Comfy, the Anime

I went on a hike today Anons. It wasn't half bad.

Why is everybody obsessed with her all of a sudden?

Because they want to ejaculate in her vagina. I want to ejaculate in her vagina.


Because she's so close to mugi.

Those big hanging udders


Mugi but voiced by Yui?

Mugi's eyebrows were on her head instead of floating in her hair and she didn't have the dumb fake fang. Don't compare her to the ugly camper again.

Hiking club is down the hall OP.



>He can't appreciate all kinds of thick brows
Off yourself, nisemono.

>Mugi but voiced by Yui

I see you're a man of culture as well.

Sweet mother of god. This is how life should be.

I got your back.

gtfo out of here kid

>Nadeshiko: When the tests are over, let's all go Christmas camping together!!
>Aoi: Christmas camping, she says
>Chiaki: Nice suggestion
>Aoi: I'm spending Christmas with my boyfriend, so I'll have to pass-
That lucky bastard.

Thanks user, now Aoi threads are gonna be ruined by used goods spam.

Maybe this'll help.
>Chiaki: You never told me you had a boyfriend, you bastard!!
>Aoi: Just teasing you
>Aoi: I'm always spending Christmas with my family, but camping together sounds fun
>Chiaki: You never told me you had a family, you bastard!!
>Aoi: Of course I did!

Aoi is so funny. I almost got heart attack.

>you will never convince Aoi to spend Christmas night with you at a love hotel/campground instead of at home with her family.

I love her accent so much.

Another fake Mugi this season?

Because she's the best girl in a show filled with best girls

>fill an anime with all cute girls
>a boy is the best character in the series
really makes you think.

That boy has a vagina

Took me a minute to realize this post wasn't about the dog.

I will marry this boy


My role model.

>That pic on the bottom left

But Rin is best girl...

Uso da yo



Her fanarts are always god-tier

Is this yuri or cute girls doing cute things?
Or both?

CGDCT. No yuri yet, if ever.

Would you guys really go camping with a girl like that?


Absolutely. Unless you're gay.

I'm going to go to sleep and pray that when I wake up I will have become Aoi. If successful I will let all of you anons touch my eyebrows.

She might steal from you, you know?

Don't threaten me with a good time.

what the fuck is wrong with her spine

Yes; if only we could all be Japanese and camp peacefully.


Me, behind the camera

There sure is a lot of fanart of this series featuring the girls in their undergarments or swimwear.

ment for


see you fags on the appalachian trail

I hope you don't miss any airing anime.

don't worry i wont

I would let her sit on my face for warmth.

I would let her sit on my face regardless.

I wonder.

>sweating and shivering
Poor dear caught a bad cold.


That's takane

this couldve been anime of the century if it didnt have the shitty glasses forehead bitch,

what are they saying in the first panel about the lacquer bowl? I can't understand aoi's accent at all

Anime tiddies bouncing at incredible hihg speed

Imagine having a fat sow like this wrapped around you while camping in the winter. More effective than any sleeping bag.

Oh my...

>that strap

The Usoyane at the end of latest heya camp fucking got me good. Aoi's great

Some artists need to visit a underwear store or something t b h

Seyana.Knew that she will be the best girl from the 1st episode.

See That's Aoi true nature. She like to joke around.

I wouldn't mind her stealing all the semen she wants from me.


What a great body of work.


Due to enjo kosai or their love for black men?

>camping with cute girls
I can see where the doujins are going already, can't wait.

pixiv, after the first episode: cute girls going camping
pixiv, after the sixth episode: rape and aoi

Well, I'm not surprised, but this isn't comfy anymore.

Please no

I just can't deal how relaxed I get when watching this.

When your unrelated folder is useful.

We are reaching comfy levels that shouldn’t be possible


These threads have been ruined by lewdposting

Is there any particular reason why a string bikini has become the meme, other than just "it's sexy"?

>not lewding the yurus
something is wrong with you

>Not wanting to be Aoi and smother anons in your soft marshmallows while speaking in a soothing kansai-ben
What are you gay?

Can you avoid making any more shitty graffiti?

>the second ena with bed hair
Fucking perfect

Is that Horriblesubs translations?