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Why didn't he teach Goku this?

Goku would be able to make this 100000x more powerful.


>no kaioken for tien
>no spirit bomb for krillin

Outside of flight the characters never share abilities. Naruto also has this problem. Every shonen has this problem. Its some sort of Jap autism I guess.

Well there’s the Kamehameha, but other than that there’s nothing
The one thing however that pisses me off the most is that they went to train with King Kai, and didn’t even learn the fucking kaioken.
But I guess that not sharing abilities makes them unique


I was told this epic scene was filler?

He would need three eyes to do that.



Why didn't Goku teach literally EVERYONE Kaioken?

Piccolo would be fucking relevant, Tien would be relevant, Buu would be supremo

Taiyoken also

why didn't goku teach everyone instant transmission? even if it takes a while to learn. they all had basically nothing but time for years and years after goku learned it

They all stole solar flare right?

Teaching and learning seem to be different things in DB outside of things that are pretty fucking basic, like putting your hands together and saying Kame Hame Ha

That moment was great


Shared moves that I can think of are destructo disk, kamehameha, solar flare, galick gun, and special beam cannon.

Tien would kill himself if he used Kikoho and Kaioken together

Fair point

dont forget hakai

>english name attacks

leave now!

Gotenks used Wolf Fang Fist once

didn't king kai stated that no one after goku could master it?

Actually Tenshinhan has the unique skill of copying every skill by just watching it once. I guess Toriyama forgot, but Tenshinhan should be able to do kaioken and instant transmission.

>Yamcha, Tien, Chaotzu and Piccolo all train with king kai
>none learn kaioken, spirt bomb, etc

Why was King Kai such a dick?

That'd be one hell of a self-destruct trick though

Does Goku even have a unique move he's come up with in his entire set of skills? All of his basics are things he's learned from other people. He's comboed somethings, and reached SSJ3 by himself. But still.

King Kai

>Spirit bomb


Every fucking saiyan

>Solar Flare
>Evil containment wave

Yardat space fuckers
>Instant Transmission


>Dragon Fist

The best I can think of is that minefield shit he did against Jiren.

the 1 (one) other moment besides the tourney with kid goku that was cool

wasnt that filler?

i agree with everything you said besides super saiyan 1, he unlocked that shit by himself. he didnt even know what a super saiyan was until vegeta started autistically yelling about it to freeza

>Piccolo has regen powers
>Permanent 20x Kaioken with no drawback
Would be neat honestly.

>>Dragon Fist
Well, there was that time he punched King Piccolo. Not the same thing but it's kind of similar, isn't it?

Why didn't they just spam feed him senzu beans so he could keep casting it till cell was gone?

Technically it was still a legend because of Bardock if that's somehow still canon.

oozaru fist

Nobody apart from Piccolo has ever used the special beam dose, it was all filler.

Cell and the cell jrs do it

Let's not forget that Tien, Piccolo, Yamcha and Chaiotzu all actually TRAINED UNDER KING KAI BUT NEVER LEARNED KAIOKEN

that doesnt count they were like 10% piccollo

Yeah, I'm just not sure if it counts because it seems to me like he just punched him real hard and the oozaru effect is an aesthetic addition.

Tien could charge a spirit bomb while fighting with 4 arms. Think of the possibilities.

That was filler, it never happened in the manga, hell the Cell jr never did any ki attack at all, their moveset it's all filler and games.

By that logic nothing Gohan does counts because hes 50% goku

It's a punch with all his Ki focused into his fist. He even specifically used it against Popo, "the punch that killed picollo"

Oh shit I forgot the part inbetween DB and Z where Dr Gero makes a clone from Chichi and Goku's DNA

>speaking of self destruct
How bout tonight’s episode?

>androids have based stamina and ki
>not teaching 17 spirit bomb by using his infinite energy
>not teaching 17 kaioken and tribeam to abuse both at the same time
>not teaching 17 how to abuse of destructo discs spam

Could be 18 too if she decided to be a Park Ranger

Didn't they all learn it when they trained with King Kai? Or is Piccolo and the gang reaching him not canon? I don't remember anymore.

Ya'know I was taking to a guy who only watched dbz, and only saw a couple of the db fights on youtube. I asked him if he saw the 'cool tien fight' and he said, "oh thats not a good one" turns out that was the teen goku fight. I couldn't find a full version of the first on youtube so here.

Yes, it is a Japanese thing. Japanese culture celebrates weapons as part of the self. Megaman and Samus both have their guns attached to their bodies, for example. Westerners tend to view weapons as tools and not important compared to the weilder.

Can Shin Kikohou kill 120% freeza and Super Saiyan Goku during the namek saga?

Why did they make Krillin look so bad ever since some point during Z?

Its canon the four of them got to King Kai's by the time Goku was leaving for Namek.
Just most of their scenes while they were there was filler.

Fuck off James

>No 4-armed Tenshinhan in Dragonball Fighter
That games a fucking rip off

>toriyama isn't that great of a writer


Is the Tien Arc the best Arc in DB?

gohan doesnt have any original moves of his own either desu

I still think it's fucking awful that King Kai neve taught Krillin the Kaioken, but Goku is without a doubt the absolute worst teacher in the entire series.

Roshi teaches it to everyone, except for Gohan who learns it from Krillin, and Goten who learns it from Gohan.

His plan to teach Gohan this was to continually kick the shit out of him and make him feel absolutely useless until something clicked. No one else aside from Goku himself had a harder time learning SSJ, and Goku had to learn it on his own.

Goku forgot how it fucking worked.

Goku's probably the poster child for "Those who can, do; Those who can't, teach". He can learn so many things so quickly, but holy fuck he can't impart even a fraction of wisdom to anybody.

Its a tie between Tien Arc and the Piccolo Arcs for me


>Why didn't Goku teach literally EVERYONE Kaioken?
Why didn't King Kai teach it to them?

The Afterimage attack was Goku's bread-and-butter in the original series, but it stopped being a big deal by the time Z rolled around and everyone was too fast to see anyway. I can't remember if the Janken Punch was something he came up with, or Grandpa Gohan taught him. Either way, he never uses that anymore, either.

It's kind of a moot point, though. Most shounen protagonists learn everything they know from various teachers.

The afterimage technique got a lot of usage in the Cell Games.

I actually forgot that Goku had a rematch against Tien in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. I remembered the Multi-Form Technique sequence, but I thought that happened in their first fight, and that Tien jobbed to Piccolo before he and Goku had their chance at a rematch.

future trunks knows masenko

It'd be metal as hell though

G_h_n Bl_nc_

Because Crane Hermit school and the Turtle Hermit school are philosophically opposed.

>By that logic nothing Gohan does counts
You're only realizing this now?

why does a triangle make a square anyways

Take two equal isosceles right triangles. Arrange them so the hypotenuses overlap. What shape do you have?

what's a hypotenuse?

Funny thing is that when they do a closeup of his hands he's making a diamond (aka a square tilted 45 degrees), not a triangle.

what happens if two fusions do the fusion dance together
do they become 4 people in one and super powerful

What a madman!

I'm sure it was used in the current arc, I think against Caulifla.

It was also used by Piccolo against Frost.

Tenshinhan almost kill Goku here...


My friend and I were watching this on a bootleg VHS. We both lept off the couch hype as fuck when this happened. Best moment in the series.

this, androids have infinite power supply so they should learn power-intensive techniques not some crappy blasts

What if two people do the fusion dance and then fuse with a supreme kai using a potara, it limbs explode as the fusion dance fuse end but the potara don't let them separate?

Because it's basically the same things just different names.

It's a new evolution of hypno that was added in gen 7 pokemon. It's hidden ability is google which allows it to look up unfamiliar words.

Remember when Dragon Ball had legit fights?