Why aren't they more popular? nothing to meme about?

Why aren't they more popular? nothing to meme about?

They are not dabbing

Married couples are sadly not popular.

since I can never see H&M thread alive, have a stitch

It's boring as fuck. Like some 30 year old tried to look at what's popular and tried to recreate that without any spunk.

Why do you want them to be popular? Slow threads are the best.
Anyone who isn't watching this show for whatever reason deserves missing out on it, and I'm not going to bother convince anyone to start watching it.

I like the manga

I really want watch this show, but the fansubbers take a month to release an episode in my main language ;_;

I don't know, but I like everything about it, such as the linework, colors, composition and character design. It also has great background art.

back to your shonen general

Didn't realize this was your safespace... oh wait it's not. If you don't like criticism maybe Sup Forums isn't for you.

it aligns with yuru camp to create maximum comfiness. these little fairies live innawoods and keep them safe for cute girls to visit.

>30 year old

I don't get it, are you saying that 30 year olds are old? Not sure what you're getting at.

>shitposts against a show in a thread where fans of the show discuss
>responds with "wtf not ur safespace u guys cant take criticism" when told to fuck off.
You're either dense as fuck or you have no idea how this site works.

>if I say it's a shitpost I don't need an argument

Please just leave Sup Forums before you embarrass yourself any further.

Why don't you make an argument first faggot?

So he tried to mindlessly recreate a SoL about inchlings because it's popular? I have no idea from which world this author came from where that's the case but it seems to be a nice place.

Still no argument I see. Mine's on the table. Pathetic you have to pretend but you're in denial.

Explain the 30 year old thing because I am genuinely both baffled and curious. That doesn't sound old enough to fall under any "out of touch middle-aged person" stereotypes.

Here's my argument: get out of Sup Forums you faggot piece of shit.

>That doesn't sound old enough to fall under any "out of touch middle-aged person" stereotypes.
I guess it does if you're 14.

No you haven't. You asserted that it was boring. To make an argument you need to back it up with substance, which you haven't done, so either do it or fuck off you stupid faggot.

I wanna touch Iwashi's tail.

Not for me, it's a lot more entertaining to watch, than i thought it would be.

Not sure why this was deleted. Is it really against the rules to post an opinion and defend it? We punishing thought-crimes now?

>Is it really against the rules to post an opinion and defend it?
No, its against the rules to resort to flaming and obvious trolling. If he had framed his posts in a constructive manner without disrupting the flow of the thread then he wouldn't have been deleted.

I like the idea but feel it's a bit lacking. Mostly I hate the directing.
And I think it's a bit stuck being not as comfy and relaxed as Yuru Camp but not exciting enough to be anything else.

Having ESL grammar on the other hand is a banworthy offense.

I’m actually surprised it’s not more popular. There’s loads of advertising for it in Japan but to no avail I guess.

Because the main characters are voiced by lesser-known seiyuu. If they were voiced by seiyuu like Kana Hanazawa or Saori Hayami, I'm betting, people will talk about it more.

People don't relate to being working adults apparently.

Apparently you can handle English well enough, why don't you watch it in english then?

he obviously just jumped over from reddit

I always end up smiling with this show, very heartwarming
they're hands and feet freak me out though, so stubby

Seriously don't understand why these get deleted. Pointing out someone's fallacies is apparently not allowed on Sup Forums.

The "sweetie/honey" kind of posting is considered low quality so it's not allowed on the Imperial Sup Forums.

I get they are lesbians, but I can totally see them doing a threesome with Iwashi. Of course Hakumei will force them despite both being reluctant.

>threesome with Iwashi
The fuck is wrong with you?

I find Hakumei's voice unique and soothing so that likely means the seiyuu will never work again

But of course everything is popularity contest even the anime casting. It's very rare to see any anime with lesser-known seiyuu as the main role to get popular except the isekai stuff.

>No school setting
>No little girls, only smol beans
>No lewds
>No epic comedy gags
>No drama
>No grimdark shit

So yes, most popular shows have something to circlejerk about and meme potential.

Setting is nice but the characters are dull as fuck, and characters are the crux of a SoL.

Did you even watch the latest episode? Hakumei got some very nice development.
And there's nothing to do with the show itself, threads for it have been dead since the first week. It's more a matter of people who didn't pick it up in first place for whatever reason.

God I wish I was Iwashi here.

>you'll never ride around on him and sit on his tail
It must be unimaginable levels of comfy.


wait i havent watched the show since the firt episode because it was kinda boring, but are they lesbos now? i thought they wete just friends that lived together


They are but they also give a vibe of married couple. Until this episode there were no mention of male inchlings whatsoever.

Hakumei to Mikochi reminds me a lot of "The Gnole" by Alan Aldridge.

There were a few background ones.

>Why aren't they more popular?
Because some of the story's difficult to click unless you've been working, traveling and/or drinking alcohol

Popularity isn't always a good thing. Just look at the FranXX and VEG threads.


2/10 not even worth replying

why cant threads be comfy and fairly active like Shoujo Shuumatsu and Tsuki ga Kirei generals anyway?

I'm completely okay with the lack of shitposting.

I want to touch Hakumei's stubby feet.

get in line

Cute show.

Sen best girl.

People only watch anything with the usual moe and waifubait, things with actual substance are ignored, good anyways, I love this meme free threads

I should start reading the manga. I like the idea, the characters, and the setting. But it feels unbearably slow watching a half-hour episode of this. I'd rather read it at my own pace.

Oh, he's a girl?

I thought the same at first, until a chapter of the manga where she tries a dress, took me by surprise


Because few people are watching this I guess the main duo dont have the usual cutness animefags like, also, this is a real SoL no CGDCT

You people are way too afraid of traps holy shit.

>wanting even -more- filthy secondaries going
>Roommates do not exist, they are clearly fucking.
>I’m going to make it fucking obvious I haven’t read the source material by asking if there are male midgets.

Anime adaptations were a mistake.

Pretend elitism from mangafags is much worse though.

>Implying animefags dont have their own elitism

All groups here are elitist in someway

>example after example of threads going to shit after the adaptation.
I’m not pretending, bucko.

I am gay for Iwashi, but the anime has nothing to do with it.

Probably because official subs are unwatchable and fansubs take a bit.

I actually supports this, I have seen many serie that maybe just get threads when a new chapter is out or a dump happens, but those threads are good, people talk about the new chapters, theories are made, or jokes, waifufags are civil, even fun having some around, any meme isnt overposted to death, but usually all that goes to shit once animefags get in, even after the anime ends sone stick around, briging waifu wars, unfunny or tired memes, shitposting for the sake of shitposting, instead just baiting a certain group of fags or something

it's another case of Lerche being the most boring studio ever, ruining everything they touch

Top quality SoL anime right there, therefore not popular

Every thread "goes to shit" as soon as they get enough posters, that's true for manga-only series as well. Whining about the kind of posts you don't want to see in them does much more harm to any thread than just posting the kind of content you want to see and ignoring the posts you in particular dislike.

The less mass an object has, the less force is imparted on it when hitting the ground after a fall. So, why was Hokumei in danger when she fell inside the windmill? She probably would have been fine if you checked the math.

Hakumei has alot of mass.

>She probably would have been fine if you checked the math.
The fall was over so quickly that no one had the time to calculate.

Why people hate real and genuine quality?

Because everyone has their own ideals of "real and genuine quality". Trying to force your own ones into them is stupid.
People can only see what they want to see.

Corpse wranglers are never best.

The windmill is full of sharp gears and planks.

Most of Sup Forums want to feel the epic experience of ´´watching the shows with Sup Forums´´, which is usually choosing the most popular shows with populated threads and spaming threads.For example, the second season of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo, it was really good as s1, but the threads were small in numbers, everyone was busy posting on Konosuba ,Maid dragon, little witch academia and gabriel drop threads. It's ironic because Sup Forums usually acts like elitist but the site always shows the trend that the most populated threads are not always the best ones in terms of quality.

Your mom and I are gonna try to recreate you with plenty of spunk since you ended up being a such a failure

>Konosuba ,Maid dragon, little witch academia and gabriel drop

the only serie I "saw with Sup Forums" was konosuba, and boy the threads were shit.

That is because the only shows worth watching with Sup Forums are trainwrecks.

or join during a massive shitstorm, after years of being shit, dropped a long time ago, and didnt really care or it, the shitstorm when bleach ended and IchiHime was canon, man that shit was awesome, all the butthurt anons

>or join during a massive shitstorm,
Grim Reminder 2 was a fucking mess. It was great

This show makes give me feels.

I watched the first EP. It was alright but not as comfy as I had hoped. It wasn't slow or anything, just "boring".

Look at these fucking gluttons.

Their home is super comfy though.

>tfw no mikochi to return to.

I wanna terrorize their little town.

I actually was expecting for humans to appear early on the manga, but when I realized they had their own little word going I threw the idea.

I want to help them with construction work!
As for you, sir, pic related.