You can't argue this and you know you can't

You can't argue this and you know you can't

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Nice try kyoanustard. Everything but VEG is on the left.

But I don't watch any of these

Again, VEG sticks out like a sore thumb, please VEGgag you’re ruining my impression of other show by proxy.

But I watch all of them

Wow look at you go mad for your tits and ass anime

Nah I just find it offensive that you would actually stain those good shows by putting them next to that steaming pile of shit called VEG.

You're right, I can't argue this. Because you're just trolling, and it would be pointless.

>Muh consolewars
Am I on Sup Forums?

Is that how you move your goalpost? That was fast dude

Of all of those shows I'm only watching Koi wa Ameagari and and Pop team Epic.
I think Violet is pretentious and Darling is juvenile so I'm avoiding them like the plague.

Replace the KyoAnus shit with Mitsuboshi Colors.

Quit VEG and we have a deal

Pop Team Epic has the most staying power because it is the most original and unique. Pretty soon no one will care that generic seasonal shows even existed.

Welcome to nuchan

>Pop Team Epic has the most staying power

Its popularity won't even make through 12 episodes though

>commercial for shitty camping gear
>cultured people

Replace VEG with Takagi-san and you have a good list

that shit sucks

>>Pedophilia on the left
no thanks

Japanese Robot Chicken threads are already dying off halfway through the season.

Remove VEG and you're good.

The characters on the left are older than the ones on the right though?

Yeah, fucking VEG

Guess I'm a retarded manbaby because I'm sick of romance and slice of life.

>make """criticism""" of pop team epic
>get "okotta" or trolled indefinitely
It just has the meme potential to wave off shitposters.

What if I like literally all of them

Replace VEG with Card Captor Sakura or Gakuen Babysitters

>he doesn't just read Manga instead

plebs, all of you

There is no anime for cultured people.

I haven't seen Koi but I'm with you. It's a good season which means Sup Forums is in overdrive with shitposting.

You Kyoani faggots are really getting out of hand. It’s not like they’ve never made anything good, but pick your fucking battles. The more you cheer for every turd they pinch out, the fewer people are going to believe you when they actually release good things.

You and your ignorance

Move VEG and Koi to the right, put Colors on the left. There, your pedo top3 on the left and the shows you should watch this season on the right.

die kyoani shill die

VEG is their best.

>I think edgy magical girls anime is for cultured people.

Will VEG shitters ever recover?

Remove VEG and this is absolutely true

No one really cares about PTE though.
New episode just aired and its thread barely nearing 400 replies even though it has been up for 10 hours.

wtf I love VEG now

Pretty much what Ruby said. It’ll be forgotten soon enough. Staying power, kek.

Switch FranXX and VEG, and add in CCS, Koizumi-san, and Hakumei to Mikochi to the left and I agree.


dont pretend these arent all shit except poputetipikku

VEG is dogshit

Fuck off pedro

I guess I'm cultured retard, because i love all of them.

>sora yoi
Literally the fedora tipper anime of the season.

i'm watching all of them

I swear to God your picture holds more truths than you can possibly realize.

How the fuck do you people manage to turn every thread into a VEG thread?

Netflix shilling.

Citrus should be the only anime on the left.

>Violent Everturd
>cultured people

Pop Team Epic really requires me to be in a different state of mind and think though.


KusoAni shitters should be placed into gas chambers like the jews.

Because they scared, that someone will like VEG.

Sup Forums dont like mature or fun anime, we only likes retarded shit, "culture anime" are for Reddit and MAL

>dragging sora yori into your seasonal show wars

It's the only way it stays relevant.

Step aside goobers.

Franxx is honestly garbage and anyone who's still watching its opinion can be discarded, I have no strong feelings either way towards pop team epic though and touken ranbu is the truly cultured anime of this season

>original and unique
Meaningless praise from someone who hasn't had an original thought in his life. Its execution is shit and a lot of its shock value only works once whereas several of the other shows have stellar execution and are very rewatchable. Execution will always matter more than something being "unique".

Remember Dec 2017 all those Dragon Ball Super threads.

In that case I'm happy with it being irrelevant.

What's wrong with Franxx? Other than, you know, the butt steering...

Violet Evergarden is so good it manages to take something silly like pic related and turn it into something unsettling.
The protagonist is also very interesting to observe and the animation is the best in many years.

>cartoons have rights now
Shouldn't you be in a Hotline Miami thread calling its posters murderers for wanting to play it?

>it's a metaphor for sex XD
and aside from that it doesn't really do anything particularly well the show is just dull as shit you could watch literally anything else this season and be more entertained

"Whenever I hear the word 'culture'... I remove the safety from my Browning!"

They're all good and you guys should stop arguing over such petty things.

>he's a subculture bitch

>cultured people
>idiots who put bandages on metal hands

move every show to the right except Yuru Camp and this picture will be correct.

25 animes ongoing and the fact Sup Forums only can check seven or less. Of course seven weekly animes is good because no cannibalize super-important threads "It's ___ birthday today" "3x3" "write anime plots" "Pre-2000s " "appreciation " "Weekend Waifu" "Drawthread"

There are no mature anime or mature fiction in general and there doesn't need to be. If you think there does, you're just insecure.


Yuru and PTE on the left and it is perfect.

FranXX is wasted potential. The cockpit for the main robot should've been designed differently, with the pair being in a more personal position to control the mecha. Like facing each other for instance, or almost kissing.
It would've given 02 an entirely different nuance, symbolizing that those who ride with her die because they don't care about her.

But nah fuck that, let's make it the same shit and have the protagonist vomit some sex jokes.

>All that boring cookie cutter shit on the left
Though Darling doesn't do anything special and PTE is just a seasonal distraction I don't plan to archive.

>typing like a retard
>lumping pre-2000s and draw threads with shit like 3x3 threads
Fuck off and die.

Oh and throw in some kind of demon AIDS just to be more clear about the sex thing. Is so fucking stupid, I can't handle how it tries to take itself seriously.

Not by a very long shot.


I'd kind of like it if the MC dies from it.

Too bad he's got MC immunity and will somehow not die from it.

He won't. It's going to be another red x blue demon trope.

I've been falling pretty behind this season, so I don't really get any of the "hype" shows yet.

Koi wa Ameagari's kinda been the only one I kept up with. PTE is memes, FranXX is okay, not sure why there is hype for VEG.

>implying that's a bad thing
The more popular something gets, the more shit it becomes to try and enjoy it. Thankfully, all the shitstain normies who tend to jump on the bandwagon of popularity disliked it instantly because it wasn't their generic moeblob SoL highschool romantic comedy. Hell, my brother hated it, yet said that the idol show at the beginning looked interesting.

the real answer is that everything this season fucking sucks ass
is there anything good next season?

You need a very high IQ to understand Pop Team Epic. That's why you believe it's for the audience you think it's intended for.

get your retarded ass back to Sup Forums normalfag

>>it's a metaphor for sex XD
I don't see the issue, this is pretty standard stuff.

> it doesn't really do anything particularly well
Character designs, handling of various scenes (like the overlooking-the-city one or Hiro's not-confession), and Oni's overall personality are all great.

>the show is just dull as shit you could watch literally anything else this season and be more entertained
I find it more entertaining than 80% of the season, and even accounting for different tastes, I don't see how anyone could find it duller than Koizumi-san or Slow Start.

>cultured people

>I don't see the issue, this is pretty standard stuff.
And it's shit and ruins the show

>even accounting for different tastes, I don't see how anyone could find it duller than Koizumi-san or Slow Start.
completely different kind of show

Fuck off faggot, i love everything, and even more.

>I don't see how anyone could find it duller than Koizumi-san or Slow Start.
I don't think people think this. Franxx is just dumb, that's it.

>And it's shit and ruins the show
I disagree. It barely affects the show - you could remove the sex innuendo and very little would change story-wise, and it's not even played up that much relative to other stuff. The people getting up in arms about this are either prudes who hate sex/fanservice, or pretentious fucks who think that having a metaphor means the show is trying to be deep and must be judged on how subtle/meaningful those metaphors are.

>completely different kind of show
Non sequitur. Do you think they're more or less entertaining than this? Because I enjoy all-girls' SoLs, and both of those are boring as fuck.

Fixed it for you OP, you can thank me later.