I didn't see a sora yori mo tooi basho thread so here you go

i didn't see a sora yori mo tooi basho thread so here you go

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Not much to discuss before Tuesday. Have a best girl though.

Preview is on Monday.
Just one more day

my wife

do people really do this?

i mean i would never even think of trying to do something like this .. even if i had friends

>.. even if I had friends.
I saw it.

I want to fuck her butt

Reminder, if you want to waste 40 mins of your life and know basic Japanese:
Yorimoi's radio


what a pleasant view


I want Yuzuki-chan to sit on my face. Is this a normal urge?

So, is it Shirase x Hinata or Shirase x Kimari? This is important.

so far it's Shirase x Hinata but it's very likely that it will end up being Shirase x milf-captain

Yuzuki x Shirase.

Kimari is for Megu.
That's the only official OTP.

>Zekkō mukō

What the fuck am I looking at?

>i didn't see a thread so here you go
This is your brain on general threads.

This is my cute wife Megumi-san. She's an angel and is super smart!

I wanna cum on idol’s face.

I wanna cum on her face, too.


Even though she's a baka, even though she gets frustrated easily when things don't go her way, even though she wants to go more than anything in this world, she's still willing to throw down her money and risk being late for her friend. Why is she so wonderful.

Your wife's a bitch

Take those goggles off user, you look ridiculous.

Can you actually eat a cup ramen in Antarctica? Won't it freeze?

Best girl.


She deserves more screentime.


Will they send them to Antarctica?

She is the only tsukkomi, she will have a lot to do to keep the three dorks in check.

I'll never understand why they got such an all-star cast of seiyuu for this show.


There's no way this show would sell without the cast. It's literally sink and swim for them.

Why is Yuzuki blushing? Is she going doki doki due to Kimari's cool pose?

Guys, how do I get a Sora Yori gf? I want one to cuddle and travel to distant lands with. That and sloppy sex.

I don't know man, why would they get famous, talented and experienced seiyuu to bring the characters alive? I just can't wrap my head around it.

Get in line!

Your passport please!

Can someone post the webm of Kimari's sexy pose?



Being a good friend isn't autisim.

Point is they have a lot of cash to get this caliber VAs and have the episodes looks this good.

I need her to look at me like this everyday.

Well not really. The senior seiyuu like Noto and Takako Honda are not regular, though Noto will probably be a regular in the second half. While Iguchi, Minase and Hayami are still somewhere around junior ranks. That leaves HanaKana as the one highest ranking seiyuu among the main cast. Their seiyuu budget is pretty reasonable.

Seiyuu ranks are based on how long they've been working in the industry. High ranking seiyuu get more money while low ranking seiyuu (rookies) only get peanuts.

Finally, I know the best girl is.

Maybe you meant to say "I don't understand HOW they got such an all-star cast..." It's a Madhouse/Kadokawa joint; they've seen better days but they still have some pull. Sora Yori may have been overshadowed by VEG and Darling, but I wouldn't call it a scrappy little underdog production.

best girl?

>「The Girls Are Alright!」
Only Hinata is ok

VEG: a production that put too much artisitc performance, but at the end, is not really enjoyable title for viewers
Frankxx:a crazy girl is carrying the burden of the series for the viewers.

At the end of the day, 5 years from now, I think people will remember quality SOL like yorimoi, and said that VEG is a good recommendation but too heavy.

>"I don't understand HOW they got such an all-star cast..."
I don't get why this is even a question. Anyone can call seiyuu agencies and hire anyone they want as long as they can pay the fees. If some doujin circle can hire Sawashiro and Kikuko Inoue to voice their Touhou doujin anime then a big corporation like Kadokawa sure can hire whoever they want.

what he meant is that why a small obscure title like yorimoi is willing spend a lot of money on famous seiyuus.
Remember yorimoi is an anime original, there are no exsisting followers from manga/light novels.

I hope YoriMoi goes down as one of those little gems that everyone looks back on fondly. They'll have to stick the landing of course, but I'm really loving the show so far.

It's in Aztec, so I'm assuming it's talking about feeding hearts to the Feathered Serpent.

In the anime, Shirase only sent pictures to her mother but in the manga she actually wrote messages.

>Subject: At last!
>I saved up 1 million yen! Now I can finally go to Antarctica. First, I'm gonna check out the ship next week

Shirase has post office saving account.

What are you talking about? She has written messages to her mother in the animu.

Sent from myPhone and photographs don't count as actual messages.


Remember the scene in the first episode when Shirase invited Mari to go to Hiroshima? She said other people have said similar things to her. In the manga they show us how those people looked like.

>That's amazing Kobuchizawa-san! You make me want to go to Antarctica too! I wonder if we can see the penguins.
>I'll help you with anything. Doing it alone gotta be tough right.

After they grow distant, this is how one of them act around Shirase.

Just picked up this. Heart status: healed.

The last episode killed me.
What do you call people like this?

Beauty and the Beast

cute dorks

We need our own gun edit.

does this mean more nips will visit australia
>my chance to score a petite east asian wife

I want to put a ring on Kimari!

>plugs get pulled while in a intense boss fight nearing the end where most of raid was wiped and was just me and another.


More message from Shirase.

>Subject: Journey
>I'm going on a journey
>We're going on a journey

I don't know. Neurotic? Trust issues?

Last one so far.

>Subject: Friends
>Would you believe it, I've found more friend to go to Antarctica with me. I'll make sure our plan for this Sunday goes well. After all I'm-

Shirase needs a fuck buddy.

When will they exterminate the pengins?

This is a story about traveling to Antarctica, not a story about CFC production.


It's not autism if she's aware of the things she's doing. So much so even that she becomes the smuggest little angle about it

>You will never cower in fear of heights with Shirase and Yuzuki in the corner of an aeroplane over the sea
I hate you Jesus Christ.

I thought that was a typo then I remember CFC actually exist.

I think the OP is just the girls fantasizing about Antarctica.

The fuck was with that chick's mom asking her if she could "be attractive"?

I'd wife the fuck out of that.

Thought that was Homura at the bottom-right from the thread thumbnail.

>Singapore got a whole episode dedicated to it
>it's not on the map

Maybe it just doesn't exist

Maybe you're right. Otherwise, there's no way they'd allow Hinata to get anywhere near the camera frame.

Isn't it sad how desperately she wants to be appear sexy?

My friend Megu-chan.

Why hasn't anyone photoshopped a door gunner in this pic

My girlfriend is so cute

What's that around Shirase's head?


She is not even real.

But she is. She's a real anime character.

How can anyone be sure that you're even a real person?

Right, I'm your waifu from the last season.

Why don't you care about me anymore?

It’s a facemask