Gambling on daddy's credit card: The Anime

>gambling on daddy's credit card: The Anime

why do people like this?

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Good question, this shit is literally Kaiji for Babbies.

It's yugioh for adults so I fucking loved it...mostly.

>It's yugioh for adults

It's Kaiji for teenagers

The constant ahegao faces and animation are what draw me in.

>for adults

Yugioh had way worse stuff happen to characters than this horseshit

No one would watch this if it didn't have the ahegao faces and sex slave subtext

It's unique in its shittiness.

This and this

Initially the sharp art style caught my eye, but what really got me was the way that it presented cute girls and then deformed their faces to actually suit how ugly some of their emotions were in the moment. It's like, "Oh shit man, you came here for the cuts girls? Here's what they're like under the hood." Stayed a bit longer for the novelty of watching that. Then the games got interesting.

At a certain point though I needed either an uptick in dramatic tension or character development, and the only one coming through on the latter is Mary who doesn't get enough screen time. Not sure if I'll watch season two.

>The games in this
I enjoyed it for it's absurdity. But the games were fucking stupid.

I dropped when the opening kicked in and there was a panty shot. If they can't even keep the opening clean from fanservice, this show must be fucking abysmal then.

The fanservice is sort of like konosuba's: it becomes meaningless once you know the personalities behind it.

No, it's just running the ahegao meme into the dirt.

Why do you make threads about things you don't like?

The antagonistic baby spirit is the best bump fuel.

Yeah, why did she get so into the idea of going "broke" if she's richer than most of the people she fights?

That's the reason no one watched Kaiji

Going broke wasn't the appeal it was the risk of positive or negative consequences, either for her (Admittedly muted due to her wealth. The low "social standing" of pets is used by her as a a sort of proxy for it) and also in her opponents. For example in the game with Nishinotouin her excitement was more about the potential ability to ruin the otherwise complacent Nishinotouin and actually make her care about an individual game. Not so much about the actual outcome of her own bet. You can also see this in something as silly as the coin flip with Ryouta for lunch. Which mattered for him, but was trivial monetarily for her. As long as one of the players has real skin in the game she can get some excitement out of it. That's also why she was so offended by Ikishima rigging her game to ensure her own loss. Once she knew that, it was no longer gambling, but just ritual suicide.

>As long as one of the players has real skin in the game she can get some excitement out of it.
In the game against eyepatch girl she straight up says the thrill is both people sharing the risk. How can she get excited by the risk of being a housepet if she could buy herself out anytime she wants?

i had never seen a gambling anime before and i loved it kaiji fags should be happy because it's making people like me pick up that show despite it's terrible art style

Yes it's babies first gambling anime...
But is that bad? You gotta start somewhere.

It's baby's introduction to a debt with the mafia

>That's the reason no one watched Kaiji
Kaiji did fine ratings wise, it even broke into the top 10 one week albeit when Sazae-san, Toriko and One Piece werent airing.And its been recommended non stop for the past 6 years, I love Kaiji, but people need to stop acting like its super underground niche

I need a girlfriend ;___;
>inb4 normalfag

She's crazy ass nigga. She just uses the money to get in, rather than out.

Mary's a better character anyway, Yumeko is superior fap bait though.

>think about it
>Mary is literally the only round, dynamic character of the main cast and possibly of the entire ensemble

A best, probably.

I thought you poorfags were happy-go-lucky people that knew that money doesn't make you happy.

Go back to whatever shithole you came from.

I'm into femdom.

how old are you 13 or 14

>she straight up says the thrill is both people sharing the risk
I don't think that's what she means. It's not that there have to be equally painful consequences for each player. It's that the game has to matter. As I said. She only got offended when it was clear that Ikishima was guaranteeing her own loss. At that point it wasn't gambling.

>How can she get excited by the risk of being a housepet if she could buy herself out anytime she wants?
She pointedly doesn't buy herself out. Even when she has the funds to do so within the context of her own earnings purely at the school. Not only that she plays along with the social degradation. You're looking at her motivations far too rationally, and as the show repeatedly tells you, you're fundamentally misunderstanding her if you do that.

>I autistically watched everything on the official Sup Forums recommendation list and Kaiji was on there and thats the only reason i watched but anyone who never watched it or doesn't like it isn't an epic Sup Forums oldfag like me
list newfag pls go

Because it has 2 of my favourite things.
Cute, slightly insane girls and pantyhose.

This show is 100% garbage

and i'm gonna watch s2

I agree with this. It's well made, entertaining garbage.

>slightly insane girls

>She pointedly doesn't buy herself out
So she isnt in that peril because she lost the game, she's in it because she chose to be. How can she compare herself to someone like Mary and say they're playing the same game?

>You're looking at her motivations far too rationally, and as the show repeatedly tells you, you're fundamentally misunderstanding her if you do that.
Thats pretty much my problem with characters like Yumeko, they can do literally anything and not be out of character

It's what you get for wanting an explanation on every fucking thing

they couldn't make it just an average student that gambles all she has because people would be like "where did she get all the money? PLOTHOLE PLOTHOLE PLOTHOLE!"

This. It's an excuse to have insane girls in a gambling themed anime. The only FKMT comparisons people should make is who has cuter protagonists.

Is this something that would actually scratch my sex slave wagering fetish or is that just memes?

Hot crazy gamburu bitches. Or what said.

>Is this something that would actually scratch my sex slave wagering fetish
A teenage girl is almost but not quite sold off to be a fat old politicians breeding sow, if that works for you

>that pic
You know that cosplayer's probably flat as a washboard and padding her chest up, right?

Suzui and Yumeko kiss when?

In the opening scene Mary makes Ryouta her "puppy" after beating him at gambling. It's very implicit.

because it's not a gambling anime.
it's softcore porn with a casino/school theme
along with some narrative tricks to make the characters seem smart without doing anything actually clever

Is Yumeko, tanoshi?

Crazy lesbian schoolgirls, fanservice and crazy games is the reason I watch it.

So here's a question: which characters are dom(me), sub, switch, or vanilla?


all of them are vanilla

It's an anime about terrible things happening to terrible people.

The fact you'd want to fuck half of them is purely coincidental.

except yumeko

Some people are sub at times and dom(me) others.

Uhhh that's not how it works


Usually it's sub to some and dom to others.

yes ?

maybe you should stick to shit on your level like naruto



Frankly just waiting for them to play and bet sex

Post Yumeko

Watched it because Yumeko is fucking beautiful and decided to pick up Kaiji since people were talking about it in the threads. It's all thanks to Kakegurui that I discovered Fukumoto and other amazing mahjong manga. Thanks, Yumeko.

tsunderes are always vanilla

At least this didn't sell out to the Pachinko industry like Kaiji did.
>1st season
>mind games and strategy
>2nd season
How the fuck did people like this shit?

Don't forget
>3rd season only available in a pachinko machine

>8.28 rating on MAL
I fucking hate anime fans.

i mean ep9 had better dancing animation than love live.. so there is that

>season 3

There's no other GAMBLERU anime right now. People claim to watch Kaiji but the anime is finished and the manga comes out monthly at the pace of a snail.

Because it's fun.

It's trashy, glitzy gambling with a bunch of trashy glitzy assholes. What's not to like?

Anyone know if her patreon is worth it or not?

>makes her crush her personal slave

ur stupid my dude

There is no Liar Game anime.

What am I missing?

I liked the games and the clever and insane ways people were cheating. And that there wasn't any romance shit going on.

But then the games ended up kind of tame. The last game was the lamest.

Kakegurui? More like worst Akagi!

there's a j-drama tho, and it's decent

Is there enough to warrant picking this up?

>this meme again

The homosexual undertones

I preferred the j-drama's ending than the actual ending to the series.
Author was really in a rut to not come up with a satisfying conclusion even after the hiatus.

I wouldn't mind losing a bet and becoming the pet of a cute girl

Kaiji playing baseball was more fun for me honestly.

I just watched to see the girls make funny faces, and it delivered.

Kakegurui is another example of an anime (or manga, for that matter) that actually says something but Sup Forums doesn't get it. I don't know why, if people simply don't look at what they are watching, or if they are terribly insecure, but I wish Sup Forums stopped acting like this.

What I don't get is the lore/world bulding.
Why would anyone attend that school?
Are all the schools in that world like that?
Why would a non rich parent send their kids to that school?
Where the fuck are the teachers, do they even attend classes?

>that actually says something but Sup Forums doesn't get it.
Its hard to take the anime seriously when most of the time its crazy faces and yumeko having gambling orgasms

It's okay I don't want this show to become too popular

> says something

Bullshit. Any message or moral this show has is smothered or undermined by literally everything else in the show.

It's popcorn.

Is it wrong if I want to punch that face?

It's not supposed to be logical or realistic at all. It's an absurdity that you're supposed to accept as a base premise, with the rest of the setting fitting within that framework. It's also a really common trope of anime. Shokugeki no Souma is the same kind of thing.

That said, you know how many people go to Yale or Harvard not so much for the quality of education, but rather for the networking opportunities for the future? It's like that but with gambling.

And for the rest:
Prestige/Networking presumably.
Who cares. They seem to from episode 1, but it's not important..

Nah. Those faces are supposed to be ugly.

pantyhose fetish and/or horrible grimace fetish

the gambling parts are only secondary

The absolute best fucking OST from 2017

Feels too videogamey to me.