Cup noodle

Yurika on the last page!

A cute.

>smells like instant noodle
>princess of love and courage, good at smog and poison


>Jealous of beetles
Laugh now, but that's how much Koutarou and MaKenji lust over insects.


Didn't even Sanae comment at one point when following her spiritual trail that Yurika's smells like instant ramen? Not trying to bully, but that's incredibly sad.


>three roku threads in two weeks

nigga he's dead

Did you get the Ultra for 4K content?

Reminder that volume 26 and 27 are out. Give those a read before being spoiled by people talking about it.

Nah, I got the base model. It's been having issues working, so I've been hitting it a couple of times.

28 soon. Shizuka is the cover girl this time.

Legitimate Shizuka discussion: She's the only person in the harem I don't really get. All the other characters had much more reasons, development, and page time, to get attached to Satomi. Compared to that I felt like the just ended up there- and I still don't see how her romantic or deeply personal connection developed. I get with the dragon her fate ended up being involved with his, but she was never really prominent and felt more like she became a friend of everyone than romantically interested in koutarou. I'm not saying she's a bad character, but it became really obvious in volume 26 with the I love you confessions from everyone in the end and a bit of discussion in 27 how those feeling from her don't feel as set up as they are from the other girls in the harem.

Hopefully this one can last as long as the other two.


We're already going at maximum yurika-last-page-bullying speed, we're going to run this one into the ground in record time.

Shizuka has the least bond to Koutarou when compared to everyone else, being that of a landlady and a tenant when it's all said and done.
Shizuka may have gone to hell and back for her tenants, but she's never been at the heart of any major story arc, and her own personal issues have been resolved within her chapter.

I don't see how that would change if we don't explore the legacy of Alunaya more in the coming chapters.

>felt more like she became a friend of everyone than romantically interested in koutarou
That's pretty much what happened. She said that everyone in room 106 had become like a family to her. The only particularly romantic scene between Shizuka and Koutarou was her telling him about her parents in volume 14.

That's not unique to her. Frankly all of the girls here are this band of sisters after vol 12 ish.

I wish we had gotten to see more interactions between Elle and Koutaro. They were always cute together.

I really do enjoy Clan's interactions with Elle.
Elle had to wait 20 years before the Clan that she knew would come back to her, which turned their relationship from sovereign and her subject to two really old friends.

>Yurika's a cosplayer
>memory wipe
This should be illegal.

Maki apologized
Nana agreed
Don't bother the cosplayer about it

Why do I have to find a Rokujouma thread right before I go to bed? You mother fuckers better keep it alive until morning.

Should I read the J-Novel club or BT transaltions?

Does BT go to 27?

I'm just starting

you're in for a fun ride user. Yurika's struggle is endearing.

Don't bully the princess of love and courage

When Koutaro meet's the goddess again could he also meet up with Alaia who's in heaven right now?

I am not sure if the shattered Signaltinn is really gone for good. Frankly, I am skeptical at this moment if Harumi is truly Alaia-free.

no you dont

Oh no you don't

This image feels like it's from a cg set where she gets violently raped by insects, but I can't place my finger on why that comes to mind.

I hope your right, I don't want Alaia to be truly gone. Honestly I mostly dropped the series because of this story line.

J-Novel and B-T share the same translator (it was probably the only way) but J-Novel versions have been re-edited for accuracy and flow.

Nice to see the thread lasted the night.


Read what is available from J-Novel and then the BT translation for the rest.

Alaia isn't in heaven her piece of soul has returned to Harumi's.

Signaltin isn't shattered anymore. Harumi can never be Alaia free because she is literally Alaia.

Is that true, I heard the part of her soul that was Alaia transcended to heaven along with a girl who was close to her, I think her name was Charl.

Who is better bullying material Yurika or Clan?

Stop it. Based rivalman and his girlfriend are in just some other inhabitants planet

I hope to god that he's alive

We lived, bitch.


What would satomi koutaro do, get one huge breakfast burrito, or a bunch of small ones that are a dollar each?

Signaltinn didn't shattered, after Koutarou used Nelfalaren(Signaltinn and Saguratin combined), it was returned to normal and the life force signaltinn used now is from the 9 girls

Just posting to say that this series is amazing.

They're dead user.

You guys hyped that we're finally getting the goddess arc?


Just finished the anime yesterday. Decent for a harem.
Yurika’s plot interests me the most. It was frustrating how everyone forgot what happened but she’s a good girl who isn’t in it for the glory.

I just hope that they don't pull the "they all find out but then are given amensia" bullshit cop out. That really pissed me off in the anime, and I'm still a little upset that even after maki joined the group she never undid that.

Sanae is just too pure in her love and clinglyness, it's so endearing. I will repost this webm every thread because it's too cute.

>It was frustrating how everyone forgot what happened but she’s a good girl who isn’t in it for the glory.
I wasn't a fan of this either when I watched the anime, but the novels made me glad it happened. Yurika desperately trying to deny she was a magical girl when Koutaro finally found out was great.

Can we say without a doubt we're gonna get an harem ending out from this one lads? I fucking hope that's the case.

They've already confessed their love to each other, and everyone is okay with sharing.



They are one same girl at any rate.

But the whole 'given amnesia' thing already happened in earlier volume at Forsarria. Yurika merged with Clan, Kiriha and Maki, and the 4 of them came to realize something real important while being merged into that higher being, yet they couldn't recall what was it that they came to realize.


Which explains exactly why they are all best girls.

Girls aren't supposed to like bugs. How un-ladylike of her.

That's saying that Ruth is the model of what a girl ought to be

>Girls aren't supposed to like bugs
This. Girls are supposed to be bugs.

>not appreciating based Hercules beetle

Anyone know?

Stop bullying Yurika faggots, this is why i never wanted a second season.

What do you mean? Yurika the cosplayer lives in a closet, eats instant noodle and cannot unto STEM.

>Shizuka's parttime job

It's fine because her fusion spell is OP.

She's made for bullying! only a cosplayer for the rest of her life.

They are probably only forgetting because we haven't gotten to the arc itself.

Maybe we'll see what happened to the girls when they combined this arc.

The uniform seems weird.

Poor Alaia

she didn't deserve it

>she didn't deserve to be by her loves side and live the life she always dreamed of
Alaia got exactly what she wanted.

I am expecting the typical "me vs 9 parts of me" question to Koutarou.

Harumi's essentially everything that Alaia had desired and then some. Alaia had to shoulder everything without realizing that she's not alone, which is a mistake that Harumi won't repeat.

We did it Rokujoumabros

Her biggest part in all this was the glue that held them all together at the beginning and now shes basically the best wingman available who koutarou still cares for and trusts entirely with anything and everything.

Why does Sup Forums like this show whereas Japan has completely forgotten about it the same way they forgot about their war crimes during WWII?

I am just a bit let down that the only thing that Shizuka's dealing with on a personal level's just "muh weight".

>Japan has completely forgotten about it
The light novel sells well enough that the author plans on it being 40 volumes. Most of the people in these threads read the light novels.

More like from Empress Aunt and rival family Neice to good friends

The weight thing is just a running joke more than anything. She has severe loneliness issues due to losing her parents and the big family atmosphere that koutarou and the rest bring fills the hole in her heart.

Because Sup Forums has good taste and Japan has shit taste.

Charl is basically theia though from the blue knight's cast

>Sup Forums has good taste
You shouldn't tell lies user.

I kind of feel for Clan. She's been through so much shit after ancient Fortforthe to the point that her interactions to Kiriha and Elle sound more like banters between old vet buddies in a way.


Come to think of it, would Clan be forced into denouncing her own Schweiger kin at this rate? The story did touch on this a bit earlier where Clan made clear her resolve to stand for the integrity of the Royal family and the Empire before her blood family.

It seems more like shes not the head of the family but shes some what the best scientist of the family so she will be the head eventually. They cant do anything to her no matter how much she abuses her position to suppor the mastir side so i think the rest of her family is a moot point in and of itself.

Except Koutarou owns DKI now.

We are on Goddess of Dawn arc now. I am fucking hyped.

>implying koutarou doesn't want to know when he's found
Elexis agreed to join the Satomi band of knights afterall.