Ty and sorry

Ty and sorry

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Bye, faggot


Cut your dick, please.

check my digits too.

Thread theme

At least cut it along the arm, and not across..


It's not deep enough, try more. I want to see the floor completely black and bright lol

side of arm, lol faggot do it right


Fucking mods are asleep

check these

Wow user, you're even a failure at killing yourself. Good job.

down the road not across the street, faggot. livestream your suicide or fuck off with your attention whoring

You won't die from that.


That was the mod

this. actually cut your veins you attention whore faggot

stop being a pussy and go all the way

yeah thats not nearly good enough.

No you dumb faggot.

>no other images of this size found
See ya. Tell us what it feels like to die.

don't do it user ;_;


In Narutaru, a character explains how to properly kill yourself by slitting your wrist. If you had watched more anime, you'd be in a much better situation right now.

>Side cuts instead of inner cuts
>Shallow cuts
>Across the road instead of down the street
>Not even NEAR either the wrist or the elbow
See you in rehab you attentionwhore

Nice thread.

Boring. At least cut off one of your fingers or something more interesting.

Here's an idea

Oh wow, scratches and ketchup stains.
Can you be even more of a faggot?

It's not worth it. Seriously. Whatever you're going through will pass.

fucking do it

OP, why? Keep animus close, it'll keep you alive!

He's not gonna die from those cuts.


How would that chair kill you? As soon as your butt leaves the chair, the chair would spring up again? Or is it supposed to break your spine?

>Attempting suicide during the season when Cardcaptor Sakura came back

The dead cannot know such joys, OP

Waifus are not gonna save you, user.

old Sup Forums vibes

Remember kids, down the road not across the street.

gg no re


>can't even kill himself properly

>thirteen minutes ago
really mods?

You know all that's gonna do is give you emo scars, right?


Don't do it user!

No, you slit across the street, but you bend your wrist way back so it pushes the arteries closer to the surface.

I'd kill myself too if I had to use a windows phone.

You can't even get an anemia from that loss of blood.

at least cut off your dick before you go.

>killing yourself before the next overlord book comes out
>killing yourself before berserk finally finish's
>not wanting to find out what happens at the end of all those anime's and manga

Down, not across, faggot.



I don't know if this is a troll or not. On the off chance this is real, I just want to say just get help, get meds. You'll be better before you know it.


>Scratches only
What a pussy.


you fucked it up, retard

now you will never meet your waifu


How was it getting your dick turned into a pussy?


Fucking trannies are degenerated as fuck.

WTF is wrong with you America?

but if you die, how will you watch anime and read manga?

Mods btfo by whities



In heaven obviously. I hope he does not die though.


more like

what anime is this?


Just wanted to use this shitposting thread to tell you all that Sup Forums > Sup Forums

>chicken scratches

>never being able to watch cute girls having fun
I'd probably kill myself then

I know you’re looking for attention by doing this, but that’s okay, and you should really seek help if you’re willing to go this far for it.


>it's another Sup Forums Reveals That They're Just Sup Forums thread
who could have guessed it

Good riddance

Full Metal Knife



What has happened to this board goddamn

Nah they both argue about which games or anime is better but Sup Forums sucks at games, it’s really hard to suck at watching anime

Yuru Yuri.

Sword Art Online


Also, OP is pussy

Sup Forums hasn't been Sup Forums in years


What the fuck!! I didn't see anything anime-related in this.


down the road, not across the street. faggot.


Done already is ok.


Both argue about something they didn't even played/watched tho

And nothing of value was lost.


>Mods delete tranny surgery webm but not thread