Berserk Thread:

Do you like Farnese, user?

I love her.

She's alright

I miss old Farnese a lot

I remember reading Berserk the first time and being turned on way too much by the scene where she masturbates and the one where she rides the sword
Why can't I find a repressed masochist irl anons

Do you mean bratty christian Farnese or closeted slut Farnese?


I do, though without beating a dead horse too much her older design was more interesting

Closeted with the long untied hair is best

middle farnese back when?

If you're talking about design, probably never since Miura's change to digital art is likely permanent
If you're talking about character, give it time. The current arc's mostly about Caska and her traumas so the focus isn't on anyone's psyche but hers

Farnese looked okay in your image. I hope he continues to draw her like that instead of drawing her with extremely big eyes and lips.

She's always had some big lips, the new art style just didn't help it much

best character of all berserk

Can Berserk have a truly satisfactory ending?

I think there will always be people that won't be satisfied by the ending because of how well-written Griffith is.
I think the most likely ending involves Griffith and Guts dying with someone that Guts knew, like Rickert, in the last chapter reflecting on everything that happened.

Miura himself said it'd be a disservice to his readers if Guts lost after all those years at his side. Even with the stupid amount of hiatus, Miura dying before ending Berserk is mostly a meme since he's still 51 and the average life expectancy in Japan is 83,5 years, so the odds aren't against him.

Even living to 83 doesn't mean much since your conditions continues to get worse. Will he be able to hold a pen and use it without trembling as he continues to get older?

>because of how well-written Griffith is.
>muh dreem castle

Is Serpico ever doing anything relevant again? It sure has been a while, I don't want my boy to be a victim of cast bloating like Puck


Do people really believe SK=Gayseric?

There are other mangakas in the industry older than him, and so far he hasn't stated anything about health issues or something so I'd say he's good for the next decade or so at the very least

He's a dead man walking. He's too expendable to keep alive.

>He's too expendable to keep alive

he has the least importance in the main plot of all the members of the party

nobody has died in a while

guess what's gonna happen when eclipse 3.0 rolls around?

fucking this.

I liked her horse scene.

yea I like where her arc is going

The guy who writes Golgo 13 is 81 and hes still going.

where did you get the second image from? it looks a hundred times better than the first one.

It's the source material properly scanned. The top one is the shit mangastream and others gets quickly from shitty scans so they can translate quickly for ad revenue

>Dragon Maid
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

I like her new personality but prefer her old design.

Berserk 1997 is better than any of those though.

It's a lot better than it's manga. Like, the difference between Berserk and a fake seinen like AoT better.

I fucking hate Farnese. Crazy sadistic bitch, religious fanatic, submissive little witchcraft student - she was always fucking shit. If there's anyone in Guts' party who deserve to die or fuck off it's her.

Memes aside, this.

Guts new party sucks compared to the Band of Hawks.

She'll be back once casca regains her mind

When the fuck is Berserk coming back?

It's once a month u stupid fuck and only goes on hiatus for half a year

I don't know, but the boat arc was possibly the slowest continuous manga arc that I remember.

I read it without having to wait a year in between chapters and I found it pretty fun desu. I say this becuase alot of people do not like it and do not like this new "arc" with Fairnese and Shreike. And honestly neither do I, he needs to wrap this shit up already and I envy those who will read through all this shit in like a couple of months or more.

There is no need to be so aggressive user

she keeps getting in the way of the loli mage

next chapter is set to release on the 23rd m8