Why is the church always evil in anime and manga? Why are angels always the bad guys all along?

Why is the church always evil in anime and manga? Why are angels always the bad guys all along?

They're not.

Japan doesn't care about christianity. Yoko Taro made a parody of it in Nier Automata (adam and eve, cain and abel). There was also the whole Hatoko rant about them not knowing significance of things. Also lazy imagination and lack of creativity

They're only good in Hellsing (kinda), and if we include vidya, in Castlevania

For Japan everything Gaijin is evil including western religions.

Centralized organized religion is not a familar concept to Japanese history, with the very recent exception of State Shinto. Many Catholic churches also have very ornate and somewhat morbid aesthetics. Finally, much like large empires, they make a good impersonal and powerful collective adversary for an individualistic protagonist.

They still sometimes use angel wings as a good thing.


It's just like real life.

Angels are generally Lawfags


Because Japs aren't Christian.
This thread'll get a lot of posts about how they really are evil, because Sup Forums is full of children in their edgy phase. I grew out of that years ago.
The church isn't evil. Japs just have no real opinion of it, so only use it when it could be a good part of their story, and a good church isn't very interesting to them.

Seething christfags your religion is one big joke

Because the "things are not what they seem" theme is more interesting than what they are stereotyped to be.
Ironically this has been done so much that the theme itself became a stereotype.

you sure got him.

Because only an evil bastard builds an organisation devoted to controlling people's lives
A virtuous holy person doesn't need to be in charge of anything

Holy geebers critics of Christianity are so often so uninformed and ignorant.

But wings have been used since ancient times, like icarus myth. That's just a representation of human's desire to fly and be free.

Probaly has to do with 16th centuary missionaries


Went dangerously close to fedora tipping in the American Netflix show. I feel like there's actually less of that in Japanese properties like the Castlevania games since for them Christianity's just some exotic religion like Greek Mythology is for us. Western authors often have a bone to pick. Whenever a vampire pops up in Western shit they more likely than not feel the need to point out that crosses and holy instruments are silly and ineffective. While in something like Chrono Crusade or Helsing they're just another magical weapon against the supernatural.

How much good have you done while on this dirtball? They've done more good on this earth than you could ever hope to do.

watch more anime newfag
>why are angels always bad guys
Because Lucifer was an angel

Bid deal; they've also done a lot more bad things than he has or could ever hope to do, like the crusades.

By that logic michael would be evil too because he also is an angel.

>people still unironically believe this

They were the good guys in Trinity Blood
They had female priests an nuns dressed like sluts though

Why is the empire always evil?
Why is the big corporation always evil?
Why is the goverment always evil?
Because they like to tell stories about little guys fighting agains the odds to defeat the big guy.
Very few people would make a story about a guy figthing the smaller evil there is. Like would you read about a guy going against the demon king reborn or a guy killing a goblin?

a guy killing goblins

Being aware that the church is full of old men who like touching children isn't something you grow out of, user

Not goblins, goblin. Singular.

Spoken like a true person who has never bothered to look into the matter. The Catholic Church has no greater amount of sexual abuse than any school teachers, pediatricians, other churches, etc. It's just confirmation bias.
They don't write news articles about "Priest Faithfully Shepherds His Flock for 30 Years."

Japan is angry that missionaries came to Japan and gained footholds.

even Goblin Slayer proves your point. he hypes up Goblins as a greater evil than most believe they are because he understands them. Having a story about fighting a small evil isn't interesting

So basically filthy gaijin go homu

>The Catholic Church has no greater amount of sexual abuse than any school teachers, pediatricians, other churches, etc.

Most people aware of this. The reason why they're known for it though is because they actively cover it up and just move the pedophiles around so they can molest other kids instead of reporting it to the police.

And they do all this while claiming to be a moral authority, which is the height of hypocrisy.

But the crusades were a good thing, it was an appropriate response to hundreds of years of constant Islamic aggression against Christians.

There were a notable handful of cases where that happened during the 60s and 70s, but it isn't the standard course of dealing with it at all historically. A small segment of corruption in the church during a short period of time is not enough to discredit the whole religion. Not that the church does'nt need reform, but they aren't at all unique in that manner.

As for ops question. I blame(thank - since I think it is cool as shit to have evil angels and stuff) Go Nagai.

I'm not against Christianity in general, but the fucking Catholic church disgusts me. The love of money is the root of all evil.

Get a load of this dumb faggot.

You're not cool ironically defending organized religion and you never will be. You've taken this meme and twisted it so you can fit in with a new majority. You're not genuine.

Yes, hindering contemporary scientific progress and turning American politics into a circus has really done a lot of good for the populace.

>what is blue exorcist

Why the fuck aren't Americans of the new world more wary about the Catholics than you ought to be. It's as if you all think it's ok after JFK.

>handful of cases where that happened during the 60s and 70s

>implying it's not still going on

Are you aware of what happened with the sex abuse allegations against a bishop in Chile recently?
He basically called all the accusers dirty liars and only backtracked and took them seriously after a ton of bunch of public backlash.

*Pope Francis called them liars them backtracked I mean.

>People defending christianity
>Literally the single most common justification for performing acts of war / other evil acts that people would never otherwise do
>More people have died violently in the name of, or at the hands of abrahamic religion than literally anything else in history
>But it's all okay because in the last 70 years they've been doing some charity work in exchange for permanent servitude.
>Meanwhile in the less secular parts of the world people are still suicide bombing eachother daily.

I hope you're all prepared to kill yourselves once scientists put together the cure for death.

>it's an entire religion's fault that retards are retarded
>hurr hurr muh science there totally weren't any famed Christian scientists or anything
>it's only the Christians fault that American politics are awful, the leftists dindu nuffin
You're gonna have to find a better scapegoat

Japs want to suck western dixk as long as they don't touch the balls(christianity)

What do you mean?

Organized religion is obsolete and not needed anymore. People are using the obsolete religion to justify their actions. I know there are Christian scientists, but thanks to latching onto Christianity, there are still "moral concerns" hindering progress today, and it absolutely has to do with the religion. The "Christians" who conveniently ignore the contradictions their religion has with the modern world are just ingenuine. The religious right have been the major political power and are only just recently beginning to fade out, and even then their cancer is still here. They are not the only problem, but they are a huge problem.

>The love of money is the root of all evil
Hey, who will take care of the poor and miserable ones if not the church.

>that people would never otherwise do
Come on user, people were already skining each other alive and putting people inside bronce statues and burning them slowly before christians were even a thing.

People who actually care and weren't just told to

There are plenty of Christians and Cathollics in Japan though
Because Christianity is still seen as an exotic mythology. There are plenty of wrathful and "bad guy" angels in the bible. Japanese like stories about underdogs and humanity fighting to be human. The idea of a self righteous army of supernatural entities judging us makes for a perfect antagonist

Mayflower means nothing to you fags anymore.

And civilized places stopped doing that. But for some reason we still can't stop justifying discrimination with a 2000 year old book.

>and it absolutely has to do with the religion
You mean if it wasn't for religion we would be choosing random people and use them as guinea pigs like the japs did?
Because i'm sure it has more to do with people worriying about their own well being than religion.

All seven of them will surely do a difference.

Let's conveniently forget about Antioch. Hell, let's forget Constantinople, when crusaders besieged the capital of one of the largest Christian empires in the world. Yeah, the crusades were a shitshow where a fanatical and unchecked group of murderers were set loose to accomplish a nebulous goal, and were ultimately controlled into destroying the very thing they were trying to protect.
Read a fucking book

Because antiheroes are seen as cool and having the traditional moral authorities be corrupt hypocrites fits well with stories starring such characters.

At this point you pretty much expect the church to be evil though, so it has become a cliche. It gets pretty ridiculous when the church is openly evil though; one wonders how they managed to retain power if everyone can see they're more evil than Dick Dastardly.

We don't need a book to discriminate, our eyes alone would suffice.
We discriminate because we can recognise that things have different properties and want to use the things that favor us the most.

The Crusades did more damage to Christianity by crippling the Byzantine Empire and allowing the Muslims to conquer it than good.

>Literally the single most common justification for performing acts of war / other evil acts that people would never otherwise do
Correlation does not always imply causation. Christians did bad thing, but not because Christianity is bad, but because people were bad. Some of the worst men in history were not Christian (see: Stalin, Pol Pot)
>More people have died violently in the name of, or at the hands of abrahamic religion than literally anything else in history
I'd like to see some sources on that, faggot.
>But it's all okay because in the last 70 years they've been doing some charity work in exchange for permanent servitude.
Actually it is. Because most of the people who did horrible things in the name of Christianity are FUCKING DEAD AND BURIED. For someone so anti-Christisn you sure do want to see the sins of the father visited upon the children.
>Meanwhile in the less secular parts of the world people are still suicide bombing eachother daily.
Isn't this an argument FOR Christianity? Can you name a Christian suicide bombing in your lifetime without Google?

We're not debating about vivisection in 2018.

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>muh STEM
kys please, sperg

I would argue that the Schism turned out great for Rome, since the eastern rites honestly was far more culturally developed when compared to the bankrupted west.

>it was an appropriate response
True, but that doesn't mean that it was good. It means that they decided to protect what was theirs.
But then the 4th crusade happened and it went FUBAR.

Crusades aren't Christian, they're political. Try again, fedoralord.

>muh state
kys fedoralord

It's still used to justify it and to antagonize a more objective approach to certain aspects of life

Not an argument

The Crusades opened up the Near East to the West. It helped them reclaim and bring back knowledge of the Ancients and open up trade with the Caliphates. This helped spur the Renaissance and the Age of Discover that helped circumvent expensive Muslim trade routes.


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Not an argument. kys fedoralord
hurr durr muh state muh progress
kys fedoralord

It's egregiously bad for them though, considering they're supposed to be the height of morality. Also, addressing it is still rather recent, and there's a bad practice the Vatican has of not properly dealing with the molesters.

Last I checked people who wanted to support the poor won the popular vote in the last election, and all the most religious people voted to take it away.
Really gets the noggin joggin.

You're an idiot if you think that most crusaders weren't into it to try and save their souls. Many crusaders had to sell everything they had in order to fund their journey to the east and thus lost their fortunes and their lives. Some crusaders did profit from them of course, but most people involved didn't have ulterior motives.

So this is the power of Facebook newfaggotry

Objectivity doesn't exist. Go be a Last Man somewhere else.
I've been here since 2003. You're from reddit.

Yep, some of the crusades turned out poorly ( there were a lot of them). But the initial goal was a just one and trying to act like the whole of the Crusades can be summed up in the disasters at Antioch and Constantinople is pretty disingenuous, or you have just been reading biased sources.

Wow, never expected to see THIS debate on Sup Forums.

Lemme keep this topical with pic related.

Before you heap praises on the Catholics, I just want to remind you that those fuckers were the ones that enabled the fat tub of Medici lard AKA Leo X to print indulgences after having squandered all the tithe money that they've gotten from across Europe.

You as a evangelical should loathe those asshats for ever tolerating such grotesque abuse of power while claiming that a pretender to the successor of Peter can getaway with all of that shit.

They do not claim to be moral. Try again, STEMsperg.
Nope. Try again, STEMsperg maggot.
I've been here longer than you have been alive. Go back to pleddit before I hack you and install a nuclear reactor in your asshole.

What the fuck are you on about?

We created objectivity to bring order to an existence that requires it since we evolved consciousness. Sitting around stuck in the mud forever is not the ideal direction for our species, but your use of buzzwords and Facebook acronyms appears to indicate that you think it is.

Not an argument.
Project harder, fat fuck Burger subhuman.

Most crusades turned poorly. Only the first one was successful and the crusaders taking part in it did commit a number of atrocities, such as slaughtering all the inhabitants of Jerusalem when they sacked it. Did you know that the Muslims feared the crusaders because they were seen as cannibals? A lack of supplies resulted in cannibalism among starving crusaders.

It's a heathen sick fuck country. Nuff said.

Is this all you know how to say?

>More people have died violently in the name of, or at the hands of abrahamic religion than literally anything else in history

Dude, China called and wants you to hold their beer.

Do your research mate, even with the colonization of most of the world by many countries affiliated to Abrahamic religions and the conflict between them China somehow manages to top them in burst of savagery.

Let's also add that a lot of groups that abhorred the Christian community pulled off some amazing feats at organized slaughter.

Never forget that is often a government that wants to institute a new order the onda that tries to chop the ties with the values that don't fit in it's mentality by raising a sense of duty to the country or figurehead over filial bobds/religious values of Christianity.

>not an argument
what? You are seriously trying to be an apologist by non-sequitur argument when you are clearly posting on an imageboard that originates from a Puritan denomination that is the USA?

You say that like there isn't ample WESTERN work out there with an evil church and angels being the bad guy. In the actual bible angels are very pointedly not human. They don't really act like humans, either. Half the time they aren't even percievable AS humans. They make for good alien creatures. And that is before we even get into Old Testmant "Oh hey humans that's a nice little city you have going on there with all of that shit I don't like. It'd be a shame if someone fucked it up." God.

No, the people who want to keep people poor and keep them subordinated to the government won the popular vote, where the people who won were those who want poor people to be independent and self sufficient and no longer poor so they can live a dignified life thanks a system of selection that is not retarded.


I am on about how that the United States of America, supposed one nation under god under Puritanical principles at that, would actually stoop so low as to come to the defense of Catholicism.

Sounds like you have been reading biased sourced honestly. Enemy propaganda about scary foreign cannibals is not good evidence.

Not an argument. kys fedoralord. Go back to Sup Forums please.
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