His waifu can't use satellites to track their enemies and order a B-52 carpet bombing on a whim

>his waifu can't use satellites to track their enemies and order a B-52 carpet bombing on a whim

but she can because we have the same waifu

>his waifu uses this technology to make people stop flying in an attempt to get rid of war

My waifu can track rainbow lasers raning down at faster than light speed and put up a Ki barrier to shield herself and her friends

>he forgot denying flight was just the optimistic projection to discourage war and that jormungand is the ultimate mary sue wmd

God I fucking love this show, I hate it that they just forced the mangaka to rush it. Completely unsatisfactory ending.

that was the most fucking dumbshit "plan" ever

A the whole anime was fun to watch ending felt so out of place. From mercenary to some world controling maniac, for the good or not.

>his waifu needs bombs to be scary

what ending user?
it's a freaking amazing show that just stopped all of a sudden.
ep 24?
that's just crazy talk.

You sir have Tier 1 taste

Koko hacked the 2016 US election.


Controlling the world's information with a quantum computer wasn't a bad end state, but dropping all the planes and "closing the skies" was kind of stupid.

She could have taken over the internet and smartphones and held the entire world by the balls far easier than dropping planes.

I adore her dead doll eyes.

dont forget her smug smile

Who could forget?

Is Lehm an ldiot or is Lehm an idiot?

You tell me.

you cant say he didnt try
they got married and divorced multiple times

also I wish there was more art of chiquita

A treasure isn't a treasure because there's a lot of it.

she is a precious jewel
I want to experience as many facets of her that I can


It’s a shame about that tramp stamp on her arm.

I watched the whole anime precisely BECAUSE of all the smug in the opening (and the show itself).

>tramp stamp
That's not how it works.

>ywn have chiquita pout over you like a little girl

Was she a pedo?

I dare someone to find a better /k/ anime than this

First of all they were attacked unprovoked and suffered collateral on the defense. It was not enough for the victim party.