Is rape also Killing Bites?

Is rape also Killing Bites?

Hands off mah cheetah


Rape is also part of Killing Bites in fact one will get rape at the end.




The one with the sharpest genitals gets to cum.

It's not rape if she cums, okay?

Imagine if there's dolphin brutes.

He has the sharper fangs as a king cobra so yes

Before I picked this up, I thought it was just a meme that the one with the sharpest fangs wins.
But that's what Killing Bites is.

There was one on the papers Hippo had, but she was a woman. Assuming you're talking about the velocity of their ejaculation, it's a huge meme anyway. Remember, F=m*a

99 mph cum is the least of your worries when it comes to dolphins, the rapist clowns of the sea

>killing fucks doujin
>first person to cum fucking dies


why did cheeto turn out to be such a jobber?

she really thinks she is hot shit just because of her onii-chan

Brute Platypus when?


She deserves this for being /u/





More like Kemono sluts

More like Terrawhoremars.

everything is killing bites


I won't be needing hands for this one, I assure you

This cunt deserves it

i must have more

I'm angry and hard at the same time

gecko bitch is hot

i wish she'd grabbed me and never let me go



We didn't genetically modify catgirls for them to NOT get dicked senseless on camera for our entertainment.

Inaba? More like InaBest.


does the bunny get dicked ever?

She's a big deal now so she probably fucks bishies

God damnit, they actually incorporated the meme, those madmen!


I STILL can't get over the fact they unironically called it "Destroyal".

I mean just think about this. You have a whole group of intelligent people that genetically engineered real furries, and they couldn't think of a better name than motherfucking "Destroyal"? What the fuck.


It's like destroy+royal. You don't get it

Okay smartass what should it be then?

This arc is like the Rape-iest "Slytherin vs Hufflepuff" fanfic ever... demo sore wa Killing Bites da.

sweet dreams can sure be made from these

It's about the level of intelligence you should expect from the show. This is one grade below nanatsu and queen's blade plotwise at this rate.

Whirlybirdy Bite n' Hurty


More like InaButt




She gets the dick next right?

AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOGA!!! *bangs on desk*

best girl

The one with the sharpest clit wins


It's spiked too!

at the end, but she gets thoroughly put in her place by cat dick

What about Raping Bites?


wish granted

Is mayonnaise killing bites?


I want to stick my finger in her buttcrack.

I know rabbit is anime original, but who was the original third member for the team?

The only anime originals so far are the eye laser lizards

I appreciate the lewdness and rapiness of this show

Same bun. Bun's introduction tho happened later in the manga and was much shorter.

Can she sell me car insurance?

Oh. I genuinely don't remember her even showing up. The only rabbit I remember is the bunnygirl that Cobra fucked so hard that she became retarded. Time to go reread the early chapters.

Would rape.

the sort of part Catherine Deneuve used to sink her teeth into in the early 70s that one!

I'm so glad the anime team gave bunny more screentime. She's one of the main reasons I picked this series up.


Cheetahs Mommy?

I'm fairly sure author worked with anime stuff for that. He invented her character too late and introducing her properly in the anime was his idea.

why is this show slowly turning into hentai?

pleb filter

Brother, they've aired uncensored tits, and we're getting dick rubbing on slit soon. This shit's softcore hentai. Wonder how the anime will treat that.

>Wonder how the anime will treat that.
There is no way they gonna animated "that" part

There's no way they won't.

Forgot pic.

>they've aired uncensored tits
huh? don't remember seeing that

In the manga, Bunny only shows up once the Destroyale starts.
Her recruitment story is anime only

Porcupine episode in the park. She flashes MC her tits.

The porcupine bitch. In the manga, she had pasties, but they aired her with full nipples.

>they aired her with full nipples.
absolutely mad lads

>In the manga, she had pasties

not in the german version, Schweinehund!

Based krauts. And here I thought you have everything heavily censored.

Only blood and knives are censored in germany though

But not nipples? What is this, reverse-america?

it's not a matter of language version, it's a matter of TANK version. fat elf also censored the tits in magazine version but the tank version had uncensored tits.

Why did she stop wearing panties?

nowadays, only swastikas

muh can't deal with our history

No panties can hold her transformed forms, she isn't Hulk you know

Her ass gets too big after transformation and wearing panties becomes a hassle.

When is the show going to start putting in things like Dinosaurs and Dragons?

>Come closer!
>O... Okay.