Dragon Ball Super

What's his name again?

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jobdroid killselfteen

Pedro 17

Reminder Jiren will bow just like the rest.

Android arkbar

Android 17. Lapis


>Reminder Jiren will bow just like the rest.
Implying frizea Won’t win on default

Weaker than Kale

Lapis. A true nigga and the strongest human.

Reminder that broly is beautiful.


Pan is for ___

And the award for lamest backstory ever goes to:

Congratulation Jiren for being blander than plain yogurt!!!

the proper pronunciation is "rapist", you plebs.

He's the real MVP of the tournament.




At this point I'm starting to doubt the manga will be able to fix the terrible writing. It's way too much shit.


Fagdroid 17


So Frieza didn't get a barrier and survived Jiren's unstoppable attack without getting eliminated?

thats the joke


>J-Just one, please...

Eating Kale's ass has that effect on everyone.

Shitty filler shows like GT.

CHADroid 17


ignoring the saiyans and buu, can anyone else in this picture planet bust?

Where does everyone watch their DBS streams?

>I'll start



>the CITY of Jobren

>right on the tip kale!

So has anyone made a webm of this scene but with a pinball sound when Freiza starts bouncing off the rocks?

Número diecisiete.


Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Kurirrin, #18, probably Yamcha.

Friendly reminder this nigga is a runaway GoD


GOD I'm excited for this to be dubbed

Keep in mind that Frieza so far has been holding back.
He said against Toppo he used less than 0% of his power

> 17 of all people managed to hurt and tick off Jiren

episode was kinda retarded, but I liked these parts.

>17 was able to get a sneak attack on Jiren when not even Hit could
I'm glad this mary sue piece of shit is dead.


cry moar

>implying hit wasn't an even bigger mary sue

Broly would do no such thing to kale.

Retard the difference is Jiren's full attention was on Hit because he recognized him as a threat, 17 only landed a shitty hit because Goku and Vegeta were right there in front of him.

for sabat to add tfs tier jokes you mean?


Jiren can sense Hit's ki, no matter how much Hit is able to suppress it. Android 17's ki is impossible to sense, plus he was preoccupied with Goku and Vegeta

No ki to read :^)

you need to stop posting this and things like this

You have four episodes to fix Dragon Ball Super. What do you do?


>17 died through self destruction
>had his bomb removed
that's bullshit Jiren clearly killed him El Grande Padre is a scumbag

keep crying

>he doesn't want some boi pussi
I bet you like girls too faggot.

How could they fuck up a back story so bad, DB super has the shittiest writers.

That face reminds me of Severus Snape

>El Grande Padre is a scumbag

In other news, the sky is blue.

Webms don't have sound user

use Vegitto or Gogeta,

none of this Goku winning solo shit again.

>Jiren gets a massive powerup
>Goku, vegeta and 17 had a lot of trouble to keep up with Jiren before his "power up"
>They are somehow able to keep up with Jiren now
>El Grande Padre told everyone that nobody can fly unless they have wings
>Half of the episode is about them flying around
>Jiren evades the attacks of everyone even though their attacks shouldn't even scratch him
>17 couldnt even hurt toppo before becoming a GoD yet he somehow is able to hurt a powered up Jiren
>A Jiren's punch made a ssg blue go through 5 giant rocks in past episodes
>In minute 11 a powered up Jiren punches 17
>His attack doesn't make him crash against the platform and get eliminated or even hurt 17 at all
>Everyone gets launched constantly at crumbling platforms above the abyss yet nobody falls off by mistake
>They are fighting at the destroyed left side of the arena
>After Jiren destroys the platform of Goku and Vegeta the arena suddenly appears below them

They really did rushed this episode holy shit

Vegeta get's UI. Goku and Frieza are knocked off and Vegeta solo's Jiren with mastered UI. Vegeta becomes the new Dragon Ball protag and is now consistently stronger than Goku.

18 and Piccolo. Krillin and Tien can at least pull a FIVE MINUTES tier attack on the planet. Goten and Trunks might be able to pull it off.

He's for vegeta, back off sluts.



He looks more like Kars in that pic.

>Implying db super writers remember
DB super is literal fan fiction.

no shit,
he's the final of the multi-verse

user, you're missing one key factor to your accusation
>jiren throws out attack to knock goku and vegeta off
>17 dives in front of it
suicide does not count

the universes don't get brought back for one

Yes they do, just not on the poverty boards, like Sup Forums

>chimps out the second he gets hurt
What a salty faggot

17 is the only one who isn't a retard and actually cares about survival. Vegeta is too much of an honorfag to use strategy, while Goku is a big fight slut trying to trigger ultra instinct.


At some point they really need to decide if Frieza is actually getting fucked up, or he's really just fucking around.


>Jiren eliminates everyone on the first episode, U7 gets erased for good ensuring no more franchise raping
>Jiren wishes to meet the guy that killed his family, two episodes of them fighting
>Final episode he sacrifices himself and they both die

the poor bastard just wanted a damn boat

Wait can Krillin really do that?

>DBZ Future Trunks
Total badass warrior of the future
>DBZ Super Future Trunks
soyboy to the max, holy fuck what a wimpy bitch.

Hey retards, literally any ki user can self destruct

>if he doesn't know it/doesn't guard it he can be hurt!
Are they seriously trying to set up so Freeza can backstab Jiren after everyone loses on the last second or something after he has been made a complete joke of?

>Freeza was injured and hiding at the end of last ep
>Pops out for 5 seconds just to go back to doing that again in this ep

Felt pointless and out of character for Freeza to randomly rage and do that, its already been established that he had zero intention of trying to fight Jiren head on.

If Jiren's backstory is different in the manga would that mean Toriyama came up with this guy and expected other people to come up with a background for him? His one scene in the manga seems to contradict everything from this episode at least.

we need next-gen saiyans

>can't afford food
>but suddenly can afford grand wedding

he has endless stamina right? so he could literally impregnate every single woman on the planet


>You need a bomb to self destruct.
Chiaotzu and Vegeta say hi.

>Turns out it was Frieza this whole time that killed his master and family
>He was too traumatized to remember it was Frieza

Full power Kamehameha's are fucking strong. Don't even have to be that good at ki attacks for that shit. Just point downwards or at an angle from the sky.

>Frieza got a hit in too
Get out of here with that ki bullshit. The moment energy is gathered, it becomes detectable.

Lapis, that's his real name.