I'm so fucked up

>I'm so fucked up

Well, yeah.

This anime is way more boring than I thought it would be.

What killed the hype?

This show has no right to be so good.

why are people still shitpostong here? leave us alone

fuck you kyoani i hate you fuck you fuck you fuck you

Retarded crossboarders realizing that this wasn't going to be shounen power level chuuni bullshit killed the hype as they all left off in droves.

This. The show does not need "hype". I actually prefer it this way. This way we don't have to deal with so many shitposters while VEG cements itself as an elite anime.

What killed the hype ?

You too?

The autists have spoken.
Personally, I love it.

Slow burning drama.
No self-insert protagonist.
No gratuitous sex.
There is some violence but it's kept to a bare minimum

Same. Don't mind the crossboarding scum, friend. You have great taste and don't let Sup Forums or Sup Forums tell you otherwise.

This snorefest is th the reason I have to wait for Free Season 3 so I will continue to tell everyone just how boring it is.

I pity the ADHD normalfags who need fast paced drama, shitty self-insert protagonists, sexual content, and grimdark edgy violence to enjoy a show. This is why viewers like them are viewed as literal manchildren. Only real adults can enjoy something as refined as Violet.

I could read a book if I wanted that. There's no need for anime to take zero risks and waste money and expensive budget on a story with no zazz.


Oh shit, did VEG ripped of LOGH?

Already tanking in preorders.

The violence is going to be turned up to 11 soon though.

Kyoani has lost the studio war to Tigger

Could it be could it be.
Because amazon does not include the event ticket.
Could it be could it be.
Because amazon does not include the theatrical version with 5.1 surround sound.

Oh could it be could it be.

>Kyoani doing anything harder than mild violence
I want this show to do well but come on user. We already know the answer.

Or could it be that no one is talking about it anywhere because it's shit

There will be a scene of someone bleeding followed by fifteen minutes of close up shots of people crying.

Aw look at you, Sup Forums and reddit are your whole wide world online.

People who thought anything out of a light novel would turn out to be good were nuts.

Don't jinx it. I want to see the scene where Violet tortures a death row criminal with a blunt weapon.

Typical triggernigger, thinking that a show can only be good if a lot of people are talking about it. I guess this is why you fags create tens of Franxx threads just so you can make yourselves feel better by pretending your show is good because there's so much "discussion" when your actual show is utter dogshit.

Meanwhile, VEG does not need extended discussion. VEG is simply just good. No discussion required outside of how beautifully Kyoani produces the episodes.

It's unironically boring.

You are just blinded by pretty animation. The show could have zero story at all and you'd call it good if it looked nice. Typical kyoani moeshit faggot.

Rape, murder and war crimes are so fucking moe wew.

Reality didn't met with expectation.
Worse, PTE & Crybaby killing it days before.

>no story
>looks good
>no story
>looks like shit

>Meanwhile, VEG does not need extended discussion. VEG is simply just good. No discussion required outside of how beautifully Kyoani produces the episodes.

Still moeshit. Uguu moeblob.
Exactly the same as Megucka.

nice reaction image. can i save it?

Sasuga trigger nigger with the normalfag memes.

you read this and you know it shitpost, but then you remember this is a kyoani show and you realize there's probably a 30% chance this is real

This desu. Triggerniggers are so quick to shit on VEG's story but it still is a hundred times more engaging than Franxx's """story""".
You faggots need memes to sustain your shitposting threads but VEG sustains itself through its own wonderful plot and characters. I'm so glad Ishidate decided to add these wonderfully slow anime original episodes to serve as a pleb filter for you fucking faggots.


Amazing. All that edgelord shit and the show is still the most boring thing this season.


>tfw like VEG and DitF
Am I the only one?

kill yourself you centrist brainlet

Is this your first time encountering a pleb filter?


>liking Franxx
Please remove yourself from the VEG threads. We don't welcome faggots like you.

You're fine. It's just people who want to start Sup Forums-tier console wars via sales, popularity etc.

Somehow after watching Darling the artstyle in your pic feels very obsolete

i haven't seen either show i'm just here adding fuel to the needless fighting

And you question why people shit up VEG threads, don't you?

>there are anons who enjoy DitF
Get out of my Sup Forums.

These franxxfags falseflagging are truly pathetic.

This art has way too many lines. It makes the anime look tryhard.

>It makes the anime look tryhard.
The absolute state of anti-VEGfags

I falseflag veg too thank you very much please give me some credit for that


>after the forced animation buzzword we get the tryhard art buzzword.

I legit forgot this anime was still airing.
At least you mature people with superior taste can have your slow threads now, while the rest of Sup Forums is having fun shitposting about franxx.


>rest of Sup Forums
I think you meant our guests from Sup Forums, Sup Forums, and /r9k/. The rest of Sup Forums are in CGDCT and VEG threads. Franxx threads are full of crossboarding shitposters who contribute nothing but make this place more normalfag friendly.

>forced "fun"


There are many crossboarders and they are indeed cancer, but that doesn't mean that 100% of franxxfags are like that. It's just that Saturdays are hectic so people can't call out every wojakposter and Sup Forumsfag. The threads are just too fast for that. But I'm sure that you VEGfags with more maturity and superior taste can understand that without generalizing too much.

It does. They draw all that to trick you into thinking you are watching art, when you are really watching paint dry but in 8K.

Mature people with superior taste & a lot of important things in their mind enjoy comfy series like Yuru Camp for relaxation.

Only teenagers with nothing to thinking about love VEG.

>she's 14
I don't get it?
How old was she when she fought the war? I mean, I get that child soldiers are a thing. But they're not considered good, they're literally fodder because you have nothing else available to you. There's a reason no developed nation fights with 12yos and it goes beyond merely being civilized.



>Only teenagers with nothing to thinking about love Franxx
Fixed it for you. The reason being that teenagers have nothing to think about so they need a series with forced action and forced drama and shallow characters they can relate to so they can be entertained.

Only adults can properly understand VEG and appreciate it.

>nothing to thinking
┬┐What did he mean by this?

Are you the Pausa guy?

This. Kyoani normies are so cucked they don't realize the soy filled shit they are drinking lacks any substance.

Absolutely ridiculous. A lot of budget is wasted on this show. It doesn't even have 1/10th the emotion of Clannad After Story.

Honest question. Why should I care about some disabled autist woman typing shit? Why did they make her so spergy?

Nonsensical writing and trite melodrama

>This. Kyoani normies are so cucked they don't realize the soy filled shit they are drinking lacks any substance.

Grancrest Senki must be like crack cocaine to them then

dumb kyoani drone

is putting someones hand to your head and kneeling something Japanese people do?

They are a submissive people used to being on their knees.

Those shows are nothing alike.
If you can't enjoy VEG that's your damn problem.

Here's a novel idea, if you don't like a show, stop watching it, stop thinking about it, stop participating in discussions about it. You lose nothing by doing this.

Throwing a snot bubbling tanty every time someone dares want to discuss it only loses any dignity you might once had.

I like both, too.

You are blinded by waifubait.


nope that's me

It's Sup Forums. They can't go a single minute without having a console war.

Nah they should fuck off to their board. I like franxx but I don't dare click on threads about it because of how much trash is in there.

kyoani shills still at it i see

what the fuck?

Who wrote this letter because it doesn't sound like Violetto

>saying this on Sup Forums

>Just watched the new episode
What the fuck, Why did the send fucking Violet to do such an important job as writing the letters in a royal marriage to end a war? Why the fuck would you send the bloody autist?
Then, when the fuck did she became so good at the letters? The last episode she could only write 1 decent lines. Did they do a time skip or something?

there was a time skip

What do you expect from forced drama trainwreck?

Full Metal Panic was fairly violent. It even had tits. That was Old KyoAni, though.

>it has no robots or superpowers so it's boring :(

How bout you time skip deez nuts

Fucking series, there is only shitposter and shills. Literally no one is unironically watching this to have fun.

>always hyped for a new KyoAni show
>realize I've never enjoyed any of their shows in the last 5 years

Hyouka, KnK, Amagi Brilliant Park, Phantom World - these were just interesting enough for me to not drop them, yet I can't say I ever looked forward to new episodes. Chuunibyou was the only show I really enjoyed, and even then that's swamped by other shit like Free, Euphonium, Tamako Market, Dragon Maid, etc. that I never bothered with.

What happened to KyoAni?