Ichigo and 02

ichigo and 02

Endgame ship.



absolutely disgusting



I can't stand girls
never post images with two girls at once or I will scream

>Ichigo licking Hiro's cum from 02's vagina

Thins needs to happen.

I'm a huge yurifag and I will never understand why people ship two non-lesbians in a clearly heterosexual show.

Tha is why 99.99% of Sup Forums hates yurifags, you'll be doing us a favor calling this people out on their bullshit.

Anime girls are all at least bisexual
Sup Forums suits you pretty well

this needs to be edited to have dino cancer all over him.
Any thing lewd between hiro and 02 now has to have hiro clearly dying from dinoaids chest cancer but still enjoying it

>99.99% of Sup Forums
You mean 0.01% vocal minority? It's probably just you and two other autists.
Stop pretending like there's people supporting your yuri hating faggotry

because one of those girls licked the other girls face and commented that she tastes sweet in a very lewd and suggestive way
if they didn't want us to run wild with that they shouldn't have done it


I do it ironically because people get incredibly assblasted over it.

How pathetic do you have to be to care about emotional state of a random person over the internet?
Even more so to be wrong about it, and delude yourself into thinking you're making people mad.


because it makes room for the best yaoi ship

Hiru x Goro.

I don't know it's worked before.

Ahahaha, of course it's you. I knew it. I love how pathetic you are.
Thank you, !Akemi. You truly are inspiration for me to be a good and successful person.
And no, it's never worked, !Akemi. You were mocked and told to stop spamming. That does not mean anyone is mad.

Just so everyone else can see how pathetic this person is, just look at the pic I'm posting.

I thought you died.

Is this the real endgame? Tell me when this happens and I'll pick it up.

Who's "you"? Everyone who mocks and hates you because you're the worst shitposter this site has ever seen?

I can't tell if this is ironic or if you're actually him.

>replying to the same post twice
>actually trying to pretend anyone other than you thinks "he" is real
I love it.

It's also so obvious who you are because of your intense autism and how you can't make posts longer than a few works.

See, it's kind of funny how you try to pretend "ack" is real, but you take no issue with blatant shitposting like this

Calm down a little, d and k are not even close.

Fucking delete this

I'm seeing a lot of otp.jpg filenames, but no THAT.jpg

How ironic, ACK the ever-bothered autist that gets so mad over the internet he mistakes works and words when he plays mental gymnastics against his arch nemesis the ghostly !Akemi.
A boogeyman he himself uses periodically as a cover to give himself a reason to shitpost by playing both sides.
All this in a vain crusade to supposedly improve board quality by being the most retarded autist this site has seen since accelspammer.
Shipping is retarded but doubling down to dial 11 isn't going to solve the problem at the end of day.

Sorry, it's my phone's auto correct.
No one is not calm, autismo. Really, you need to get to a doctor.

Yeah, because it's totally impossible to change a file name. It's totally likely they a bunch of different people would all spam the same screen shot over and over.

>calls other people autistic
>while deluding himself into thinking people are mad when they're calm
>autism is literally about misreading emotions and social cues
And it's even more ironic because you say the word ironic. Which is exactly what your post is.

!Akemi, you're no one's "nemesis", no one gives a shit about you. You're just a shit poster that people want gone.

You say that like it's more likely than the aurora borealis at this time of year, in this part of the country, entirely localized in your kitchen.

!Akemi, do you think if you just ignore how everyone knows your tripcode is banned, thus literally can't use it, that everyone else will somehow agree with you and forget what you've done and how you've admitted to ban evading many times over.

Doesn't get much more obvious than pick related. It highlights some of your worst posts.

>mental gymnastics
Haha, what mental gymnastics. It takes no effort at all to see through your samefagging. There are things that literally only you do, !Akemi. For over ten years on this site not a single person has ever acted like you, and that won't be forgotten just because you ignore it.

>posting tumblr gifs
The fucking irony gets even thicker.
And yes, it is that unlikely. No one will ever copy your "memes", !Akemi. Ever.

who's he?

Btw, I'm literally only on Sup Forums for the DitF shitposting, and usually stick to /cgl/ and /fa/. I think you're mistaking me for someone else.

there's literally nothing wrong with tumblr - their autism is as bad as Sup Forums autism.

>who's he?
I mean, who do you think you're fooling?
You're obviously !Akemi. The only person in the world stupid enough to try and give their word as some kind of verbal alibi over the internet.

I would suggest not responding to this guy any more. He thinks everyone who shitposts is the same person. He'll probably accuse me of being you as well.

>He'll probably accuse me of being you as well
I thought you were me. Was I wrong?

I guess not.

ok, you got me.

Four posts in a row all by the same exact person. You can easily tell it's all one guy because his posts are always stupidly short.

And no, not all shitposters are you. You have your very own unique brand of shitposting. And it makes you stand out.

the reaction was even better than I ever could've imagined

it's like a dream come true

seriously though, idk what makes you think I'm this weirdo, but this obsession is getting kinda sad

>XDEEE look how epic and funny i am
You are the only person who acts this way, !Akemi.
Literally the only one.
There was nothing special or unqiue about how I responded. Telling off shitposters like you has been a thing on this site for literally forever.


I love how you just make it so obvious who you are, !Akemi.
Because you are literally the only person in the world who tries to pretend that those screen shots are actually proof of something.

He has been at his psychotic crusade for years here in Sup Forums so don't feel bad. He's long past the point of help, even by professionals.


>There was nothing special or unqiue about how I responded.
no, it's just that the autism is so strong, my panties are getting soaked


>don't feel bad.
I don't, I'm laughing my ass off

Your panties get soaked from your own autism? That's really stupid.

And yes, it's obvious that and are both your posts.
You are here trying to pretend easily faked screen shots are a logical thing to try and give as proof, and you try to pretend it's the normal thing to do.

It's just sad.


>XDEEE if i say im loling that meens i win
No, it doesn't.

And look at how you are literally text book autistic.




what are you going to do, now that you've caught me?

I've boxed all the real ones that apply to me.







Okay, !Akemi. Let's pretend for for a second it's not obvious to everyone who you are. And how all the one's circled apply to you.

Even in this very post you're expressing echolalia.
e.g. the "wow" shit.

And of course repetitive behavior is also expressed in the posts you've down just in the threads.

You have an inappropriate attachment to shitposting.

etc etc.

Ok, you got me. Now what?

Guys I'm so sorry I didn't think it would actually work.


>if I say "guys" it will make it look like i'm not the only one shitposting in this thread
>i so epic and smart
No, you're really, really not.

This is why people hate you /u/fags.

I just admitted it was me doing all of the shitposting like 10 times and you ignored it

Why would I address a patronizing answer?

because it's a confession?

Clearly not.
Look at how you're trying to pretend to have this new DraRapa persona.

so then you admit that I'm not him

Actually official.


i ship this

No, I stated the exact opposite. You trying to make a persona just makes it look like you are trying to hide who you are. It's very obvious false flagging.



you mother fucker

You're just so fucking stupid.

I am not !akemi


can't be helped


did all you fags playing around with ack somehow miss this while watching?


i don't even watch the show i'm just here to say hi to ack

Yes, you are. Not sure who you trying to fool. Because it's not going to work.

This is basically 100% confirmation that she's a dyke, right?

Too early to reach to this conclusion. Even if it was the case, it is an one-sided love.

Why are you so pathetically desperate to pretend you're more than one person? You have out right devoted your life to trying to samefag.

You are the only person who actually thinks "ack" is real.

not 100% but between this and some stuff in the manga it's almost there

No, she's definitely being abused by the guy and just wants to feel needed.

!Akemi, do you really think namefagging fools anyone? There's no way you're actually that stupid, right?