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Snail > Crab > Bat > Doll, Monkey > Bee > Bird > Snek

Snake > Bird >>> Bat > Snail > Doll > Bee > Monkey >>> Cat > Crab.


Shinobu > Hachikuji > Tsukihi > Kanbaru > everyone else

This except I give a slight edge to monkey over doll.
Snail best girl.

How can I convince my mother I don't need to see a psychologist? Before anyone asks, I'm 27 and living with my mother. No, I'm not unemployed and living in the basement. I do have a job and I'm still living at home because after my father died I didn't want to leave her on her own.

I'm also a big anime fan and a couple months ago I decided to get myself a dakimakura and a slightly lewd cover (exposed chest) for it with my favorite anime girl, Shinobu from the Monogatari series (yes, it's her young version). Best decision I've made in my life, the pillow is super comfortable and I get to sleep with Shinobu every night now, it couldn't possibly be better.

Well until she found it yesterday. I was gone for the day, went hiking with a friend, and when I came back she told me that she had decided to clean the whole house thoroughly and of course she had started with the bedrooms. I keep it under my bed in the large drawer and of course she had found it it there.

She was visibly upset about it, said that she had no idea that I was interested in stuff like that and called it gross. She also implied that it was the reason I had never been in a long term relationship and now wants me to see a psychiatrist because she's worried about certain tendencies I might have, which I really don't have though.

I tried to explain to her calmly my stance and that it's just anime merchandise of a favorite character of mine who is actually not a little girl but a 500 year old vampire, but she wouldn't listen. Then I tried explaining to her that no, I am not a pedo, I'm a lolicon. And there's a difference. She still wouldn't listen and now she insists on me seeing a psychiatrist while I don't see the reason for it at all.

How should I proceed from here, maybe to change her mind about it?

objective opinion coming through


spooky > all

requirements for an objectively good tier list:
1. Monkey in the top 3
2. You can move monkey to 4th if Snail is above her
3. Snek is last

good luck man, this is why ill never buy something like that, even if you're 100% sure no one will find it, someone might, and the shock of seeing something like that makes people draw conclusions, and the lack of understanding that people have for anime and anime merch makes their first impression pretty concrete it sucks, but that is the life we choose, what does she think making you see a psychiatrist will accomplish anyway, if you haven't acted on this irl in any way and it was completely undetectable to even the person that knows you the best in the world out of anyone she should be able to understand that its a hobby and not a mental disorder


Cat = Bat > Monkey > every other girl.



monkey monkey monkey

Math > Bird > Monkey = Snail > Snake > Bat > Everyone else

>not Cat over all
OP you fucking idiot


Snail>Cat>Bird>Bat rest is irrelevant

Bat = Snail = Doll > Monkey > Bee = Bird > Cat > Crab > Snake


i've never seen anyone call him tree before

True ranking coming through


Eh, fuck it, do it so she's off your case. What the worse that happens? You talk to someone and they say you're okay or that it's just someone to unload your problems to. People have a gross misconception that seeing a psychologist means your crazy or have a problem but all they'll really do is help put things in perspective for you so that you have more control. He'll probably just teach you a way to talk to your mom so she doesn't freak out about this kind of stuff.

>user replies to a pasta


What is he called then?

Not what I'd say, but pretty good taste nonetheless.

i'm not saying its a bad name, just that i've never seen it before


Cat, Snake and monkey are the only girls worth caring about. The rest are for weak willed soyboys.

Bee > Snake > *

Bat~Monkey>Spook>Snail>Doll>Math>the rest

post more ratings, they are really important and everyone cares about them

This is the only correct ranking:

How many years will it take for Araragi to drop his mental acrobatics and fuck Shinobu's brains out? Can he actually hold out until crab dies?

>Can he actually hold out until crab dies?
is he even still "immortal"?

The part in Owari where big bat wrapped him in her wings was her turning him again, thus restoring his immortality.


Anybody who has Snake anywhere near last should neck themselves.

>snakenigger pretending their awful opinion matters

>How many years?
According to Mayoi Jiangshi 100

Hanekawa > Nadeko > Kanbaru > Mayoi > Shinobu > Senjougahara > Yotsugi

Put snek in the end and ans bat at 3rd and this would be perfect



all gataris are best gataris but i save my cummies for bat, doll, snail

Snake is the only patrician choice, followed by bee, cat and monkey. Rest are all for weak willed men who like doormats.

How do I get a Bat gf?

Crab will leave him eventually. Their relationship is pathetic and beyond explanation.

Shinobu on the other hand, when she and Araragi finally confess they will breed for like a whole week.

Still no doujins of adult bat fucking shota Araragi.

bat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>shit>>>the rest

Anyone who thinks bat isn't the best needs to neck themselves.

Take walks at night around areas with picturesque streetlights.

This is the only choice that makes sense. Anyone who disagrees is either retarded or a pedophile(especially Bat lovers)

All gataris are cute, Nishio made sure they are all equally perfect.

>Bat lovers
But she’s 600 years old

except snek
fuck snek
not in a sexual way

You mean, Nisio, Watanabe, and VOFAN

>Likes Snake
>Calls bat fags pesos


>not wanting snake, the most weak-willed character in the entire series, makes you weak-willed
God damn. Snakefags are just as dependant on delusion as their waifu.

Liking Bat is weak willed and Pedophilic.

Snake is for men.

>Liking a 600 vampire makes you a pedo.
>Liking snake doesn't.

Snake, until after I fap and then bat.

Snake is all woman. Bat is jailbait.

Why do you hate snek?

I don't though.

The whole "going on a murderous rampage for months in an attempt to run from any ounce of personal responsibility or chance of failure and then brushing it off afterwards like nothing happened" deal really soured my opinion of her. She didn't have much going on besides her looks before that anyways.

Second this, but i'd place the >>> between cat and crap


No one hate her, she's the best for fucking.
I'd take 99th position.

Nisio will throw a curve and have Hitagi and Tsubasa marry, I can feel it.

This back and forth while he keeps having Senjou talk about how they will name their first girl Tsubasa, and how Hanekawa is her angel and she hates Oshino for infecting her with wanderlust that keeps her from having private outings with her. I feel Nisio is ready to throw us a curveball.

>all those brainlets unironically hating nadeko
>hurr durr snek do bad thing i haet it

Kaiki>Bat>Snail>Monkey>Crab>Cat>Doll>Bird>Bee>Math(needs more screentime)>Snek


top three

bat > doll > snail

Snek is objectively the most well written character in the series though.

Snail > Bat > Bird > Doll >>>


Only ironic weebs argue over this. Well, "argue." This is all for show after all, and it's not even necessary to have watched the series.




With Kaiki of course. Forgot him because the tgread was about best girls... oh yeah Kaiki is best girl.

What is she sitting on


How would she react to Hitagi's pregnancy?

She doesn’t care much about Ragi’s side life

Doesn't it make her cuck?


if you think in human standards, but she doesn't see humans as anything more than cattle
it would be like being jealous of your boyfriend's dog


But usually your boyfriend doesn't have a child from his dog.

People who put crab in top 10, let alone as favorite, should unironically never watch an anime again, and should go back to their home site called reddit
Snake, Bat, Sisters
That's it

Spook a besto

Bat is now daughter.
What do


Finally, someone has spoken the truth.
Crab is complete garbage that it boggles my mind.

Has anyone thought that since she can read Araragi's mind, she probably saw something about him and Senjougahara that hasn't been spoken of, and thats why she tolerates Crab?

She can't read his exact thoughts. Only emotions and feelings.
If anything she tolerates Crab because she knows he loves her.