When were you under the impression that this wouldn't be a tanabe arc?



>Daily comic for autists.

>"MisuzuxTanabe is dead"
>forgetting that he's the most hardworking character in the series

>tfw this is the week Misuzu starts getting doki doki for someone

Tomo is gonna make yakisoba for Tanabe's family. Carol and Misuzu as waitresses.

>carol arc sidetracked
>tanabe arc incoming
Holy shit this is gonna be good.

So he's not dead after all.

>Who's this guy again....

Title: A guy who arrives when you've forgotten about him
Panel 1
Tomo: Are there are any jobs where I can put my skills to work?
Misuzu: In a peaceful country like Japan? I wonder.
Carol: We might have one!
Misuzu: Be quiet.
Panel 2
Tanabe: What's that? You want to get a job?
Panel 3
Tanabe: If so, how about you three come work for us?
Panel 4
Tomo: (Who's this guy, again?)
Misuzu and Carol: Who are you?
Tanabe: Well that's odd...I'm your classmate, you know?

New character? They didn't even wait for Tomo to start working to introduce Jun's romantic rival?

Is like the author is daring me to drop it.


You're also here fucker.

oh cool, a new character.

Fucking hate this guy, and his rooster hairstyle.

Herpp derp uhhhh the comic is fucking bad guys herrrrrrrp derp

see you tomorrow... again...

>thread dead before 20 posts

That's every thread now.

It’s plebbit: the comic, so it’s obviously catered to autists.

>everything is reddit
Ah, youth.

>it's popular
>"that's because it caters to autists"
>it's unpopular
>"that's because it caters to autists"

cool, a new character

At this point this is just bullying of Tanabe. He's a less self aware and less cool pic related

Since when is Cotton Candy wearing an actual school uniform?

since she got a bf and has to wear something baggier to hide the bulge

they're all wearing winter outfits now


>Tomo: (Who's this guy, again?)
>Misuzu and Carol: Who are you?
I knew it was coming but still laughed heartily.

Thanks dropout
>Even Misuzu forgot who Tanabe is
Damn, cold. Also why is Misuzu turning down a job offer from Carol? She'd literally pay them in gold.

Tomo X Keroro Gunso crossover when?

>work for us
I guess the maid costumes are out of the question.

I imagine Misuzu is just being cold. Dunno about Carol since she's actually a smart girl, but Tomo legit forgot about him because she's a baka.

Chances of that happening are less than zero.

>She's actually a smart girl
Turn styles!


Fucking misuzu, that is the boy that gave you free food at the beach

I want to see how Carol's family would employ Tomo.

>Tanabe's cooking is that lousy
Is this man good for anything?
It would be fun to see a Keroro plushy sitting in Tomo's room.

Private security aka an Assassin..

You would think so, then it turns out that Ferris owns restaurants in Japan, inspired by the time she got knocked up working at one.

Tanabe probably has a growing family business that gets a steady number of customers but can use some new faces (in this case a cool-looking witch, a ditzy Blondie, and a reverse-trap)
If its a restaurant (something similar to the one he worked at during the beach arc) each of the girls can help bring in customers.

>even Misuzu forgot Tanabe
that shouldn't be a surprise

That would be the greatest. Sadly Keroro's too obscure anymore.

I didn't even think about it, but she probably forgot about him when she was giving the food to everyone else.
It's a shame, Keroro Gunsou is a fantastic comedy.


carol is shit

Tanabe: Bitch, I'm gonna make you say my name

>Tanabe says this
>He comes off as more pathetic than intimidating
>Even to the tiny stick that is Misuzu




Aki and Natsumi oyakodon when?

And the guy takes it with ease.
Misuzu doesn't deserve this guy.
Also, is this his arc?

>Takes it with ease
That's because he lacks all self-awareness.

Is it finally the year of tanabe?

Misuzu never remembers the guy

God i hope not, dude should walk off a cliff. I honestly thought he had been Chuck Cunninghamed but a lass the author remembered him

Shonen anime number 50 ends with ninja ️ O I becoming the H O K A G E

Fucking finally !
Best boy tanabe !

>Carol causally offering Tomo a job as a mob/yakuza goon

>Carol misunderstood and wasn't offering Tomo a goon position but a maid position

>Carol offered Tomo a maid position but Tomo ends up being the bouncer

>are there any jobs that would use my skills?
>my family might have one
Are we gonna get a follow up on this? what kind of use does Olstoncorp have for a Redheaded god of destruction? is it not enough they have their hands on weapons manufacturing, drones and pedorings?

Any of you been to Tokyo?

Unfortunately, I left Tokyo last week before volume 6 released. Didn't get a chance to pick up any of the store-bonus extras.

I don't think you are going to sell much noodles at the beach stall in October...

>inb4 4some w/ tanabe doujin

They still have their bodies.

Just because the summertime tourists are gone doesn't mean the locals are too.

who is that in the third panel? A new character?

bodyguard for Carol.

We may get Tomo in a dark suit with sunglasses. But this will kill the gyaryus, so we will probably never see it in the manga.


>Also, is this his arc?
Seems so, after pairing up Senpai and Carol and then totally forgetting about it, this time the author needs to pair up Misuzu with someone and it seems Tanabe guy is the only one interested in her, so that will happen even if it doesn't have any sense in the actual story.
Author is just ending this and he needs to pair up the spares in any way possible to finally pair Tomo and Jun in final arc.
It's so disappointing, if author will indeed pair up Misuzu with Tanabe and waste her on such boring male character I'm gonna drop it and won't read it anyway.

Since when do locals eat overpriced crap from a beach stall? The locals know where all the hidden good restaurants are.

The secret is that the good restaurant is hidden within the beach stall. Just need to know the right passwords.

Menus change.

the stall at the beach is only for summer, since the regular local customers are also all in vacation.

I want to fuck Misuzu

Get out

>Tanabe will look cool because he took his work seriously at his workplace

Screencap this, Mizusu will go doki2 when Tanabe grab her when she dropped her plates.