Wow this show is gay

wow this show is gay

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>friendship is gay

I want to impregnate Kalluto.

Cute boys is best anime.

Shota is not gay.

I wish

Don't worry they get written out of the plot eventually.

why is cute anime boys kissing so great but in real life males kissing makes me want to vomit? Why must anime mock me?

I don't think that solved OP's problem.

wow this board is gay

I just noticed if Ging shaved he'd look like Yusuke.

You just noticed?
He was a dead ringer in the greed island arc

One-sided crushes are a tough concept for the fujoshitter. They pretend it doesn't exist because they can't self-insert then.

Wanting to molest Kurapika is not gay though.

And water is wet

Yeah, it’s super gay. Also Kurapika is gonna fuck the Queen before this boat ride is over, so he’ll be off limits.


How do the main characters get written out of the plot?

There were 4 main characters throughout HXH and Gon and Killua just get irrelevant while the story focuses on one of the other characters. Though it hasn't been as many chapters as I thought now that I check it just seems long because HXH is on hiatus so much.

I dunno.

DAMON3 by MiUMiU (Amin)


queen's gonna die before that happens

it's only as gay as you make it


>watched 50 episodes before the shonen shit got to me and I stopped
>nothing gay at all
does this change and they actually do something gay or are the ship fags just massive austists?

This didn't strike you as a little gay?

Oh Hisoka is a faggot yes, I meant between Gon and Killua

Gon and Killua's homo is pretty low key as they are 12 and not actually canon

I like to think of Ging as what Yusuke would look like if Keiko left him after a few years of marriage.

>as they are 12
since when the fuck has their age ever come into play or been a restriction on anything before? Usually I just hear hxh fags go on about the fact that a 12 year old kid is a murderous psychopath as some trobe subversion bullshit

Gay? What do you mean?

Just because they're 12 year old killers doesn't mean they're going to get romantic subplots, retard. This isn't a romance series, violence is essential and relationships are not.

You should Enjoy it

Kalluto's a dude.

Yes, and?

The gay is cranked up to 11 in the Hunterpedia shorts

no, really?

Same. Not enough Kalluto porn in this world.


They’re just total bros, user.

The "oh they're totally gay!"-thing is just from shippers.
Later on in the ant arc Killua gets a bit jealous of Gon going on a date with someone, but atleast to me it doesn't come off as homo; it's just a kid with a troubled childhood that's made one friend he really treasures.
The non canon shorts are gay as fuck though.


Being raised in a society where any sort of male friendship display is considered gay is a sad state. Where any sort of male contact with a child is considered child predator. Where any kind of contact with female kind is considered sexual assault.

Enjoy your shitty "culture".

Why are there so many friends in anime and manga with this general idea: one has dark hair, the other is blond or white-haired and somewhat evil? Where does this pattern come from? I hope it isn't because of devilman.

You forgot one detail: The light haired one might be gay for the dark haired one.

I can't see Keiko ever leaving Yusuke. Maybe dying on him though. Then he'd be fucking pissed.


It's really not, unlike JoJo

Part 8 Jojo is pretty straight


I was convinced that he was a girl until the fake spider said HE.

I couldn't believe my ears. I even Googled It's gender
Would be better if he was a girl

It is actually gay. Two main characters going gay shit for each other. Don't forget that we have the pedo clown faggot who likes little boys

You see two little boys and you think 'sex'? You're the one with a big problem, pedo.

Do you mean that there are pedophiles because all little boys are gay?


That is not how you look at your platonic bro.

This series would have gone down in history of one of the greatest masterpieces of all time if Killua was a girl.

You need Jesus

Shota on shota >>> Adult on shota

There are a lot of gay characters on there clearly.
- Gon's unusual obsessions with Ging, Hisoka, and Kite
- Killua's unusual obsession with Gon
- Hisoka's unusual obsession with Gon, Illumi, and Chrollo
- Pouf's unusual obsession with Meruem
- Illumi's unusual obsession with Killua

>there is no such thing as love and care for friends and family
Open a Bible


This boner doesn't mean I'm gay, promise

well i like it

Is this from something? Is there more to it?

Don’t fucking bad talk hunter x hunter you probably watch the most generic of slice of life straight romantic comedy bullshit following a female lead and cannot appreciate the gay relationship between gon and killua

it is though

same to be quite honest with you

fujoshis out

Though HxH needs more female characters it’s fine for both of them to be guys.

Hey, kid.