Fairy Tail

>watched Dragon Ball Super
>enjoy the straight up fights and cute little SoL episodes
>find out Super is ending so I need to watch a new shounen
>fuck Memeruto
>start watching Fairy Tail
>characters have depth
>fleshed out backstories
Holy shit I just finished the Tower of Heaven arc and I'm legit loving this show. Well choreographed fights, interesting multidimensional characters, awesome women with a little bit of cheesecake, and best girl Erza who I am starting to like more then Android 18. Am I alone in liking this show? I never see it discussed here and I think it's a really fun and solid show. I'm excited for the next 200 episodes!

Nice pasta faggot
Also shit taste

What am I in for? Mystigen seems like an bad ass. I hope he kicks Loksens ass.

Can you point where this is a fucking pasta? I literally just came up with it and typed it out. Also, how is this shit taste? To me FT seems like a pretty awesome and solid show. Do you have points that prove otherwise?

You are in for:
>Useless fan service
>Natsu autism
>Weak MC ends more powerful foes with one punch
>Good OST
>Some funny jokes
>Shanks 3.0
>Some interesting misteries
>ASSPULLS (Worse than the Trunks asspull against Black)
>Some nice Waifus (Lluvia FTW)

>Natsu beats strongest villain
>jobs to Erza afterwards

rinse and repeat

>Erza wins always
Dude she gets her ass kicked in the Phantom Lord arc and Tower of Heaven arc. Plus she's a cool badass anyway so she's fun to see.
>friendship always wins
Well sure, bit it's a shounen so I anticipated that. It seems to be well implemented with WHY Fairy Tail members treat each other like family.
>weak MC who beats opponents
Who is the MC? This seems to be more of an ensemble shounen.
I haven't seen anything egregious so far and I'm on the Battle of Fairy tale arc.
>good OST
I agree. Soundtrack is awesome to listen to.

Hey, you are still in the good stuff, when the anime reached one of its peak points. You will get another good arc (I think, I dont remember), and then it goes downhill.

But look at the good side, this year the anime will return and will end the story.

How does it go downhill? Real talk, specifically what is the issue? Animation? Stupid plot?

Huh? The anime ended without finishing the story? I don't understand.

every arc is exactly the same
every arc is exactly the same
EVERY arc is exactly the same

i mainly watched for mashimas amazing women, i do not regret watching the series in it's entirety, it's "good" like you said

Just forget it, I dont want to shit on something that you are enjoying. Just watch, have fun and be prepared for this year when the anime returns.

>Holy shit I just finished the Tower of Heaven arc and I'm legit loving this show.
Tower of Heaven arc is the best arc, better than most arcs in Naruto or One Piece. It only gets worse from there. MUCH worse.

Is the emotion I'm feeling when I go into a backstory like Erza or Grey false? Am I just a little bitch for crying at Erza's sacrifice in the Tower of Heaven?

How? The Battle of Fairy Tail seems interesting so far. What is the specific issue you are referring to?

The ending will disappoint you.

It's not shitting on it. I'm legit curious and want to discuss the issue you may hay with the show. I'm enjoying it but I enjoyed Super as well but can objectively state FT is a better show from what I can see. So I'm actually happy I gave it a shot.

Just gonna say that it gets like memeruto, with the "NARUTO&SASUKE" Stugg

Why would this ending disappoint me? I love Erza. I don't know how much I could love a character until I find her. Will I be satisfied with how Erza is treated if I keep watching?

Between Grey and Natsu? At least Grey isn't an edgelord like Sasuke.

How do people who have seen so little anime end up finding Sup Forums?

If Dragonball is the only thing you've seen then yeah, Fairy Tail will be pretty good for ya. When it comes to battle shounen though it's pretty far down the list of enjoyable series, particularly the anime.

Fairy tail is so bad that only tits save it.
Now I need to fucking fap to it

DB isn't the only thing I have watched, but it's like the only long running shounen I've seen.

>shounenshitter brain
lurk more copy paster

What makes it bad? Seems fun, emotional, and has plenty of tits with girls in cute outfits.


Nakama power, asspull beyond belief
He should've just done porn. I would have liked to see a paizuri with one of those glorious tits, preferably with Kinana

Im gonna give you a typical Sup Forums & reddit recommendation that's actually good:

>You should watch HunterXHunter 2011 (The daddy of the genre).
>Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Meme anime, but its good).
>Nanatsu no Taizai (If you like Fairy Tail, you are going to like this one).

I really don't give a shit about asspulls if the fights are fun. I expect the heroes to use the power of friendship to pull a victory in the end. Hell, that's why I fucking watch shounen.

But nobody had explained why FT is "bad". Don't give me some bullshit like asspulls. You get that shit in every shounen.

I can't believe you're not memeing.

I'm glad you enjoy it. I loved the manga up until the Edolas arc. Then I kinda started skimming since I didn't feel like keeping up.

I truly am enjoying it thought I'm mainly watching it for Erza. God I love her.

The issues with fairy tail get more apparent the more you watch. Lucy will repeat a friendship speech, Erza will job then remember that she has friends and asspull a curb stomp victory, Grey will say all of four sentences a whole fight usually asking for exposition, Natsu will yell all his lines and remind people of exposition or friendship motivations. Nothing ever seems to be learned from one arc to the next, most of the time it's like they hit a fucking reset button. Most character progression is null and repeated in the next arc. I actually like Fairy Tail but it's painful at times if you aren't in the mood for repetition.

Every arc is literally the same thing
They encounter enemies who are ridiculously more powerful then them
They are beaten
They get frustrated
Go find the enemies again for a rematch
Get their asses kicked, don't lend a single attack on the enemy. But at some point, when they are at their limit, they start yelling about how they can't lose because their friends depend on them, and that their emotions will surpass anything
And then they K.O the enemy with a single attack

Btw no one ever dies
But the worst part about this, is that "a lot" of characters kind of die. He makes a hole chapter trying to make it so sad and depressing, but next chapter the character resurrects by some bullshit way

>please untie me
>I promise I'll be good
>let me put on my armor
>I will feel less scared with my armor on
>please I promise I'll be good
God damn it Erza why did you have to make me cry.


DEATH Doesn't exist in this story, everything is a Disney fake death

ok i dont get this lots of anime and manga do what you just posted andit's ok one piece have there characters get there assbeat all the time and they dont die look at bellamy

I mean, you have this shit for Dragon Ball as well.

Yeah dude, you are totally right
Keep watching it then, it's a fucking masterpiece

Compared to Super it is.

Kek, but no one defends dragon Ball either

not an argument

Rrminder that not matter what you think of fairy tail and how much hard you shitpost it, you can't defeat this fact: FT got away with having a guy fucking a loli and getting her pregnant.

You haven't watched it entirely yet, if you don't believe people even when seeing that everyone has the same opinion (it was good until some point, then it turned to garbage), then shut the fuck up and finish it to understand us
And man, this comes from someone who loved ft so much that even bought the mangas at the beginning
But now I regret more than anything

Btw, search for a recent interview they made with the author
He literally admitted that he didn't plan anything on the story. He specifically said that when he finished drawing a chapter, he didn't even know what he would do on the next chapter
He admitted that he basically starts drawing and improvises
And that he doesn't kill character because its too sad

If you don't believe me, search for yourself
If still you are going to defend him, my god just kys


>Am I just a little bitch for crying at Erza's sacrifice in the Tower of Heaven?
You're not man enough for Sup Forums
You need to go back

why do people who hate Fairy Tail like to talk about it so much

Stop being a chold

>If Dragonball Super is the only thing you've seen then yeah, Fairy Tail will be pretty good for ya.
Fixed that for you
Original Dragon Ball is still legitimately great to this day and DBZ is at least good until Freeza saga ends

OP said he watched Super which is worse than GT

Just go read Rave, it's at least somewhat competent in writing.

Read Shaman King and then you will wonder how shit of a taste you once had to enjoy garbage like Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball Super

But the fights weren't fun they were fucking shit

The only reason the show good is good is because of Erza, the only good waifu to come out of that show

In Dragon Ball it's completely different
Shenron can only bring back people to life once. Afterwards with Porunga you could bring a person to life as many times as you want but but it was one wish per person so it was still limiting in that sense. And keep in mind that Porunga could be summoned only once every 130 days and granted 3 wishes and Shenron could be summoned only once a year.

The Original DB manga did a fairly good job at balancing this despite the manga not taking itself too seriously in general. GT and Super fucked everything up.

why is Mashima so based?

Erza is a shitty mary sue with no sex appeal
Lucy is the only thing that is worth in FT

Jesus Christ, he is even defending dragon ball
"b-b-but they can't revive infinitely!! When the old method doesn't work anymore, he came up with another method so people could still be revived!! That not an asspull!!! Depp!!
That's it, I'm out of here


It offers great faps

State of nu/a/ my bois

Something tells me this is not a bait.

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is Natsu gay?
why doesn't he give Lucy the Dragon D?

That's cool, user. I dropped the FT manga but I enjoyed a lot the first arcs too.



Everything I've seen of this show just seems to be a basic battle shounen with more tits and ass thr.

>Series mostly featuring tits
>Barely focuses on the biggest titmonster of them all, Kinana
What the fuck?

doujinshi where she gets banged by the whole bar fucking when?

Why focus on Kinana when Lucy is the greatest good in Fairy Tail? Every villain wants to rape her and ever hero wants to bang her.

I'm just pointing this out. Lucy wasn't nearly the biggest in fairy tail and it had a knack for mostly tit fanservice. I find it weird they just ignore the biggest

Kinana has a plain design, Lucy is more pleasing to the eye.

Lucy is a better cocksleeve than Kinana.

She isn't that plain, her outfit is already good enough for me to be able to use her. She's only plain because of her lack of exposure

She just doesn't inspire female villains to attack in a fit of jealousy like Lucy.