Cat girls suck there is never good ones only annoying cunts. Pic related its the worst one

Cat girls suck there is never good ones only annoying cunts. Pic related its the worst one.

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But see here, you sir are incorrect

The handsome men board is that way, son.



>someone hating on catgirls on Sup Forums
>even ironically

I think this is the most disgusted I've been on here in a long time. Seriously reconsider your life decisions that led up to this point, leave, and never come back.

Clearly you dont watch many cat girl anime. Or have seen many at all.


Oh, nice, a catgirl thread.

Exotic catgirls!


cat girls suck seriously

Fran, the real protagonist of Tensei Shitara Kei Deshita is awesome. Kind of murderous, but good, kind of stoic person - never bothers or bullies or criticizes others, no matter how annoying they are or how much shit they throe at her; only slave traders or those who insult her tribe get tortured in awful ways.

Just say you want an Aisha thread you fucking nerd.

>Orange one went into heat and begged for beta MC cuck's dick
>He didn't give it hard to her, with the blessing of everyone's else in the house.
What a fucking faggot

>shitposts ailuranthropically

Fuck cats

Friendly reminder that Doggirls are more loyal and are in heat more often than catgirls.

What about fluffy sheep

Terrible taste



If you insist.

I prefer tapirs. Dream Tapirs



What anime is that?

Cats in real life are annoying as fuck
So I'm not sure what's better
catgirl who is annoying like cats
or not annoying, but then why is she a catgirl?

Cyan is cute!


>Allowing some faggot ass op to disrespect my first waifu
Fuck you

You mad your waifus is shit


Ya ok

Thanks for reminding me yet again that we'll never get another season of Nyan Koi

I love catgirls

Eh, Wakfu did it better

Kill all catgirls

The Sup Forums version of those is superior

i'm fine with cat girls as long as they only have 1 set of ears, that is TWO EARs, one left, one right. the following ex are disgusting abominations

Catgirls cannot love doggirls. It's interspecies love.

They're the fluffiest.

She's gorgeous.


Of course she is. She is forged by the kawaii smiths of Sanrio.

More like rocket tits

Kittengirls are even cuter.

The only good catgirl is Pitou

Super cute.

Wasn't there a victim girls about that anime where their entire race was turned into obedient slaves?