Shingeki no Kyojin

This is what true beauty looks like

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I wish I had a girl love me like Mikasa loves Eren please.

Rest in Peace Best Girl

She look good in the other panels.

I hope Eren continues to kill everyone like this. It's refreshing from the usual protagonists in manga/anime

The only ones who looked good all around were Sasha and Connie, and even Sasha had chin issues in one panel. I think it'll improve once Isayama is drawing their new designs more and he gets comfortable.

>Eren sends his memories back in time
>Wakes up as a kid
>Remembers his dream
>Story goes on for another 100 chapters with Eren changing how things play out due to his future knowledge

What did she taste like?

>Isayama redrawing old arcs and adding new twists
>Eren is his present self throughout
Fuck I'd read it.

Armin a cute.

Well, you better say goodbye to friendly interactions with other women.

>He's cursed for something like this to only happen when he never goes monster route by Ymir Fritz.

This is pathetic.

It gets worse and a few seconds later she even got jealous over dykemir.

Guessing a colossal titan powered zeppelin is going to show up with colossal titan powered weaponry to blow up the designated spots.

Eren will look up and his stoic face will turn into terror as he sees the queen giving him the biggest death glare in the series.


>Pretty much an alternate reality where Paradis has the Attack/Founding, Armored, Female, Jaws, and Colossal titans
>Marley gets stomped out in 2 or 3 chapters

Eren did nothing wrong

What's the female version of a soyboy?

I don't care. I don't talk to anyone let alone any girl. I wouldn't need anyone else.

Seriously, I don't know why I thought she could end up with someone else. I guess she won't choose anyone over Eren never.

Happy Birthday to Mikasa, im so proud of her!

Yeah, Falco is such a cool character! Happy birthday to him!


Fish-mouth Syndrome

Annie is cute and alive.

butch dyke

That's not quite it.

Butch dykes aren't soys though, they're cunts with far more aggression than a soy could ever have. Never heard of an onion girl.


Sasha is a cruel, heartless bitch


Levi and Annie?

Wow Annie looks good here

No he didn’t, the kids he killed would have been drafted to fight him anyways and their parents turned into titans for Zeke to control.

Is that Hanji and Eren?
Annie ain't the only one with a big nose, you know?


I know Hanji is smelly, but I didn't expect her to be this hairy as well.


blame Isayama. Hair is his fetish.

Hanjifags seem to love smelly and hairy women as well.

Gabi better not kill a nobody like floch, sasha, or connie. I demand that someone with greater or equal relvance than Jean gets got by Gab.

>Mikasa only posts "Eren a shit".

absolute kinography
>manlet and mikasa
>manlet and armin
>armin and mikasa
>jean, sasha and hanji
>hanji and manlet


>sasha, jean and connie


not even trying
>six nameless fodder

so nothing would change except that I'd have a qt yandere waifu

Jean and Historia? wow, double cuck

The patrician's JH

Very unlikely. Flocke is the most likely candidate

Women are hairy and smelly at times. You'd know that if you weren't a faggot.

>3d women
who the hell do you think I am


Its gonna be hard to kill someone when she herself will be the one to die

No shit, faggot. I'm talking about vomit inducing smell, because you never shower and being hairy all over your body like an ape.

Falco is going to run up and stop her because Reiner is critically injured
gabi is going to pull a needle out of her ass and eat reiner

nice projection there, faggot.

Patriots protect Marley.

Hanji smelling vomit inducing is confirmed though.

For me, it is Pieck.

More like Falco getting spinal fluid from the source and stealing the AT right from under Gabi's nose because he was in the right place at the right time. Because unfairness trumping skill and experience is how this works.

Mikasa smells


And body odour being considered attractive/desirable was confirmed by Isayama.

Isayama said it in the gekkan magazine about her. He said she is so invested in her research that she forgets to shower. He compaired her to extreme otakus in our world.

I love Pieck, but she's playing for the wrong team

>manlet bathes Hanji so she won't attract people
bravo Isayama.

>Reiner is critically injured.
>But Falco isn't.

>Humanity is the wrong team
This is why Grisha Yeager's books must be banned.

eren was holding reiner's hand as eren let loose
falco was already near the doorway

And? She still smells vomit inducing. I guess you also collect your toenails, just because Isayama is doing that and thinks it's great.

>wrong team
>Fighting to protect Humanity and her home.

And the whole building fell. But it's a fact if Falco is alive somehow he'll team up with Gabi.

Kill yourself, degenerate shipper.

>She still smells boner inducing
we're talking about Paradis here.

Since when is Jean and Annie a thing?

Humanity is a bunch of fags anyway

Is anything going to come of Mikasa and Jean calling out Eren and Floche for killing civilians? A SC civil war would be cool.

more like prison, it's like slaves fighting for the Confederacy

What is the point of them both being alive? One of them has to die for the other to develop.

Why is Hisu so based

They mean that her side is going to lose surely. No one could look at this and think that Paradis are the good guys but you can say with absolute certainty that they will win and everyone fighting for Marley will perish

Best pilot.


Udo and Zofia already died for that.

And I'm talking about how she actually smells if you were next to her.

Are Mankasafags going to look for another "waifu", or will they face the music and admit they're homosexuals?

Newflash you idiot, they all smell like shit. The difference being, the smellier you are, the hotter you are.

Probably part of the EMA split. Eren/Floche on one side with Armin/Jean on the other. Mikasa is probably stuck in the middle between being a moral person and embracing the teachings of TATAKAE.

...does she have black eyes or is that just the shading?

She got that part from her waifu. I love how at the end she combined both Frieda's and Ymir's influence and turned into a mixture of them.

it's not even funny anymore, besides the OP Warhammer titan the Cart has literally been carrying the entire Marley side while Reiner cries underneath rubble, Porco jobs, and Zeke schemes

>One of them has to die for the other to develop.
Like Connie and Sasha except Isayama pussied out of it

oh good, Isayama is here
please tell us which ships will sail

So LHfags indeed love vomit inducing smell and collect their toenails.

You tell me

Armin was the one who came up with slaughtering civilians before anyone else, and he was planning on killing their own civilians and not just enemy ones. He isn't going to have any problem with what is happening in Liberio, not unless Isayama decides to do a 180 on his character out of nowhere.

You're forgetting Magath.

Are you calling Isayama a LHfag?

Armin was joking :^)

Because he says it does not mean he's good doing it.