just spewing random words.

>1 anime
>this season was a big disappointment
Maybe try something other than shounenshit?

>watching sora yori
>calling anything disappointment
Comedy gold

I'm watching VEG, Takagi, Toji Miko, Ameagari, Sora Yori.
Dropped Yuru Camp
Dropped Junja ito
Backlogged Gakuen Babysitters.
What are you watching?

Why are you still watching them if this season is a big disappointment?

It's a disappointment but they're not so bad as to drop them.

How to Keep a Mummy

>This season was a big disappointment.
Look at this fag.

This season is the best season in years.

What is a good season in your opinion?
>i just post some popular shit on Sup Forums at the moment so i can shitposting about anime

>watching moeshit


Last year. Winter.

what is veg and why do people hate franxx threads?
its an airing anime this season but for some reason it's got some infamous air about it why?

I can't seem to say what I think of franxx without getting banned, so if you wanna know go into one of those threads and see for yourself.

i can't figure it out its a bunch of people arguing over if the main girl is evil or not and a bunch of othershit, it doesn't seem too awful.
some people like red waifu some people prefer blue waifu and are predicting how the protag will get fucked for his decisions later on.

veg= Violet Evergarden

it and franxx are getting a lot of attention, the former because on top of being a kyoanus show, it's partly produced (i.e. funded) by netflix who are distributing the show on their own platform instead of crunchyroll. Since a lot more people watch netflix than sub to crunchyroll, the show has drawn in a lot of crossboarders who will come on Sup Forums and generally deprecate the level of discussion even more.

franxx threads are a shitshow just because of the nature of the show having a lot of drama/plot developments which additionally includes a love triangle that draws in shippers.
it's the same kind of discussion you would have found for shows like valvrave or even toradora way back in the day.

Chapter 11 of the manga is out for anyone who is impatiently comfy.

I knew you'd show up.

Nigga no, Summer 2017 was GOAT

Can one even be impatiently comfy?

Its trash

VEG is getting a lot of attention because it was hyped/shitposted for two fucking years straight before airing.

Lurk two years before posting. Also keep in mind you must be 18+ to post here.

Top three of the season are
>3. mitsuboshi colors
>2. sora yori
>1. yuru camp
Any other orders or shows is just wrong and whomever are presenting them must be doing so facetiously.

>not Pop Team Epic

Replace Colors with Toji no Miko and I agree.

Literal memeshit over this comfy? I'll pass.

>sleeper hit
It's one of the best selling shows this season.

It is but it isn't famous in any sense.

Sell me on Toji no Miko. I've been meaning to pick it up.

Only because people are distracted by the shitposting nuclear war between Kyoanifags and Triggerniggers.

Behind with you. I'll take a FranXXfag over PTEcancer every time.

Yuru and Colors are on equal terms for me with CCS as well as Koi Ame close behind.

I'd have Colors higher but its general treatment of Yui makes me feel bad in a way I haven't felt since Gabriel Dropout's treatment of Satania. Pops also needs to appear more.

Don't worry about that. They've been building up the punchline for Yui's complete and utter dominance next episode.

Action-mystery about tanoshii girls with cool magic swords betraying their organization and doing some kind of factional war now.


Sounds schway, thanks user.

Has FranXX done anything interesting with its themes yet? I've only seen episode one and it was neat but its base symbolism and all that doesn't seem like enough to carry a 24 episode show.

Do they try to molest each other?

VEG is the undisputed AOTS, core Sup Forums would never pick anything over a kyoani show and only core Sup Forums matters. You newshits can go fap to your AIDS shit.

Nice taste my friend.

Correct, Yorimoi and YuruCamp are AOTS

I love how you accuse VEG of having the crossboarders when the cuck spam and wojak posting are exclusive to FranXX.


I think you're looking for a Darling thread. None of these cinnamon buns have AIDS.


Go away, David. You're not funny. And take your meme trash with you.


you can blame and thank those damned spics poster for that.

Let's discuss instead character of the season. My vote is Saber, landed starring roles in both VEG and Grancrest Senki. I think that makes her undisputed winner.


go watch mitsuboshi colors, slow start, takunomi, citrus...

the list goes on.

Yorimoi and Yuru Camp duke it hard, currently both are 10/10 and I can't decide for AOTS.

Oh there's also Takagi-san the manga was better.

look, I love KyoAni. It's the best studio there is in my opinion, even their original stuff is great (original as in changes to the LN/Manga).

But you still are a huge fucking disgusting tasteless 3D-loving unappreciative cunt if you seriously think VEG is anything but average trash aside from the pretty art.
The story goes nowhere and there is not a single character to invest in because MC-chan is a bland cunt, everyone else is bitches (except the red-haired cutie from ep 4) and the dead lieutenant doesn't help.

Fucking kill yourself, you tasteless piece of garbage.

calm down. It's just chinese cavepaintings. how autistic can you get.

>Yuru camp is comfyshit
>PTE is memeshit
>Citrus is homoshit
>Colors is pedoshit
>Franxx is waifushit
>VEG is filtershit
Pick your poison.

where the fuck do you think you are

>taking anime seriously
you're trying way too hard to fit in

I hate repeating myself
where the FUCK do you think you are

What are the chances PTE is gonna parody this?

that is not south pole.

AOTS discussions are the worst form of cancer on Sup Forums. Even more so than stalker threads or shounenshit generals.

Ironic weeb.

Thank you.
You Trigger'd?

Now that is a big pile of shit.

Why is this merashit fanbase wards forcing threads still up?


same reason why faggeddit crossboarder spam are still up


This honestly.

Its the only threads I see that stuff in where no one calls anyone out on it.

I watched 11 minutes of the first episode and then stopped. This show is for beaners

You should go and join those crossboarders and newfags instead of creating shitty threads like this one, faggot. You'd feel right at home.

What is killing bites again?

>The story goes nowhere
This is where your falseflag or just your stupidity shines.