Dragon Ball Super

What do Kuririn, Piccolo and 17 all share in common?

They've all died 3 times now, 4 including GT

>vegeta unlocks ui next episode
>still jobs
How funny would that be?

post jobbers


Post yfw when you realized 17 actually died

explain this shit toeimutts.

>I had to kill them, Jiren.
>To test my abilities...

Based Droid

17's power makes absolutely no sense.
You mentioned him dying when Buu destroyed the earth.
If he's powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with fucking JIREN in Super, then he should have been able to annihilate Buu easily in the Buu saga.

It's like the Super writers are massive 17fags, he absolutely didn't belong with Goku and Vegeta in the final four. I'm not even a Gohanfag, it should have been literally anyone else.


>unironically killing yourself

what a coward first he attacks people from the back and then he offs himself

Probably didnt think Buu was a thing. He's a park ranger watches animals. Buu wasnt killing animals

Wait, so did jiren kill the guy who killed his friends or is that guy still alive?

Did they really have to make Jiren be like Jin Kazama?

he got stronger in the years after buu you retard


>Has eye powers
>Village killed as a child
>The weak should fear the strong
>Is a faggot
>Poorly drawn

Holy shit he is Sasuke.

Toriyama is a fucking hack.

He also died to Frieza's attack. Who at his current further trained level is still weaker than he is.

>Jiren's wish is to revive his family

Couldn't someone just give him the regular Dragon Balls? Do we really need to go Super here?

Didn't Krillin wish for the bomb to be taken out of the androids?

By 'Vegeta falls', it will just mean he almost loses and then at the end unlocks UI, doesn't it?

What the fuck is the point of the Super Dragon Balls? Seriously, barring Zamasu's wish, everything they have done so far can be done by regular or Namekian Dragon Balls. Jiren's wish could easily be granted by Earth's. The only wishes that would actually require them would be restoring universes. It seems like everything else is already possible with the regular balls.

Jiren's wish will be for everyone to be equally as strong so no one can ever lose to anyone else.

This really hasn't been a good year for 18, she lost her brother here and her sorta sister in Fighter. wait, sister or mother? I'm kinda confused on that one, someone help

a week ago everyone was expecting ohohohohooo to be the one attacking jiren from the back

You now realize 17 performed better than UI Goku, SSB + Kaioken Goku and SSB2 Vegeta

Someone please put the entire U7 to fight poachers because holy shit it works

How did 17 still manage to keep his powers despite being blown up by Buu? Didn't the destruction of his body also destroy his Dr Gero enhancements?



Why is 17 stronger than Freeza?

>First to wound Jiren , a man who lets GoD's shit their pants
>First 1 to stand up of the trio after a powerful attack
>It took the most powerful mortal in the multiverse to eliminate him while Vegeta and Freeza play the punchingbags'
>Kiero'd Jiren

Chadroid God of destruction when?

U11 doesn’t have regular dragon ball. Can normal dragon ball even revive someone that far back?

only Universe 6 and 7 have normal dragon balls, well only unverse 7 now that 6 is erased, Jiren doesn't know other dragon balls exist

I guess Shenron brought them back too

Wait a seconds Android don't go to the afterlife. Well shit. 17 was definitely my favorite character in Super so this was a nice send off, first guy to land a solid hit on Jiren.

i think toriyama just realized that all the rules and restrictions made the dragon balls kinda lame so he wanted a clean slate of balls that could literally do anything so the possibilities were a little more interesting again

Lmao, he put a barrier and wait for the jobbers to fix their mess

Only works if you're a poorly written character though

I guess Goku should give it a try then

You forgot Goku too as he technically died fighting Hit

17 respects the NAP

>useless jobdroid dead
a good droid is a dead droid.


Vegeta is out, it's confirmed Gokek goes all O MY VEGETA and masters UI after seeing him eliminated

>muh tragic backstory

Wasn't 17 always about logic?

Like even in the Cell Saga his personality was kind of robotic compared to 18. So he obviously lacks any sense of "Hey this isn't honorable or normal." He attacked the girls mid transformation too. So he obviously just assumes "There's an opening. Take it." even if it isn't cool.

holy FUCK

Jiren's wish will be to have the ability to trust others again, screencap this.

Yes, they won't spoil him out in the episode tittle

He's the next big bad. He probably has the ability to jump universes.

Bros, Toyotaro told me his ToP will be different. Blanco will be in the manga!!! Jobdroid isn't going to get the spotlight bros, I can feel it!!!

Jiren's wish: Mommy and Daddy to come back
Vegeta's: U6 revived
Goku's: An even stronger opponent than Jiren to fight
Freeza's: Becoming the strongest in the multiverse

How are the other universes coming back? None of them give enough of a fuck to bring them back.

*Heavy breathing*

There is a limit to the things the normal dragon-balls can grant. Remember that Shenron couldn't grant Goku SSG form, which is likely way under the power Jiren is seeking.

hohohohohohoho i was merely pretending to be defeated, jiren sama

>Gokek is literally eating shit on the ground the entire episode next week while Vegeta has to do all of the work

What an awful character

>17's power makes absolutely no sense.

14 years of anonymity, undetectable power level, infinite energy and constant poachers to fight against will make you strong, son.



Better than jobbing to a rabbit and letting Frieza knock you both off because you're too weak to finish him

No, not at all
17 was a stupid teenager in the Cell Saga he only cared about screwing around.
>Let's take a road trip in this ice cream truck

foster mother

Because GOHAN will get the MVP and save everyone, even the pitiful Jiren who is shit and weak compared to him.

kys faggot

Lapis and lazuli are random orphans, 21 wouldn’t be their mom just like 20 isn’t their dad

They got 4 episodes left so yea that's exactly what they are going to do.

This cannot be a coincidence

what is there to explain?
you think she really hated him?
that she don't give a fuck if he dies?


>oh this bug man just kicked my ass
>wait 16 i have to give him one more shot

Even Frieza himself is starting to get tired of being treated like shit by Universe 11

Why is anime jiren so inferior to the manga?

17 isn't the first nor will the last character of this franchise to get a retarded powerup.

Same ki allah akbar move as Vegeta?


someone post that comic against SSB Goku but update to Jiren

>absorbs 17 from behind him
>blows himself up when he vomits 18

Pot calling the kettle much, Cellfag?

Cell did exactly the same two things

Leave El Hermano to me

>frieza uses paralysis on jiren
>goku teleports both out of stage
the emperor will get his wish, you just wait

why should she care about her jobber brother when she knows her universe is getting eliminated in a couple of minutes

Anyone have a webm of when 17 shoots Jiren and Jiren turns around and does that weird fucking flip down to the ground? Burst out laughing after seeing that.

Dont worry 17 Bulma has your schematics, together we will rebuild you.

>Gohan sacrifices
>Goes to the stand almost unfazed
>17 sacrifices

>regaining full power in 1 minute
Will Toyo fix this mess?

so why are the Pedros obsessed with Gohan anyway?

*Gorilla noises*

Why didn't 17 just do that barrier shit and drag the job duo away since it's a range thing?

>Even Frieza himself is starting to get tired of being treated like shit by Universe 11
Maybe he should have thought of that before being a dick to everyone

I think its more of a she never liked him because she felt he was immature and then spending that last 40 something minutes of her life with him made her realize that she was in the wrong in their sibling relationship

Wouldn't the correct way of Android 17 to sacrifice himself would be to let Jirens energy blasts hit him without protecting himself instead of blowing himself up and be killed by it? Thus disqualifying Jiren for killing someone.

Things would have been different if 16 was here.

It would have been better if we got his backstory first instead of it this late. Especially if it was from his own mouth rather than Bemold's hypocritical bitch ass trying to say it.

>"You don't understand Jiren!"
>Is a God of Destruction who wipes out planets of intelligent life only because they don't appease to his pallet or whim

Like only Beerus is the nicest God of Destruction so far considering he sleeps most of the fucking time instead of doing his job and spares portion of a planet for good food. MAYBE the one from the furry dimension is nicer because of what a pushover he was.

good riddance to the cuckdroid, we don't care about him.

they were the retards that came up with the name of his form way back then

goku and vegeta atre just pretending to be hurt r-r-rigth?

You can train by yourself in db. Hell, Piccolo just meditates to train. 17 getting ss3 power is not really an asspull.

Hell, Cell was just a month old when he died. If he wasnt a fucking retard and wanted to prove himself a few days after being born he could have been Jiren tier strong. Cell is truly the most retarded villain and the most wasted potential of any Dragon Ball character ever. Probably Gohan genes.

... Unfortunately I don't rebuild weaklings that steal my thunder.

Predictable but that's all I expect

Can Gohan posters explain to me why Gohan got eliminated?

It would make sense because Goku is observing him and only gets full UI afterwards.

why is vegeta breaking the limits of his stamina in order to survive in this arc about breaking limits in order to survive???? you'd think they would at least put such an asspull in the opening song or something???

what the fuck is this thing